Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 1532: Death of an Origin Realm Expert

r all, so their opponents forced them to fight defensively. If it were not for the fact that they had once been Origin realm expert and had gone through countless battles of life or death, they probably would not have lasted until now.

The sea goddess kept two Receival experts busy by herself. Although she still remained at Receival, she had reached the very peak of late Receival, only an inch away from Returnance. At the same time, the sea goddess had lived for over a million years. Even though she had remained in the form of a soul for most of that time, her soul had completely surpassed Receival after a million years of refinement, which was why she was able to hold her ground against two experts on the same level as her.

ADa, AEr, ASan, and ASi had created a sword formation, keeping a single Receival expert busy with their strength as peak Saint Emperors. The space where the sword formation lay had dulled. Only a brutally sharp sword Qi could be sensed. Nothing could be seen inside. Even the senses of a Returnance experts soul was unable to penetrate the formation.

Tie Ta wielded a golden axe as he fought against an Origin realm expert from the foreign world as well. Although he only possessed strength at Receival, he possessed the power to take on a Returnance expert. Regular Returnance experts would not be able to hold their ground against him, so the Receival expert he fought was heavily injured after a single strike. The Receival expert flew back and vomited blood. His body had almost been cleaved in two by a single stroke. Shock filled his face.

“Mysteries of War, Mortality-breaker!” Tie Ta bellowef. He began to shine a brighter golden color as he swung his axe down a second time.

The golden axe fell toward the receival expert with a devastating power. The foreign expert could not even dodge the attack. He was only able to place his huge sword above his head and attempt to parry the attack.

With a boom, the sword of extraordinary quality was cleaved into two by Tie Tas axe. The axe on the other hand continued down without slowing at all. It struck the top of his head and chopped him in half, splitting his body between his eyes. His soul was wiped out.

The first Origin realm expert to fall in this battle had been cleaved in half by Tie Ta in two strokes.

The Myriad Armament Formation that had been created by the forty-nine Saint Emperors continued to send out ancestral weapons to keep the remaining Receival experts busy. The other ancestral weapons were used to massacre the foreign Saint Emperors who endlessly poured out of the tunnel.

The battle among Saint Emperors had begun. Their battles were extremely intense and people died constantly. The Saint Emperors of the four races all created formations as they surrounded groups from the World of Forsaken Saints. The puppets of revived Saint Weapons took part in the battle as well. They fought at the very front, engaging in an intense massacre as they killed the foreign Saint Emperors.

The puppets felt no pain or fear. They were machines. Even after suffering unimaginable injuries, they would keep on fighting until they were obliterated. After they were chopped in half, they would continue to raise their weapons and swing them mercilessly at their opponents. They would continue as long as their heads were still intact. After some time, the puppets began to send shivers down the foreign Saint Emperors spines.

No one on the battlefield, including the Saint Emperors of both worlds, would fight as desperately as these puppets. Once heavily injured, almost everyone would flee from the battle. There were very few people who were willing to lay down their lives. However, a lot of Saint Emperors still died.

Kai Ya did not take a direct role in that battle. Instead, she ordered the Seven-colored Heaven-devouring Beast to fight against a Receival expert from the foreign world and opened the space where the soaring ants all thrived at the same time, allowed the ants to surge out. They were innumerable as they flooded every corner of the battlefield.

These soaring ants were not powerful individuals. In fact, there was not a single one that had reached Class 9 aside from the Seven-colored Heaven-devouring Beast. Even the number of Class 8 soaring ants could be counted using ten fingers. However, the soaring ants were naturally immune to all energy attacks. Coupled with their steel-like bodies and terrifying numbers, the ants had become the scariest fighters on the battlefield. Although they were not strong enough to threaten Origin realm experts, Saint Emperors found them to be fatal. If a large swathe of them surged over, Saint Emperors would fall.

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