Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 1489: Immortal Emperors Essence Blood

Chapter 1488: Scheme


The Zi Ying Sword collided with the tower and a rumble could be, but it struggled to stop the tower. The Zi Ying Sword was knocked to the ground, creating a huge hole. It was deeply buried in the ground.

The tower did not slow down at all. It continued to fall toward Jian Chen with the destructive power of a law. Only when it came in contact with the sword Qi from the Qing Suo Sword did it slow down slightly. The waves gently wrapped around the tower, disappearing into the surroundings with slivers of the towers power. The tower was rapidly weakening within the waves.

But this process lasted less than a second before the tower passed through the waves. It landed on the Qing Suo Sword.

The Qing Suo Sword thrummed and was sent into the ground just like the Zi Ying Sword. The spiral sword Qi used to weaken the tower immediately collapsed.

By now, the tower was only a few meters above Jian Chen.

Jian Chen seemed to lose his mind. Having lost the Azulet swords, all he could rely on was his own power to stop the tower. He furiously roared out and coated himself with light. He imbued his fists with both Chaotic Force and the power of the Way of the Sword before hurling them at the tower.


With a heavy sound, Jian Chen struck the tower as hard as he could with his fists. His body immediately jerked as blood spurted from his mouth. His hands, which had come in contact, with the tower were reduced to a bloody mess. The sound of bones breaking was barely audible.

Jian Chens hands fell powerlessly to his sides. All his bones in them had been shattered, no longer able to support raising them. On the other hand, the tower was only three inches away from his head now. However, after the several obstacles, there was not much power left in the tower either.

Jian Chen lay down on the floor and used his entire body to withstand the final strike from the tower. He did it to avoid injuries to his head, allowing his soul to emerge unscathed.


The tower viciously struck the ground. A terrifying force caused the entire floor to shake and rumble.

Jian Chens entire body was a bloody mess, having been distorted by the previous attack. He lay on the ground powerlessly, and within him, the destructive power of a law had infiltrated his body and was constantly wreaking havoc.

Jian Chen was heavily injured. All his bones had been shattered. Not an inch of his body was without wounds. Even standing up became impossible. However, he was still brimming with life after suffering such severe injuries.

Sensing the power of the laws that were wreaking havoc within him, the four strands of sword Qi, from the Nirvanic Immortal Exalt, hidden on his arm all suddenly released with a weak strands of sword Qi the moment Jian Chen wanted to condense the power of the Way of the Sword. The slivers of sword Qi within him did not cause him any harm and instead entered his chest through his arm. They quickly spread through his entire body. Wherever they passed by, the destructive powers in Jian Chen would disperse.

Very soon, all the destructive power in Jian Chens body had been purged with the assistance of the four strands of sword Qi. In the end, the slivers of sword Qi dispersed by themselves due to being completely expended.

However, Jian Chens eyes narrowed when the slivers of sword Qi dispersed. He could clearly sense that they deposited specks of light, like starlight, within him. As soon as he used his conscience to sense what they were, the comprehension of the Way of the Sword appeared in Jian Chens head.

“The Way of the Sword!” Jian Chens eyes grew brighter. They were filled with excitement and joy. Even though he was heavily injured, his heart began to beat uncontrollably.

“The dispersion of the four slivers of sword Qi have actually left mysterious specks of light containing the comprehension of the Way of the Sword in my body. If I absorb them, theyll definitely help me a bunch,” thought Jian Chen. However, he also understood that now was not the time to comprehend the Way of the Sword. With a thought, gentle, white light immediately enveloped his body. As he bathed in the light, Jian Chens wounds closed up at a visible rate, which was just astounding.

Meanwhile, strands of Chaotic Force surged around Jian Chens body. He pushed the regenerative properties of the Chaotic Body to the limit. He was healing as fast as he could using Radiant Saint Force origin energy and Chaotic Force.

The ten-meter-tall tower dispersed after expending all its power during the strike. Along with the tower, the figure of the red-robed boy vanished as well.

“You really dont have that old bastards sword Qi anymore!” The red-robed boys voice rang out. From behind the illusionary palace, another red-robed boy emerged. The presence he gave off was even more tremendous than the two from earlier.

The boy was extremely fearful of the Nirvanic Immortal Exalts sword Qi. In order to waste all the sword Qi in Jian Chen, he had used his first clone, but he was still worried that Jian Chen would conceal some of the sword Qi, so he used another clone. He had used energy to condense both clones and the second clone had consumed a large amount in order to make his second clone appear exactly the same as his original body both in strength and presence. Although the clone was only able to deal a single strike at late Reciprocity, the boy believed that the second clone was enough to test if Jian Chen still had any sword Qi left from the Nirvanic Immortal Exalt.

The boy finally confirmed that Jian Chen had used up all the sword Qi he had with him. He stared at Jian Chen who currently lay on the ground as mince meat.

“I had to pay a very great price to condense a clone while under that old bastards suppression. I wont be able to recover from it. If it wasnt for testing whether you still had that old bastards sword Qi, I really would have been unwilling to any waste clones on him. However, he no longer has anymore sword Qi, so its time to take his life.” The boy smiled victoriously and slowly made his way to Jian Chen. He immediately began to radiate with an indescribably tremendous sword Qi. It was several times more powerful than the presence of his second clone. The figure of a tower had condensed above the boy at the same time.

As soon as the tower appeared, the surroundings changed while the wind and clouds churned. The laws of the world seemed rather disturbed while in the presence of the tower. The tower seemed to contain both Laws of Destruction and Creation, and between those two laws, there seemed to be the scorching and violent Laws of Fire.

The Anatta Tower that the boy had just condensed actually possess the power of three laws.

However, the red-robed boy was only able to use a sliver of power from the Laws of Destruction among the three laws because the tower was damaged and no longer complete.

At that moment, the boy seemed to have witnessed Jian Chens death. He could not help but laugh aloud, “So what if youll become something impossible in the future? You still havent matured. Today, Ill kill this impossible thing with my own bare hands.” With that, the boy extended a finger toward Jian Chen and a dark light immediately condensed from the illusionary tower. It shot toward Jian Chen as a dark streak of light.

“In my prime, just a single strike was enough to obliterate a whole section of the universe. My strength has been greatly reduced now, but its still an honor for you to die to this attack.” The boy chuckled.

However, just as the black streak of light shot toward Jian Chen with the power from the Laws of Destruction, a terrifying sword Qi, enough to cause the boy to shiver, suddenly appeared. On Jian Chens arm, eight strands of sword Qi shot out in a single moment. Each strand of sword Qi was extremely powerful and also possessed the power of laws, the laws from the Way of the Sword.

“That old bastards sword Qi! How can you still have it! Bastard, you still have his sword Qi! Were you willing to die instead of using them?” The boys expression drastically changed. Disbelief flooded his face.

The strands of sword Qi moved extremely quick, as if they could pierce through space. They completely exceeded the speed of the dark light.

The first strand of sword Qi collided with the dark light. It silently dispersed. The power of the dark light was far greater than any of the sword Qi, but after being obstructed, the light paused and slightly slowed down. The seven other strands of sword Qi all shot toward the red-robed boy. Their supreme speed locked the red-robed boy out of all options of dodging or blocking them.

In a single moment, all seven sword Qi passed through the boy, causing him to produce a chilling shriek. His face became extremely vicious and fearful. It was fear for the Nirvanic Immortal Exalt.

Even though the boy was extremely powerful on the ninth floor, having reached Godhood, the seven strands of sword Qi at the level of Reciprocity possessed the power of laws from the Way of the Sword, enough to deal fatal injuries to him. The boy immediately began to fade and shriek after being hit, having almost been dispersed by the sword Qi all together.

Even though the boy did not disperse, his presence began to leak from him like a deflating balloon after suffering these fatal wounds. It rapidly weakened, dropping below Godhood in the blink of an eye. Slivers of sword Qi seemed to have been deposited in his illusionary body, causing the boys face to distort in pain. He constantly shrieked as his body trembled.

The entire process happened in a single moment. The sword Qi moved extremely quickly, injuring the boy more. However, the dark streak of light from the tower was moving closer and closer to Jian Chen.

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