Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 1475: Returning to the Sea Realm

Chapter 1474: Medium Quality Immortal Artifact

Sorrow filled Anna and Swors faces. Anna said with a heavy heart, “Spiritking, the six of us were stopped in the tunnel and have failed you. Not only did we fail to enter the other world, but we even failed to bring back the secret treasure that you bestowed on us. Ku Mus was killed. His soul was wiped out while the three others were swept into the cosmos. If it werent for the Spiritkings assistance, the two of us would probably not have lived to see this world again.”

“How did this happen? We understand the strength of the other world through and through. Other than the Returnance expert, no one is a threat to the six of you. With the Returnance expert trapped by the secret treasure bestowed upon you by the Spiritking, it should have been a piece of cake for the six of you to take over that world. How did such a drastic change happen?”

“Do we still not fully understand that worlds strength? Are there other experts hiding about?”

A few people among the eight Returnance experts immediately expressed their doubt. Their voices were filled with surprise. This major defeat had clearly taken all of them by surprise, completely exceeding anything they had imagined.

The Spiritking also frowned slightly. He said, “Tell me what happened in detail.”

The two Receival experts immediately narrated everything that they had experienced in the tunnel. The other Origin realm experts were not surprised at all when they heard that Duo Fu had trapped the Returnance expert with the secret treasure. However, when they learned that the six of them were all obstructed by Jian Chen alone, all the Receival and Returnance experts struggled to maintain their composure.

“I never thought his strength would increase again in such a short amount of time. I miscalculated.” The Spiritking gently sighed. He could not help but think about Jian Chen, who he had once fought in the outer space above the Tian Yuan Continent. His deep eyes immediately brightened.

“I never thought that this person would possess the battle prowess to take the six of you on all by himself without falling into a disadvantage. All this while managing to kill Ku Mu. He sure is worthy of being a person who the Spiritking pays attention to. He truly is rather capable,” said a Returnance old man. Battle intent burned vigorously in his eyes, along with killing intent that he did not even try to contain.

This time, Jian Chen had caused the World of Forsaken Saints to lose four Receival experts. Even though they had over forty Origin realm experts, four was still a large loss to them.

The Spiritking stared at the tunnel for a while before saying, “The tunnel has completely collapsed now. Itll take several years before it fully recovers, but once it does recover, that will be the day when the eight of you enter. Lets go.”

“The next time will be the time our world completely conquers the other world.”

The other Receival and Returning experts all rejoiced inside. They were filled with great eagerness, tempted to enter the other world right now. Their race had waited just far too long for this day to arrive.

Jian Chen and the others spent several days in outer space before wasting all the energy of the disc, disabling its powers and saving Xiao Ling.

As soon as Xiao Ling broke free, she threw herself at Jian Chen and broke into tears. She was pitiful. Xiao Ling had never experienced what she had gone through over the past few days, so she had been terrified the entire time since she was still childish.

The sea goddess, Tie Ta, Yang Lie, Guihai Yidao, and Feng Xiaotian all silently watched Jian Chen as he carried the sobbing Returnance expert. Mixed feelings filled their eyes as they all sighed inside.

Jian Chen comforted Xiao Ling while examining the azure disc in his hand. The disc was only the size of a hand and made from unknown materials. A miniature diagram of eight trigrams was carved onto it, and a mysterious and ancient presence flowed through it as an extremely weak azure glow gave off light.

“This disc sure is quite the treasure to be able to trap Returnance experts and be able to resist several days worth of attack from us before running out of energy. At the very least, Ive never heard of such a powerful treasure on the Tian Yuan Continent after all these years,” Jian Chen mumbled. Suddenly, he seemed to discover something. His eyes suddenly narrowed before he sighed in surprise. “This disc can actually automatically absorb the energy of the world to replenish its supply after its been completely used up. This is…”

Jian Chens eyes lit up. He stared at the disc as an odd light filled his eyes.

“If only we could use this disc, then the next time the foreign world attacks, we would be able to return the favor to one of their Returnance experts. It would weaken their strength,” Yang Lie shook his head and sighed. Pity filled his face. He understood this but did not know of a method to use the disc, which he found to be a great pity.

Jian Chens eyes rapidly darkened as a result. He also understood that the disc was no different than scrap metal in his hands if he did not know of a method to use it.

At this moment, Jian Chens Azulet swords trembled. At the same time, the sword spirits voices rang out in his head, “This is a medium grade immortal artifact and is separated with Yin and Yang. Master, if you give us some time, we might be able to find a method to use it.”

Jian Chen was very interested. His eyes lit up once more. He then said to the people around him, “Ill keep this disc to study for a few days to see if I can find a method to use it so that we can use it as a weapon of our own.”

Jian Chens suggestion did not raise any objections, so he held onto the disc.

Afterward, Tie Ta, the sea goddess, Yang Lie, Guihai Yidao, and Feng Xiaotian all returned to where they had come from. Jian Chen arrived above the ruins of Mercenary City with Xiao Ling, calming her down after a great deal of effort. He could not return to Flame City since he needed to guard the tunnel, so he carved a cave in a mountain nearby and continued to revive Emperor Armaments.

Jian Chen had already left the azure disc to the sword spirits to study, hoping they could obtain a method to use it.

In the blink of an eye, one and a half years had passed since the six Receival experts had attempted to invade the world. The Tian Yuan Continent had been relatively peaceful. Jian Chen revived all of the Emperor Armaments and King Armaments, so there were over six hundred Saint Emperor puppets and over eight thousand Saint Kings puppets in the artifact space. If he included the number revived by the president and grand elder, then the total amount of Saint King puppets would be approaching ten thousand.

“These puppets will serve as the core force when stopping the World of Forsaken Saints from invading.” Jian Chen sighed emotionally as he gazed at the large swathe of Saint King and Saint Emperor puppets. There was hope in his voice.

He was finally somewhat confident that they could stop the foreign worlds armies now that he had so many puppets.

“There are still quite a few Origin realm experts in the foreign world. I can only use my own strength to stop them. If I can find a method to use Martial Soul Force and truly demonstrate its might, Ill be able to handle all the Receival and Returnance experts from the world of Forsaken Saints by myself,” Jian Chen thought. Without any hesitation, he entered seclusion once more and began to study Martial Soul Force.

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