Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 1507: Conversation

name given to you by the people of the Tian Yuan Continent. Shangguan Muer is your real name,” said Jian Chen.

When the Heavenly Enchantress heard her own name, she immediately trembled. She gently bit her lip and revealed a sliver of sorrow deep in her eyes.

“If you continue to disown your name, then having Xiao Baos surname as Shangguan will be pointless,” continued Jian Chen.

The Heavenly Enchantress remained silent. She slowly sat down and placed her zither on her legs. Using her hands to touch the strings, she played a pleasant melody. Each note seemed to be filled with a mysterious charm that penetrated the soul and reverberated in the mind. The notes could also affect ones emotions and thoughts.

The music was pleasant, but it lost its usual springiness. Instead, it became rather heavy.

Jian Chen also sat down beside the Heavenly Enchantress. He gazed at her face and said, “I know you resent me. A portion of this resentment comes from Xiao Bao. Through all those years he grew, I did not fulfil my responsibilities as a father. I was not around to protect him either when he was in danger. However, you also know that I was left without a choice. I may have vanished for over ten years, but Ive always spent that time trying to strengthen, only hoping to gain an even greater power to fend off the next invasion of the foreign so that I can protect our world. Ive come closer to death than Ive ever had in the past. I was just an inch away from death, and my soul had almost dispersed. I did survive in the end, fortunately enough, but the price I paid was my entire body.

“I will make it up to Xiao Bao. I will make up everything to him tenfold.”

The Heavenly Enchantress was not wavered by his words at all. She behaved as if she had not heard Jian Chen at all. She focused on her zither, concentrating on playing it. She did not pay attention to anything else.

Jian Chen fell silent for a while before continuing, “Three days from now, I will be holding a wedding with Yueer and Luaner. I will take you with me to make up for the lack of a wedding. At the same time, I will let the entire world know that Shangguan Aojian is my son.”

“I wont go and neither will Xiao Bao.” This time, the Heavenly Enchantress said something. Her voice was cold and firm.

Jian Chen sighed. He looked at the Heavenly Enchantress, feeling quite the headache, and said, “Muer, there are some things that are set in stone by fate. No matter how much you dislike them, they are unchangeable.”

“Tell me this once youve truly fulfilled your responsibilities as a father, and weddings are completely pointless. Only mortals hold things like that.” The Heavenly Enchantress coldly replied. She continued to play her zither, except the music sounded even heavier.

Jian Chen secretly rejoiced. He could tell that most of her resentment had disappeared. The main reason why she was displeased with him was because of Xiao Bao.

Jian Chens mind suddenly cleared up due to what the Heavenly Enchantress said. Marriage to mortals was a significant matter, a ceremony that was almost crucial. It was indeed nothing to fighters with lengthy lives. Some of them did not even follow the tradition of getting married. As long as the two people involved agreed, there was no need for a ceremony at all. They just needed to become a couple.. There was not even a need to tell their parents or the seniors of their clans.

The reason why many people still maintained the traditions of mortals was because all fighters had started out as one. Even though a few of them were powerful, they still followed tradition since it was difficult to disregard the traditions of mortals.

Jian Chen no longer placed so much focus on the wedding after reaching this understanding. Holding a wedding was something that had slowly developed among mortals. It did not signify anything. In reality, he and the Heavenly Enchantress, as well as Huan Luang, had already become couples. Even without marriage, nothing was able to change that fact.

“The last matter I want to talk about is your father. I hope you can visit your father and the ancestor of the Zaar family, Zaar Caiyun. Her soul is damaged and shes in a coma. She cannot recover with just heavenly resources, but I do believe that you possess the power to awaken her.” Jian Chen mentioned his final reason for visiting, and he also looked at the Heavenly Enchantress with some gentleness as well.

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