Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 1431: Ten-thousand-year Icesouls (Three)

Chapter 1430: Ten-thousand-year Icesouls (Two)

After traveling another fifteen meters, the terrifying coldness from the mist immediately increased by several fold. Even the swords, low quality immortal artifacts, were unable to withstand it. The ice began to rapidly thicken on the swords, instantly turning them into two poles. Their light was completely suppressed and the swords themselves were no longer visible.

This was no ordinary ice. It was terrifyingly tough, able to suppress the Azulet swords, prevent them from gaining an advantage.

Jian Chen stood sternly outside the mist. He could sense that his connection to the two swords was rapidly weakening. Without any hesitation, he immediately changed his hand seal and recalled the swords.

When the two swords emerged from the mist, the ice on them had already reached a thickness of half a meter. The swords had lost the speed they had once possessed, so they slowly flew out.

After leaving the mist, the tunnel carved by the swords slowly began to close up, filled up by the mist in the surroundings.

Jian Chen stared at the thickpopsicles and powerful sword Qi began to condense from the surroundings. It condensed around his right hand in a single moment, making it shine with an extremely dazzling light. He then slammed his hand toward the two swords.

The attack only managed to cause a tiny crack to form on the thick ice. The moment his hand came in contact with the ice, a terrifying coldness invaded his body through his palm, rapidly extending up his arm. Jian Chens arm immediately became covered with a layer of white frost. Not only had his entire arm been frozen, but even his blood had stopped flowing.

A gleam of light flashed through Jian Chens eyes as a large quantity of Chaotic Force immediately surged to his right arm from his chaotic neidan. Only after he did that did he manage to stop the spread of the coldness. He circulated the Chaotic Force in his right arm and ate away the terrifying coldness that remained within him, gradually regaining use of his arm.

“I never thought that this coldness would be so terrifying,” Jian Chen thought. This was just a single strand of coldness from the Azulet swords. If he had entered the layer of mist before him, he would have received the direct attacks of the coldness. He probably would not have been able to last for a few seconds before being frozen into a statue.

Jian Chen did not attempt to smash through the thick ice again as he stared at the two frozen swords. Around half a minute later, the ice on the two swords became covered with dense cracks. After a series of cracking sounds, the cracks spread across the ice like a web as azure and violet light poured out from them.

Bang! Finally, the ice loudly exploded and revealed the two dazzling swords inside. Without the support of the coldness from the mist, the ice was unable to keep the two swords trapped.

“Protector Shuis intentions are very obvious. How do I get in if I cant get through this mist?” Jian Chen deeply frowned. He knew that he could do nothing about the layer of mist before him with his current strength. Not even Reciprocity experts would have been able to make it through the mist.

Changyang Mingyue returned to her room to cultivate in the Ice Goddess Hall, but she was unable to settle down no matter what. She sat on a bone-piercingly cold piece of ice as she rubbed her chin with one hand. Suspicion filled her eyes as she mumbled, “Odd. Why do I suddenly feel so uneasy? I cant settle down no matter what.”

Changyang Mingyue silently wondered to herself silently after pondering her thoughts for some time. “Something mustve happened, and its connected to me. I just happen to have learned the Profound Ice Mirror technique from protector Shui a few days ago, which allows me to see anything anywhere. I may be restricted by my strength and my mastery over the technique, preventing me from seeing the entire Tian Yuan Continent like protector Shui, but I should be able to see anything I want within a radius of ten thousand kilometers.”

Changyang Mingyue immediately used the secret technique. Like protector Shui, she condensed a mirror from profound ice in the air. The mirror was snow-white before some blurry scenes flashed through it.

This was the first time Changyang Mingyue had used this secret technique, so she was not very good at controlling it yet. It took her several seconds before the mirror finally cleared up. Displayed was a world of snow and ice. It was the tundra in the arctic. She could clearly see a corner of the entire arctic.

It was only a corner, but it was an expanse of almost ten thousand kilometers.

Although the Ice Goddess Hall had been hidden away by protector Shui, having disappeared from the tundra and seemingly entered another space, it was not enough to stop the technique from working.

The Profound Ice Mirror technique was extremely wondrous. Not only could the user of the technique gain a clear view of everything within ten thousand kilometers, but they could clearly sense all the presences in the area as well.

Basically, the moment the technique worked, Changyang Mingyue sensed an extremely familiar presence. She immediately gathered her attention to look at it and became dazed. Surprise and joy filled her face as she uncontrollably exclaimed, “Brother, brother. I see my brother… protector Shui, youve…” The next moment, Changyang Mingyue discovered that Jian Chen had been stopped by the layer of mist. Her snow-white face immediately became furious, and with a single flash, she vanished. She angrily ran to where protector Shui stayed.

At the same time, protector Shui gently sighed on her bed.

The same moment she sighed, the terrifying wall of mist in front of Jian Chen began to violently surge. Under Jian Chens interested gaze, the mist quickly parted open, and in the blink of an eye, a three-meter-wide tunnel leading inside formed silently.

“Come on in,” protector Shuis cold voice rang in Jian Chens head. He fell silent, before entering with the Azulet swords on his back.

As Jian Chen passed through the mist, protector Shui returned the Ice Goddess Hall to where it was before. The exquisite, crystal-like divine hall stood there as if it had fused with the world. It gave off an ancient and desolate sense of grandeur.

Jian Chen glanced over and his eyes immediately narrowed. He failed to find Rui Jin, Hong Lian, and Hei Yu where they had been frozen before. He looked around and did not find any traces of the three of them at all.

“Have they been moved to some other place by protector Shui?” Jian Chen thought. He had come to visit his sister as well as to save the three of them this time.

“Brother!” At this moment, a joyous voice rang out from the distance. Changyang Mingyue stood at the entrance of the divine hall as she gaze at Jian Chen. Her face was filled with joy and deep concern.

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