Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 1497: A Heavy Tower

Chapter 1496: A Young Death in Longevity Valley

“If we cant make it through the invasion of the foreign world, would there even be a future? In my opinion, the fact that revived Saint Weapons have been reduced to puppets is not necessarily a bad thing under these circumstances. Their strength may have decreased, but they also possess advantages that we dont. They cant feel pain or fear. They know nothing even before death. These suicide-soldier-like puppets will be of unimaginably great uses in a few special situations, and over the past few years, Yang Lie, Feng Xiaotian, and Guihai Yidao have been passing on formations to all the Saint Emperors of the four races. If Saint Emperors use these formation, they can trap Origin realm experts or gain far more strength than what they originally possessed by paying a certain price. These formations are more than suitable for these Saint Emperor puppets,” said Dugu Feng. He was emotionless and spoke rather coldly, as if his determined face had never smiled before.

Bi Hais eyes immediately lit up because of what Dugu Feng said. He added, “Youre right. If Saint Emperors burn their lives to use the powerful formations, they wont be able to surpass the peak of Saint Emperor, but some powerful existences can reach the peak of Saint Emperor. Since these puppets have no self-awareness, their former lives will be humiliated if they continue like this, but they will be able to shine one last time in the next battle against the foreign world, protecting our home with the current generation.”

Jian Chen silently nodded. He sank into his thoughts. He had known long ago that Yang Lie, Guihai Yidao, and Feng Xiaotian were responsible for passing on a few formations to the Saint Emperors as well as personally guiding them through the usages of the various formations. Jian Chen also knew a few formations from higher worlds. He had learned all these sword formations from the sword spirits, so even though they were the weakest from the higher realms, they were still much more powerful than the formations that Feng Xiaotian and the others knew. Casting these formations was extremely difficult, and even Jian Chen might not possess the power to use them.

This was not only due to his lack of strength but also because the sword formations were just far too profound. He needed some time to completely understand them.

“Looks like I should go check on great-grandfather Yang Lie and learn the formations from him so that these puppets can use them,” Jian Chen thought. He then dismissed everyone from the discussion hall. Only Bi Hai, Bi Lian, You Yue, and Dugu Feng remained. He then took out the saint artifact and let out Bi Yuntian, who was cultivating inside.

Bi Yuntian had spent over a decade in the artifact space cultivating. She improved at an otherworldly rate. Although it was nowhere near as fast as Jian Chens cultivation rate, she would be considered as a rare genius across the entire continent. She had already reached the peak of the 6th Class and was currently making preparations to reach the 7th Class.

Jian Chen failed to see Nubis, Ming Dong, or Little Fatty in the discussion hall. However, he did not ask about them. Instead, he expanded the senses of his soul, enveloping the entire city in a single moment. He extended his senses deep underground to the secret rooms but failed to find them there, so he continued to spread his soul even further without any hesitation, enveloping the entire continent. His soul had even reached into the vast ocean.

The wind whistled and waves roared in the ocean. Huge waves that were several dozen meters tall would be kicked up from time to time. A huge sea beast currently rode through the waves. Its body was extremely stable and would not tremble at all no matter how violent the waves were.

A young man in golden-robes lay on the huge sea beast. He held a jug of alcohol as he constantly took a sip from it in satisfaction. Two burly women, who seemed to be in their twenties, knelt beside him, carefully massaging his legs and back while full of polite fear.

The two woman did not possess striking appearances. Even though they behaved fearfully before the golden-robed young man, their fear was still not enough to conceal their toughness. The powerful presence that belonged to Saint Rulers leaked out from them.

The two women were clearly Class 7 Magical Beasts that had assumed human form.

“Now this is life. I can go wherever I want. Its no longer like the past where I couldnt enter the territory of humans and always needed to keep myself hidden, avoiding that old snake on the Beast God Continent with my life hanging on a line all the time. I came close to death so many times after going to the sea realm with Jian Chen, almost making it impossible for me to see the light of day ever again.” The young man sipped his alcohol as he muttered to himself. Reminiscence flooded his face, along with some longing.

He was Nubis.

“But I gotta say that the days I spent with Jian Chen are really much more interesting than anything I ever did before. In just a few short decades, I went from being a Class 7 Magical Beast to being a Class 9. This was all because I made an extremely smart decision in the past. If I had chosen to keep hiding in that cave, I probably wouldnt have reached the 8th Class yet,” Nubis said proudly before glancing at the two woman beside him. He sniggered, “Do the two of you know who Jian Chen, who I, the great Nubis, mentioned, is?”

“We know, we know. Of course we know. Even we have heard of sovereign Jian Chens great name. Were filled with admiration for him. Its just that were filled with regret over how we have never caught a glimpse of him,” the two burly women added. Their eyes were filled with deep admiration.

“Since youve become my servants, Ill obviously fulfil that small wish of yours. You will naturally get a chance to catch a glimpse of my brother in the future,” Nubis said proudly. However, a vague voice rang in his head as soon as he finished speaking.

“Nubis, come to Flame City immediately!”

Nubis was stunned. The next moment, his eyes shone brightly. Without any hesitation, he immediately stood up and ripped open space, creating a Space Gate.

“You two go back to the island and wait there!” Nubis spoke the moment he passed through the Space Gate.

Not only had Jian Chen found Nubis with his soul, but he had also found Ming Dong and Litle Fatty. However, his emotions became sorrowful.

Currently, the two of them were in Longevity Valley. The entire place was filled with sorrow, and all the villagers there were wearing white. Their faces were filled with anguish.

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