Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 1506: Shangguan Aojians Change

e Heavenly Enchantress stood there with her zither in her hands. She gazed at the Tian Yuan Continent with complicated emotions. In the reflection of her eyes, it was even possible to see a tiny Flame City. Countless people were busy there. Some were hanging up decorations for the wedding.

At this moment, a teenager who looked similar to Jian Chen walked over from afar. He stared at the Heavenly Enchantress fill of eagerness and asked, “Mother, fathers been missing for over a decade. No one has found any traces of him. When do you think he will return?”

“Your father has already returned. You will see him very soon.” The Heavenly Enchantress turned around and gently looked at the young man.

The young mans face lit up when he heard her reply. He asked in disbelief, “Really? Has father really returned?”

The young man was Shangguan Aojian. He had already grown up, growing into a handsome young man. He was no longer the child from before.

However, no inexperience could be seen on his face. There was only a cold-blooded coolness. The faint smell of blood was even present on his body.

This was the presence of someone who had gone through many fights of life and death.

A dazzling speck of violet light suddenly appeared on the distant horizon as soon as he finished speaking. In less than a second, the violet speck turned into a streak of dazzling violet light. It flew over at an indescribable speed.

Shangguan Aojian was immediately overjoyed when he saw the violet light. His face was filled with excitement, “Its father. It really is father. Mother, father really has returned.”

The violet light moved extremely quickly. In a single breath, it descended on Three Saint Island. The light vanished, revealing the white-clothed Jian Chen.

Jian Chen only appeared several hundred meters away from the Shangguan Aojian. Jian Chen did not even look at the Heavenly Enchantress. His gaze was fixated on Shangguan Aojian instead. He faintly smiled, but hidden within his smile was some shame.

Jian Chen could still clearly remember that a naive little boy. Now, his son had completely grown up.

Jian Chen knew he had not been a good father. He had not tended to his responsibilities as a father at all. He owed his son just far too much. However, he had been left no choice in these matters either. He was filled with bitterness due to his lack of options.

“Father, youve finally returned,” Shangguan Aojian emotionally said. He hurried over. His face was completely filled with joy from seeing Jian Chen. He showed no intentions of blaming him or reprimanding his father.

Jian Chen walked over as well and tightly grabbed Shangguan Aojian by the shoulders. He closely examined his son. He could obviously sense the faint presence of blood on Shangguan Aojian. He also noticed the cold-blooded and resolute attitude his son had forged through rain and wind.

“Xiao Bao, youre all grown up,” Jian Chen said. His facial expression was extremely mixed. There was relief and solace as well as self-blame. He gently opened the front of Shangguan Aojians robes and revealed most of his sons belly. There were three vicious scars on his sons belly, and they were all as wide as his body.

Looking at the three vicious scars, Jian Chens heart immediately throbbed. Even though they had healed up long ago, Jian Chen could still tell from the scars that just a single one of them would have been enough to cleave a person in two.

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