Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 152: Indecision

had risked their own lives to attain from killing magical beasts and accumulated after a long period of time. Mu Jian knew that if he were to fight with Jian Chen, then there would definitely be a loss, but at the same time, giving all of his hard earned monster cores to Jian Chen was an impossible thing.

“Mu Jian, what are you doing spouting bullsh*t with him? Hurry up and capture him, he wants to take all of our monster cores by himself, what a huge joke that is!” A golden haired man spoke with a huge amount of disdain.

“Jian Chen, although youve injured 2 of our brothers, that was only because you had attacked us from behind. Theres 10 of us, so that doesnt mean someone like you could be an opponent of ours. At the very most, the end result would be both sides taking on heavy injuries, but that wont be much damage to our side. On the other hand, if you take on heavy injuries, that would make things very disadvantageous for you, after all, theres many people crawling about in the Magical Beast Mountain Range who are here to capture you. To us, this isnt anything to worry about, but to you, this is a struggle between life and death, so asking for us to hand over our monster cores to you is an impossible task.” The one who spoke was a sturdy person, clearly, he knew that Jian Chens strength wasnt all that weak either.

Jian Chens eye flashed with a cold glare as he raised his Light Wind Sword. “So its like that, all thats left to do is fight then.” He said as he charged toward the 10 people.

Mu Jian didnt say anything more and held his sword. Charging with the other mercenaries, everyone prepared to fight Jian Chen.

All 10 of these people had the strength of a Saint Master, and in the past, if Jian Chen were to fight against these 10 Saint Masters, he would be at a huge disadvantage. But right now, his strength was well over the level of the surrounding Saint Masters and he could handle them with ease.

Using the Profound Steps to defend himself against the attacks from the Saint Masters and retaliating, both the mercenaries and Jian Chen were evenly matched. Despite the disadvantage Jian Chen had for being alone, not too long later, the mercenaries were slowly losing their advantage. A good amount of times the mercenaries had almost been pierced straight through their necks by Jian Chen, but they would also dodge to the side at the most crucial moment. However, they had already been stabbed multiple times by Jian Chens sword.

Jian Chen was like a demon possessed as he flashed throughout the crowd. Each time he disappeared and reappeared, he would attack from almost every direction with the Light Wind Sword that emitted a strong amount of Sword Qi.

The Light Wind Sword danced as it flew through the air. The sounds of it traveling through the air could be heard clearly as it concentrated its attack in one straight line.


The Light Wind Swords tip sharpened by the Sword Qi stabbed into the joint of a mercenarys right arm. At the same time, the Light Wind Sword bore straight through his body, causing the arm to lose all functionality.

That man began to shriek out in agony as the sword in his hand disappeared into thin air. His right arm had been completely skewered, causing him to lose any fighting strength he had since he could no longer hold a weapon.

“Bang!” Jian Chens kicked the man firmly in the abdomen, causing him to fly backward. Swaying his body to the side, he dodged another strike that came at him. At the same time, he lashed out with his sword at the man, causing him to panic. Immediately taking advantage of the hasty parry, Jian Chen immediately stabbed him through the right shoulder.

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