Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 1514: Acquaintances from the Sea Realm

Chapter 1513: Wiping Out Five Clans Consecutively

Immediately, miserable cries rang from the Tyt tribe. Soaring ants crawled on all of the clansmen there. All of the people were covered by countless soaring ants as far as the eye could see. Even the strongest ancestor was not an exception.

The soaring ants produced chilling gnawing sounds as they devoured the flesh and blood of the people inside. Coupled with the endless cries of agony, the clan that had been joyful moments before had become hell in a single moment.

Outside the barrier, all the guests stared at the hellish clan in fear. Many of them had paled from fright. They sensed that the famed Tyt tribe in the region was making its way toward devastation right before their eyes.

In just a few seconds, ants began to take to the sky again. Their wings buzzed as they revolved around Kai Ya. White skeletons were left on the ground. All the bodies flesh and blood had been devoured by the ants.

Gradually, more and more ants returned to the air. With their departure, the number of skeletons on the ground rapidly increased. Faced with the ants that were known as the killers of the divine realm, the clan did not even have the ability to fight back. Even their Saint Ruler ancestor could only angrily roar in agony. He could only watch as several dozen powerful ants gnawed away at his body, remaining glued to him.

A while later, the ground was filled with skeletons. Apart from the Saint Ruler ancestor, who continued to roar out in pain, there was no one else alive. All the clansmen had been devoured, leaving behind white skeletons.

Even the ancestor of the Tyt tribe had been reduced to white bones apart from his untouched head. He was a terrifying sight.

The soaring ants did not kill the Saint Ruler. Once they ate all the flesh on him, they flew back into the sky.

Kai Ya hovered in the air as she coldly watched this unfold. She showed no mercy at all. She slowly raised her hand and controlled the space around the ancestor of the Tyt tribe. She made his body levitate and coldly informed him, “Look at the current situation of your clan. All these clansmen have died because of you. If you hadnt wiped out my clan before, your own clan would not have suffered like this either. From today on, the Tyt tribe will cease to exist in the sea realm.”

The ancestor of the Tyt tribe was ashen, but his gaze remained fixed on Kai Ya. He said through gritted teeth, “I am regretful. I am filled with regret over how I let you escape. I regret how I didnt go into the depths of the divine realm to kill you. If I had known youd improve so quickly, the five of us would have pursued you into the depths even if it meant risking our lives.”

A cold light flashed through Kai Yas eyes. They filled with killing intent in a single moment. Extending a finger, a powerful energy shot out and pierced the Saint Rulers forehead. He died on the spot.

The tiny beast on Kai Yas shoulder immediately flew over. It moved extremely quickly, only leaving behind a faint blur. When it returned to Kai Ya, it actually carried a space ring with its two front legs, passing it to Kai Ya as if it was trying to get on her good side.

Kai Ya seemed to have realized that the tiny beast was extremely clever an extremely long time ago, so she did not find its actions surprising at all. She accepted the Space Ring from the tiny beast, putting it away without even looking through it. Afterward, she slashed at the space before her with a finger and it immediately ripped open.

The countless soaring ants above the Tyt tribe seemed to have found their way back, gathering from all four directions and disappearing into the crack like a flood.

Kai Ya left after the final soaring ant entered the crack. She continued to the next clan.

The barrier around the Tyt tribe vanished, and the guests who had left before remained in a daze. They stared at the lifeless clan and felt extremely disturbed.

A medium-sized clan with a Saint Ruler had just been destroyed. It had only taken around a minute from beginning to end. This deeply shocked every single one of them.

A while later, someone returned to their senses. They seemed to think of something and their face was flooded with joy. They lunged toward the remaining skeletons and began collecting Space Rings.

The other people returned to their senses as well. They all eagerly charged toward the Space Rings. There were even a few people who began fighting over them.

The Space Rings had all been perfectly preserved. Kai Ya had only taken the most important one, leaving the rest behind.

Kai Ya visited the Goldensword tribe, Herman tribe, Dakar clan, and Tingwei clan and destroyed all of them, leaving no one alive.

No one looked into who had wiped out the five medium-sized clans in a single day, nor did anyone stand up for them. However, the way all the people had been killed caught everyones attention.

This was because all the people from the five clans had been reduced to skeletons. There was flesh or blood left. Even the Saint Rulers were not exceptions.

While everyone was wondering how the people had lost all their flesh and blood, the shocking news that the young lady of the Kalor tribe, Kai Ya, was with a group of soaring ants, which only appeared in the divine realm, broke out, spreading from the Tyt tribe. This shook the entire sea realm and even caught significant attention from the three halls of the sea realm.

In a bustling, large city within the sea realm, a woman who wore white clothes and had a tiny beast laying on her shoulder sat in an inn. She stared outside in a daze, numbly gazing at the bustling street.

She was Kai Ya, who had just wiped out five clans and shook up the sea realm.

Kai Ya had finally avenged the Kalor tribe by making the Tyt tribe, Goldensword tribe, Herman tribe, Dakar clan and Tingwei clan vanish from the sea realm. However, she did not lighten up at all. There was only a heavy sorrow in her heart.

She had killed all her enemies, but she was unable to bring back her dead clansmen. She was unable to save her dead father either, which was why her emotions were still filled with sadness.

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