Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 1505: Huang Luan

Chapter 1504: The Huang Family

Jian Chens heart ached when he saw You Yues miserable smile. He had no idea whether the beauty before him or how many of his friends and family would still remain after the next battle against the World of Forsaken Saints.

The Tian Yuan Continent could crumble or be reduced to a group of islands scattered across the sea during the next battle. There was even the possibility that the entire continent would sink into the sea all together, becoming a part of the sea. Even his life might come to an end during the next battle, his flames of life extinguished.

Or maybe the Tian Yuan Continent would successfully repel the attack of the foreign world and all the faces he knows would survive the battle. However, he also knew that this scenario was extremely unlikely to happen with the current difference in strength.

“Over a decades past and the white tiger still hasnt emerged from the Beast God Hall with the Winged Tiger Gods legacy. Once he does emerge, hell probably have reached the Origin realm as well. The Beast God Hall will also be controlled by him. Senior Tian Jians still refining the supreme divine hall left behind by Mo Tianyun as well. That divine hall is extremely extraordinary. I was unable to fathom it due to my weaker strength before, but now that I think about it, I probably wouldnt be able to smash through the divine hall even with my full strength now. If we use the divine hall to block the tunnel connecting the two worlds, we might be able to stop the people from the foreign world from reaching the Tian Yuan Continent,” Jian Chen thought. It was not impossible for the Tian Yuan Continent to stop the World of Forsaken Saints, but the outcome would depend on whether or not the white tiger could successfully complete its inheritance and take control of the Beast God Hall and whether or not senior Tian Jian could refine the supreme divine hall in Mercenary City and use it to block the tunnel.

Jian Chen dropped You Yue off. You Yue left by herself to go prepare the wedding while Jian Chen continued in the same direction, flying to the Huang family.

The Huang family was incomparable to the past due their ties with Jian Chen and their ancestor Huang Tianba, who had now become a Saint Emperor. Thus, they were renowned across the continent. They were no longer a silent hermit clan that could only reign supreme in a specific region.

Even though there were many more Saint Emperors now and even though Huang Tianba was not particularly extraordinary among them, Huang Tianba was still one of the most famous Saint Emperors among the four races.

When Jian Chen arrived at the Huang family, he found the entire clan covered by a powerful barrier that was several hundred meters wide with the manor at its center. It had personally been cast by Huang Tianba and was extremely powerful. Those who were not Saint Emperors could not break through it, and it functioned as the strongest line of defense for the Huang family.

The Huang family still maintained its hermit-like status even though it was countless times more powerful now, but the clans cautious behavior did not change. As soon as Jian Chen approached the barrier, two powerful presences immediately shot through the barrier that had been cast down by Huang Tianba. Two people fused with the surrounding space and flew over from the manor. They moved very fast, but they did not give off any sound at all. They were silent.

“Who has come? Speak your name!”

As the two figures rapidly drew closer, an ancient voice rang out. The voice was completely inaudible within the barrier, but as soon as it passed through, it thundered out, exploding across the surrounding mountains. The sound waves rolled for a hundred kilometers, frightening the birds and the beasts in the forests below.

Jian Chen hovered at ease outside the barrier. He stared at the tiny manor several dozen kilometers away and gently smiled. He had not concealed his presence.

In a gloomy room a thousand meters beneath the manor, Huang Tianba suddenly opened his eyes and roused from his cultivation. The moment he opened them, they glowed, causing the entire room to light up. Two finger-sized holes punched through the unreinforced door.

“Its Jian Chen. Hahahaha, hes disappeared for over a decade. Its been tough for my great-granddaughter.” Huang Tianba chuckled from the bottom of his heart. With a flash, he disappeared from the room and went to personally receive Jian Chen.

At the same time, a tiny building completely made from bamboo stood in the forbidden grounds of the Huang family. Aside from the patriarch and Huang Tianba, no one could set foot in that region. Even the elders of the clan were not allowed there.

There was only a small building in the quiet forbidden region. There were many flowers planted around the building, and every single one of them was very precious. Just their fragrances possessed unique effects, able to benefit those who cultivated.

There was even a flower that could not be seen elsewhere on the Tian Yuan Continent. Its fragrance was beneficial to Saint Emperors.

This variety was called Heaven-connecting Flowers. The soil that they were planted in did not belong to the Tian Yuan Continent either.

Currently, a slender woman in a yellow dress carried a watering can as she carefully watered the Heaven-connecting Flowers. She was focused on her task and her gaze was gentle, as if the flowers were her lover. She treated them gently as reminiscence flooded her eyes.

The liquid in the watering can was green. It was filled with the presence of life. The water would cause Saint Rulers and Saint Kings to desperately fight over and could create a bloodstorm on the Tian Yuan Continent. However, it was only used to water the flowers here.

She was Huang Luan. Ever since Jian Chen had left, she had departed from Mercenary City and spent many years living in this building. She took care of the flowers every single day and did not take a single step away from the forbidden region. She waited for Jian Chen to return.

Huang Luan would pour all her thoughts for Jian Chen into the Heaven-connecting Flowers when Jian Chen was not around. He had left them for her, so she seemed to see Jian Chen when she looked at the flowers. She felt like she was beside Jian Chen as long as stood beside the flowers.

Huang Luan had become a Saint Emperor while Jian Chen had been missing. Her seniority was not particularly great among the Huang family, bu on par with an ancestor.

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