Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 1532: Death of an Origin Realm Expert

Chapter 1531: Memories of the Snow Goddess

Among the four Returnance experts from the World of Forsaken Saints, Xiong Zhong had followed Jian Chen to outer space while Gongxi Ming had followed Xiao Ling.

Changyang Mingyue had completed her Domain of the Snow Goddess high in the air. She had turned everything in the radius of a hundred thousand kilometers into her own territory. The newly-created laws suppressed the strength of all the people from the foreign world. At the same time, she had frozen the entire continent with her strength at Returnance, filling the land with snow. The ground of the continent now possessed her profound ice Qi, which strengthened the continent.

Cheng Jingyun had already arrived before Changyang Mingyue. She exhibited her strength of mid Returnance. Her presence erupted in that moment as she faced against Changyang Mingyues domain with great might. The surrounding space trembled violently, causing Changyang Mingyues domain to shake slightly.

Cheng Jingyun seemed like an enchanting, gentle woman, but as soon as she began fighting, she would move extremely swiftly and viciously, like a goddess of war. Energy suddenly surged out from her white, soft hand, shooting towards Changyang Mingyue with lightning speed as it radiated with an extremely powerful and destructive presence in the form of a palm strike.

Changyang Mingyue remained calm. Even though Cheng Jingyun was stronger than her, having already reached mid Returnance, there was not even any seriousness on her face. As Cheng Jingyuns palm strike neared her, a strand of frigid coldness formed a visible ripple, expanding towards Cheng Jingyun.

When the ripple of coldness reached Cheng Jingyuns palm, her hand became coated in a layer of crystal-like frost silently. At the same time, the crystal expanded up her arm towards her body at an extremely terrifying rate. In less than a second, Cheng Jingyun had been turned into a life-like statue of ice.

Changyang Mingyue slowly raised her hand. She moved extremely slowly, but a terrifying coldness immediately permeated the space around her, causing it to creak as she did that. The space there had been utterly frozen and even the frozen Cheng Jingyun was affected. The terrifying coldness invaded her body, freezing all life within her and solidifying her blood. In that moment, Cheng Jingyun seemed to have melded into the space there, forming a certain connection between her life and the space.

In that moment, an odd feeling even filled Cheng Jingyuns heart. She felt like she had become a part of the ice and snow, not just her body, but including her entire life. Even her soul seemed to have fused with the frozen space around her.

By now, Changyang Mingyue had raised her hand to her chest. She then struck out suddenly and with it, the frozen space immediately shattered like a mirror. With a heavy clink, the ice crystals on Cheng Jingyun shattered in that moment as well.

Cheng Jingyuns flesh, life and even soul seemed to have become ice crystals when she had been frozen just then, having fused with the surroundings. The space was not the only thing that had been shattered by Changyang Mingyues palm strike. This included the layer of frost on Cheng Jingyun, as well as her flesh, life and soul.

Spurt! Cheng Jingyun vomited blood as her face became extremely pale in that moment. Her clothes had fallen from the sky in the form of pieces of ice, revealing her enchanting figure. However, her body was no longer as white as before. Instead, it had become dyed red from all the blood that oozed out from her countless pores.

“W- what is this ability!?” Cheng Jingyuns eyes had widened as she stared at Changyang Mingyue in shock. Disbelief had flooded her face. Even though she had lost ten percent of her strength, dealing with an early Returnance expert with her strength at mid Returnance was still a piece of cake. However, this was the exact opposite. She had been injured by Changyang Mingyue from the clash.

The wounds were extremely severe as well. Not only did she sustain great damage to her body, basically having been shattered like a piece of ice. Even a tenth of the strength in her body seemed to have been severed away, injuring her vital essence. Even her soul was injured, causing her head to ache.

Cheng Jingyun was extremely shocked. Was the woman in white really at early Returnance? Why was she so terrifying? She had never heard or seen such an odd method of attack.

“This is an ability Ive come up myself. The name is By Fate. Anything frozen by the ability will completely fuse with the profound ice, where they cannot be separated anymore. If the ice is fine, they will be fine as well, but if the ice shatter, they die. Its just a pity that I cant use the full power of this ability, or you would have shattered with the ice just then,” Changyang Mingyue said nonchalantly. However, she immediately showed some suspicion and confusion after saying that. She never remembered coming up with an ability like that, or why she would ever say something like that.

Soon afterward, she thought about the Domain of the Ice Goddess she had just used and she became even more confused. She had even become at a loss what she should do next. She had not practised these abilities at all back at the Ice Goddess Hall. She seemed to have learnt them suddenly and used them unintentionally.

“Why would it be like this?” Changyang Mingyue questioned herself inside, suddenly becoming extremely confused. In that moment, she could not help but think of a few things that protector Shui had told her in the past, as well as how she treated her words like they were commands on her life.

“Am I really the snow goddess? Am I the holy maiden of the Ice Goddess Hall from the Saints World? Is the ice goddess my elder sister?” Changyang Mingyue thought. She had never believed this in the past, because she had no memories of them at all. However, she suddenly knew abilities that she had never learnt in the past at all. She had only come up with them today. It pointed to the fact that she seemed to have remembered some forgotten memories.

“Im not the snow goddess. Im Changyang Mingyue. Ive the young lady of the Changyang clan, Changyang Mingyue,” Changyang Mingyue seemed to have been stimulated suddenly after a moment of silence, no longer able to retain her composure as she roared out wildly. She attacked the injured Cheng Jingyun desperately. Changyang Mingyue felt no joy in learning of this at all. Instead, she felt constrained. She did not want to turn into another person, nor admit that she was the snow goddess. This was because she had learnt from protector Shui that she and Jian Chen were people of two different worlds, where they would become enemies sooner or later.

At that time, Changyang Mingyue did not believe herself to be the snow goddess, so she believed that even if she would become Jian Chens enemy in the future, it would just be the snow goddess, not her, Changyang Mingyue.

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