Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 1501: A Successor Found (One)

Chapter 1500: Xiu Mis Funeral

Jian Chen gently placed his arm around You Yue as he sniffed her faint body fragrance. He smoothly said, “Its been tough for you over the past few years, Yueer. Do you blame me for making you wait so long?”

You Yue raised her head. Her limpid eyes looked at Jian Chen full of love and gentleness. She softly said, “Jian Chen, Ive never blamed you because I know its been very difficult for you too. You can even describe every single day after leaving Kargath Academy like that. You must have sacrificed a lot throughout all those years to attain what you have right now, which might have even come close to costing your life. Im your fiancée, yet I can only watch you fight for your life without providing any assistance at all. Is there still anything for me to complain about?

“Jian Chen, did you know that Ive always taken pride in being able to become your wife since Im your fiancée. Youre extremely impressive and powerful. You possess unprecedented cultivation talent. Who knows how many beauties in the world would offer their hearts to you. Im extremely glad that father proposed this marriage between the two of us.”

You Yue looked at Jian Chen in a daze. Not only was her voice emotional, but it was extremely gentle as well. She then gently wrapped around Jian Chen with both her arms. She pressed her entire body against Jian Chen and said, “Jian Chen, do you still remember how you promised that youd marry me? Have you ever forgotten about it?”

“Of course I remember. How could I forget that? Its just that I have other women aside from you, Yueer,” Jian Chen gently replied. He seemed to think of something and his feelings became mixed.

You Yue smiled gently, “Jian Chen, your father has four wives. Do you know how many my father has?”

Jian Chen shook his head. Although he belonged to the Gesun Kingdom and was an Imperial Protector there, he did not know anything about the imperial family. He had no idea how many princesses or princes the kingdom had.

Seeing how unsure Jian Chen was, You Yue broke into a giggle. She made fun of him, “So much for being an Imperial Protector. You dont even know this. Then let me tell you, my father has a total of twenty-eight consorts with my mother being one of them.” You Yue became gloomy as soon as she mentioned her own mother. She had passed away soon after You Yue was born. If not for pictures of her, You Yue would not have known what she looked like.

“Are there any authoritative men who dont have many wives? Youre fathers like that and so is mine. On the other hand, you are more outstanding than both your own father and mine. Who knows how many women are willing to offer themselves to you. I came to an understanding long ago that youre not someone a single woman can claim to herself, so I dont mind how many women you take,” You Yue continued. She spoke very gently and with great consideration.

“What if I told you I already have a child?” Jian Chen said shamefully.

Even his parents did not know about Shangguan Aojian. You Yue was the first person he had told.

You Yue gently trembled. She stared at Jian Chen in shock and only responded with a rather trembling voice after a momentary pause, “Jian Chen, is that true?”

“Its true. Its been over a decade since Ive seen him now. He should be all grown up.” Jian Chen geny sighed. He could not help but think of Shangguan Aojian on Three Saint Island and felt some more shame as well. This was because he knew he had not been a good father. He rarely spent any time by Shangguang Aojians side. He could probably count the number of days he had been with him on his fingers.

“Ill go to Three Saint Island after this and stay there until the World of Forsaken Saints decides to invade,” Jian Chen thought. However, he planned on visiting the Huang family as well since Huang Luan was there.

“I may not know who she is, but I believe shes someone extraordinary. Jian Chen, if the chance arises, you have to go take me to see your child, okay?”You Yue said. Even though her gentle voice was very calm and composed, Jian Chen could still sense some sadness in it.

Jian Chen nodded. The two of them remained silent for the rest of the journey. Even though Longevity Valley was a million kilometers away from Flame City, he crossed this huge distance very quickly on the Zi Ying Sword.

Longevity Valley was located on the outskirts of the Cross Mountains. Jian Chen stopped close to the valley before making his way over with You Yue on foot.

Longevity Valley still seemed the same even after so many years without any changes whatsoever. Any weeds that grew were immediately removed by the villagers. The valley was usually filled with a calm peace calm, as if it was an otherworldly haven. However, the entire valley was covered by white cloth now. Every household had hung a piece of snow-white cloth on their house according to the local traditions. The bitter fragrance of white flowers was present as well. The entire valley had sunk deep into sorrow.

Jian Chen and You Yue entered the village. They found Little Fatty mourning his father in the center of the village. He knelt before a coffin and did not move at all, appearing like a statue. His mother sat on the ground with red, swollen eyes. Her face was filled with sadness, and she was dejected, as if she had lost her soul all together.

Jian Chen stared at the coffin in grief. His feelings had also grown heavy when he entered the valley. He knew that the person lying in the coffin was uncle Xiu Mi, the person who had once saved his life. Since Xiu Mi had an incomplete soul, he could never break through to Saint Ruler and only possessed a lifespan of a thousand years. A thousand years had passed for him now, and he had reached the end of his life. He would still pass away even if he consumed many ten-thousand-year-old, hundred-thousand-year-old, or million-year-old heavenly resources.

These heavenly resources could completely change someones constitution, allowing a cripple to become a genius in an extremely short amount of time. They could even revive people near death. As long as there was a heartbeat, then they could recover extremely quickly. However, no matter how amazing heavenly resources were, they could not give someone another soul.

Jian Chen had not come across a heavenly resource that could give a person a second soul in the Xuanhuang Microcosm.

Quite a few villagers in the surroundings recognized Jian Chen and all greeted him. Since Xiu Mi passed away recently, all the villagers were in horrible spirits. None of them wanted to talk much, so they all just looked at him and nodded to acknowledge his presence.

Jian Chen passed through the crowd and directly appeared before Xiu Mis coffin. He stared at it silently for quite a while before giving it a deep bow.

He was filled with an indescribable bitterness. He was a Class 9 Radiant Saint Master. Not only could he revive Saint Weapons, but he could revive dead people as well, as long as their souls remained. Jian Chen could even revive fallen Saint Emperors, but he was unable to do anything about Xiu Mis death.

Even with Jian Chens abilities as a Class 9 Radiant Saint Master, he could not make up for the lacking aspects of Xiu Mis soul. Jian Chen could not complete it for him.

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