Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 1471: Slaying a Receival Expert (One)

Chapter 1470: Battle in the Tunnel

The violet light was dazzling and resplendent. It outshone the sun, illuminating the collapsing tunnel. The terrifying sword Qi was filled with destruction. As it pressed against the space in the tunnel, the tunnel almost fell apart. Three meters of space, near the exit to the Tian Yuan Continent, fell apart. The space there had completely collapsed. All that was visible was a pitch-black void. Strands of invisible laws clung to the ends of the uncollapsed space, connecting the two portions together.

The moment the violet light appeared, the six experts, who were hurrying toward the exit, all revealed different expressions. Even though the space around them had severely collapsed, they could not help but stop and sternly stare at the shocking violet light obstructing them.

“I sense it. Its the Spiritkings laws. The person that the Spiritking has warned us about has come,” a Receival expert said with a heavy voice. Before now, they had not really attached much importance to the person that the Spiritking had mentioned, because they were the strongest among the experts of the Receival realm, having all reached late Receival. Even if the Spiritking had described the person as powerful, he was still in the Receival realm, the same level of cultivation as them. Even if he was powerful, it was impossible for him to be too powerful. They may not be able to defeat him, but they were confident they could protect themselves.

However, they truly understood just how powerful the person mentioned by the Spiritking was when they sensed the terrifying sword Qi within the violet light.

The sword Qi had surprised the six of them very much.

As soon as the resplendent violet light appeared in the tunnel, it immediately shot toward the six of them with lightning-like speed. Just the sword Qi was enough to crush the streams of energy.

The streams of energy that even Saint Emperors needed to avoid in the tunnel vanished wherever the violet light passed. It was a strange scene. At the same time, wherever the violet sword light went, a thin layer of cracks would appear in the surrounding tunnel, increasing the rate at which the tunnel was collapsing.

The six Receival experts all narrowed their eyes. They stared at the violet light as it rapidly approached them. They could clearly see a sword encased in the violet glow. Both the dazzling light and shocking sword Qi originated from the sword.

“Let me handle it. Let me witness this persons Way of the Sword and see just how powerful it is,” sneered Ku Mu. He took a step forward and a terrifying, tremendous presence radiated from him. It pushed the violet streams of energy far away. They were unable to get any closer than three hundred meters from him.

Ku Mus skinny figure seemed to become extremely large. His presence was as heavy as a mountain, vaguely dominating. A crescent blade had appeared in his hand. It flickered with a pressing cold light. Mysterious inscriptions carved had been into it.

Suddenly, Ku Mu seemed to have fused with the crescent blade, causing it to shine brighter. It began to radiate with an extremely brutal blade Qi. Afterward, he fused with the sword and sent a terrifying blow toward the violet light.

The strike contained all his power at late Receival. He did not hold back at all.


The crescent blade entered the area illuminated by the violet light and collided with the Zi Ying Sword. The clear ringing sound of a collision rang out, immediately causing the tunnel to tremble even more violently. Terrifying cracks filled the entire tunnel. Many spots were so damaged that the vast, endless darkness outside the tunnel was visible.

The Zi Ying Swords advance was stopped by that attack. Its dazzling violet light dispersed and the Zi Ying Sword was revealed. It drifted back like a fallen leaf.

Ku Mu was blown back. His silver hair was ruffled and a few slashes even appeared on the clothes near his chest. Some traces of blood could vaguely be seen near the cuts.

“No wonder the Spiritking warned us about him. He really is powerful. The Way of the Sword really is powerful,” Ku Mu said in a cold voice. He grew sterner and stared ahead.

A figure had silently appeared at the entrance of the tunnel. The sword that let out a violet light hovered above his head with another sword, which glowed with an azure light. They loudly thrummed together.

Three figures could vaguely be seen standing behind that first figure. It was not difficult to tell from their statures that one was a female, one was a burly man, and one was a young child.

The four of them were Jian Chen, the sea goddess, Tie Ta, and Xiao Jin.

The four of them had all entered the collapsing tunnel. With their strength in the Origin realm, as long as the space in the tunnel had not collapsed completely, they would not face danger as long as they did not end up in a void. The streams of energy in the tunnel were unable to approach them.

Jian Chen stood at the very front of the four of them. The Azulet swords hovered above his head, radiating with a shocking sword Qi. Jian Chens presence had undergone an overwhelming change. The current him seemed like a divine sword while the space around him seemed to have become his domain. Under his influence, whether it was the air or the rapidly moving streams of energy, all of it seemed to have become sharp swords.

The five Receival experts behind Ku Mu all stared sternly at Jian Chen. Jian Chen made them feel like they were facing the Spiritking, because the two of them both comprehended the Way of the Sword. The aura of the Way of the Sword that they both radiated was very similar.

At this moment, Jian Chen grabbed the Zi Ying Sword. A bright, white light immediately appeared on the sword, which was surrounded by a violet light, causing the sword Qi from the sword to become even more powerful. He stabbed it toward Ku Mu, who stood at the very front.

The attack seemed simple, but it contained the ways of the world. An energy that belonged to the ways had been fused into the strike, causing it to become extremely powerful, even greater than when a Receival expert used a secret technique.

The Way of the Sword was one of the three thousand ways, which were also known as laws. Jian Chen had used his comprehension of the Way of the Sword in the strike. His attack contained the power of ways, or in other words, the power of laws.

Even though his comprehension of the Way of the Sword was not particularly deep, having just reached an initial understanding, it still contained the power of laws. Its power could not be compared to Receival experts who had not comprehended any ways.

Terrifying sword Qi spread out with the strike, as if the tunnel had become filled by supreme sword Qi. Densely-packed slashes had even appeared around the tunnel.

Ku Mu narrowed his eyes. He had already been locked onto by the sword Qi. Faced with such an attack, he actually felt like he was unable to dodge it. Taking it on forcefully was the only way to go.

“First Transformation of the Blood Sun and Crescent Moon, Force of Sunfall!”

“Second Transformation, Force of Moonrise!”

“Third Transformation, Force of Fullmoon!”

Ku Mu suddenly bellowed out and used his strongest secret technique. He slashed out three times with the crescent blade in his hand.

As soon as he used the secret technique, a world suddenly appeared behind him. In the blood-red sky, there was a blood-red sun and a blood-red, crescent moon. It was the sky of the World of Forsaken Saints.

With his first slash, the blood-red sun appeared behind him. He fused with the blood suns power and used it in the first attack.

With his second slash, the blood-red moon rose slightly and fused its power into his second slash.

With the third slash, the crescent moon became a full moon. It radiated with a demonic red light, as if it had been dyed by blood. His crescent blade fused with the full red radiance of the moon, causing it to become a bright blood-red.

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