Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 1524: The Might of Saint Artifacts

Chapter 1523: Prepared for Battle

Shanguan Muer silently appeared by Jian Chens side. Her purple dress and hair fluttered in the wind. Her beauty did not seem to originate from this world. Instead, she seemed like a goddess from heaven. She stood with her zither in her arms, sternly staring in the direction of the Tian Jian Continent with cold eyes.

At the same time, Tie Ta sat on the only throne in the War God Hall on the Wasteland Continent. He radiated a faint, golden luster, which entwined with the light that came from the divine hall. Tie Ta seemed to have fused with the structure.

Tie Ta was not the only person in the War God Hall. Over thirty other Hundred Races experts sat before him, cultivating. They unintentionally unleashed powerful presences. They were all Saint Emperors.

After over a decade, more people from the Hundred Races had broken through to become Saint Emperors.

At this moment, Tie Tas face twitched while he sat on the throne. He slowly opened his eyes, and they became fixated on the Tian Yuan Continent. His eyes seemed to be able to pierce space, viewing Mercenary City from countless kilometers away. He could clearly see what was happening in the tunnel.

Tie Ta stood up from the throne and said with a stern voice, “The people of the foreign world have come. Everyone, follow me to the Tian Yuan Continent. We must prevent the foreigners from setting foot in our world.” Tie Tas voice reverberated beyond the War God Hall. It expanded across the entire Wasteland Continent as a visible sound wave. In just a few seconds, Tie Tas voice had resonated across the entire continent.

The Saint Emperors in the War God Hall all stood up simultaneously. Without any hesitation, they immediately left the continent through a Space Gate. At the same time, many Space Gates formed across the continent. They were all created by Saint Kings, and many Saint Rulers were waiting near each one. When they heard Tie Tas voice, all those who were Saint Ruler or beyond hurried off to the Tian Yuan Continent through Space Gates.

On a desolate mountain in the sea realm, a hazy figure obscured by a layer of blue light sat on a boulder. Suddenly, the hazy figure opened her eyes, producing two rays of light which disappeared into the space before her. The light caused the space in front of her to tremble. Just her gaze was powerful enough to harm or even kill someone.

“The World of Forsaken Saints is attacking. All the experts of the three territories, immediately head to the Tian Yuan Continent,” the hazy woman gently commanded. Although she was extremely far away from the three halls, her dignified voice reached the three of them at the same time.

All the experts in the sea realm had gathered in the three halls. The moment the womans voice materialized, the three hall masters gave commands, leading all the experts to the Tian Yuan Continent.

Although the sea realm was several tens of million kilometres away from the Tian Yuan Continent, it was only a single step away with the use of Space Gates.

A white-clothed girl was leading a golden-clothed boy, who only seemed to be three or four years old, through the streets of Lore City. They looked around as they moved, interested in everything.

“Sister Xiao Ling, is this where big brother grew up? But why doesnt it seem any better than Flame City?” The boy asked.

When Xiao Ling was about to respond, her facial expression suddenly changed. She glanced in the direction of Mercenary City and surprise was plastered across her face. She became flustered as she urgently said, “Oh no, oh no. Those baddies have come again. Brother Xiao Jin, lets go to Mercenary City. We have to stop them.”

Xiao Jin gazed in the direction of Mercenary City as well and gave a serious nod. His gaze sharpened at that moment, now filled with battle intent. He showed no fear at all.

Xiao Jin and Xiao Ling silently disappeared from Lore City a moment later.

Yang Lie, Guihai Yidao, and Feng Xiaotian sensed the arrival of the experts from the foreign world as well. They lead the experts of the four races, who had been practicing formations, through a Space Gate to Mercenary City.

Cangqiong received Jian Chens message on the Beast God Continent. With his command, people immediately flickered out of the Beast God Hall. All the experts there had emerged from seclusion, leaving through Space Gates with all the magical beasts who were Class 7 or above.

Rum Guinness watched the experts of the Beast God Hall leave from the ninety-eighth floor. Her face was filled with worry. She did not head to the Tian Yuan Continent with Cangqiong. She wanted to remain behind, by her childs side until he completely inherited the beast gods legacy.

Jian Chen, Shangguan Muer, the sea goddess, Tie Ta, Xiao Jin, Xiao Ling, Guihai Yidao, Feng Xiaotian, and Yang Lie hovered above the ruins of Mercenary City. They all sternly stared at the gaping, bottomless hole beneath them.

The tunnel hidden below would spew out streams of violent energy from time to time, causing the space in a radius of several hundred kilometers to become very unstable. Some of the streams would even rush into the air and then into outer space. Some of the streams would approach the group of people who hovered in the air as well, but they would either be dodged or conveniently dispersed as soon as they got close to them.

Several hundred Space Gates had formed several hundred kilometres away, where the space was stable. Each Space Gate was several hundred meters away from each other as large numbers of experts poured out.

In just a short moment, several tens of thousands of people gathered in the stable space. The weakest people present were Saint Rulers.

The tunnel began to gently tremble. A few blurry figures were vaguely visible from the Tian Yuan Continent. They were getting closer and closer to the exit of the tunnel.

“Move into the Myriad Armament Formation!”

Feng Xiaotian commanded, and with a wave of his arm, the remaining ancestral weapons from the protector clans appeared out of nowhere. Although they all varied in appearance, all of them were a hundred meters long.

Soon afterward, forty-nine Saint Emperors stepped forward from the four races. They formed seven groups, and each group stood before one of the ancestral weapons and controlled the weapon in front of them, creating a huge killing formation.

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