Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 1534: Unkillable

Chapter 1533: Shangguan Muer Enters the Battle

The wind wildly whistled about, kicking up sand and dust and darkening the land. The sounds of battle constantly bounced across the sky, melding all together. Violet shockwaves of energy collided with one another in the form of terrifying storms, producing deep booms.

The battle had just begun, but the battlefield was piled high with corpses. There were many from the four races, composed of a few Saint Rulers and Saint Kings. On the other hand, Saint Emperors from the World of Forsaken Saints had died, but the amount of fighters the World of Forsaken Saints lost was less than a tenth of the Tian Yuan Continents experts.

Even Saint Kings struggled to play a role in such an intense battle, let alone Saint Rulers. If the Saint Rulers and Saint Kings had not utilized the formations Feng Xiaotian had showed them, allowing them to attack and defend, probably even more would have died.

However, the intense battlefield was disrupted by the appearance of the soaring ants. Miserable cries appeared everywhere, filled with utter agony.

These cries came from the foreign Saint Emperors. Their bodies were covered with soaring ants. Their flesh and blood rapidly vanished, devoured by the ants. Not only did the ants eat the Saint Emperors flesh, but even their bones could not avoid the fate of being devoured after all the flesh was gone. Chilling sounds were produced as the ants gnawed through them. Skeletons were picked clean by the dense clouds of soaring ants at unbelievable speeds before their bones were devoured. Even the Saint Emperors souls could not avoid being eaten.

The Saint Emperors possessed powerful essences of life, flesh, and blood. After devouring each Saint Emperor, ripples of energy would radiate from the soaring ants. Their strength was rapidly increasing from the Saint Emperors flesh.

All the Saint Emperors of the foreign world revealed terrified expressions when they faced the terrifying ants. The ants were extremely difficult to kill. The powerful sword Qi and energy rays, which could create bottomless pits throughout the Tian Yuan Continent or kill several thousand Class 7 Magical Beasts, were completely useless against the soaring ants. They were not even powerful enough to kill a Class 6 soaring ant. The ants were completely immune to energy attacks and could pass through them without any obstructions.

The ants could even ignore the powerful energy barriers and armor the Saint Emperors had condensed on themselves. They would just phase through the barriers and armor and attack the Saint Emperors body. The only way the Saint Emperors of the World of Forsaken Saints could deal with the ants was to kill them by using their sharp weapons.

However, there were just far too many ants. They blanketed an entire region, forming a dense cloud and ranging into the hundreds of millions. It was impossible to kill them all through brute force. At the same time, the ants would strengthen after devouring a Saint Emperor, so after a short amount of time, several dozen peak Class 7 soaring ants broke through to the 8th Class because of the Saint Emperors they devoured.

However, the soaring ants were different from magical beasts. Magical beasts would possess intelligence at Class 5, but the soaring ants were vicious beasts from the divine realm. They would not gain intelligence even after they reached the 9th Class. They only possessed certain instincts.

Only the Seven-colored Heaven-devouring Beast could make use of these instincts, so no matter how powerful the ants became, they would follow the orders of the Seven-colored Heaven-devouring Beast, and because of the special connection Kai Ya had with the divine beast, she could control them.

The number of Saint King and Saint Emperor puppets rapidly decreased. As the battle dragged on, the power of the four races rapidly declined, but with the appearance of the soaring ants, no matter how fast the Tian Yuan Continent weakened, they were able to fight on equal ground against the experts of the foreign world.

However, Saint Emperors constantly shot out of the tunnel, so the balance between the Tian Yuan Continent and the World of Forsaken Saints began to totter again. Even with the assistance of the soaring ants, the balance wasnt maintained for very long. There were just far too many Saint Emperors. The World of Forsaken Saints had given birth to over forty Origin realm experts and people who had reached Reciprocity. It was impossible for the people of the Tian Yuan Continent to imagine how many Saint Emperors there were.

Unless Class 9 soaring ants appeared, anything Class 8 and below would not be able to endure attacks from Saint Emperors. The soaring ants only possessed an advantage in numbers.

At the same time, the soaring ants required some time to devour the Saint Emperors. During that time, the Saint Emperor would desperately fight back, slaying several hundred or even thousand soaring ants. As a result, for every Saint Emperor devoured, the ants would lose several thousand or more.

There were some Saint Emperors who decisevely abandoned their bodies as the ants gnawed away at them. Their souls would flee into the tunnel, so they did not die completely.

At this moment, a gentle, pleasant music slipped through the air. It sounded otherworldly and possessed a mysterious power. It suppressed all the booms that were created throughout the battlefield. It seemed to be the only sound in the world.

The music contained an irresistible charm. It could pass through all obstructions and reach the ears of everyone on the battlefield. Members of the four races were not affected when they heard it, but the Saint Emperors from the World of Forsaken Saints had their concentration sucked away. At the same time, the eyes of the Saint Emperors became empty, having fallen unconscious. They had been completely caught off-guard.

“Quick, strike as hard as you can! Kill them all!” The grand elder of Mercenary City cried out. His presence erupted, and he stabbed out with lightning-like speed. Before a Saint Emperor could return to his senses, the grand elders sword pierced his forehead and wiped out his soul.

The other experts of the four races reacted as well, striking with lightning-like speed and killing the Saint Emperors who had been stunned by the music as fast as they could. The armies of the foreign world suffered heavy casualties during this single wave of attacks.

Ouyang Yangwen remained trapped within the disc and watched everything unfold, unable to do anything. Not only was his strength sealed by the disc, but even his body was immobilized. He was irritated. The only benefit was that no one outside was able to harm him as long as he remained within the discs light.

“Soul attack, this is a soul attack!”

“How can this be possible!? Theres actually an expert who can use soul attacks here!”

The nine Receival experts of the foreign world all revealed drastically different expressions as they frantically yelled. Although people who could use soul attacks had appeared throughout the history of the World of Forsaken Saints, they were mythical existences. Across the countless years, the number of people that could use soul attacks could be counted with ten fingers. It had been several dozen millenia since a person like that had appeared, but if they did appear, they would definitely become a big deal. This was because soul attacks were some of the most difficult attacks to block. They could even be described as unblockable.

And, to their shock, they discovered that the person playing the music possessed an extraordinary strength. The music was actually able to influence them even though it did not specifically target them. If it did, they would definitely find it very difficult to remain focused. After all, no errors could be afforded during battle, or they would be doomed.

Cheng Jingyun became stern as well. She gazed into the distance and saw Shangguan Muer playing her zither. She wanted to go up to stop her, but she could only save her own skin by blocking Changyang Mingyues attacks. There was nothing she could do about Shangguan Muer.

“Quick, report to the Spiritking immediately. Weve underestimated the strength of this world. We need reinforcements. Call the other four elders,” Cheng Jingyun cried out. Her voice reached the tunnel and was clearly heard by many Saint Emperors.

“Its elder Chengs voice!” The Saint Emperors who heard the voice all revealed slightly different expressions. Some of them immediately turned around and ran off as fast as they could.

Cheng Jingyun seemed to feel uneasy, so she formed a hand seal and used a secret communication technique to personally give the Spiritking a battle report.

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