Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 1538: Power of the Demonic Arts

Chapter 1537: Houston Emerges

“Whats that?”

A Receival expert from the World of Forsaken Saints cried out. His face was filled with curiosity and doubt as well as some seriousness. Gradually, the same expression appeared on the faces of the other Receival experts.

A pressure formed from the bottom of their hearts as the cloud of blood neared them. They also felt a certain iciness in their soul. The experts could sense a strong threat from the demonic, blood-like cloud.

Even the interest of the Returnance expert, who was not fighting, had been roused. He stared at the cloud of blood as his eyes glowed brighter. They seemed like sharp swords, piercing through the cloud and allowing him to see what was going on inside.

The cloud was unable to obscure the Returnance experts vision. He discovered an old man in robes made from coarse cloth sitting in the middle of the cloud. The mist of blood charged around him, forming the tremendous cloud of blood. The cloud rapidly drew closer to the battle.

A three-hundred-meter-tall skeleton silently hovered behind the old man. It seemed like a small mountain since it was so humongous. It stood right behind the old man, accentuating its size. The skeleton was completely red, as if it was covered with blood. It gave people an extremely corrupt feeling. The skeleton also radiated with a tremendous presence, having reached Receival.

“We underestimated the strength of this world far too much. Not only do they have several Returnance experts, but the amount of Receival experts they possess is far greater than our estimates as well. Two more Receival experts have actually come. The people of this world really are impressive. Theyre still able to break through without the presence of origin energy,” the remaining Returnance elder thought. However, even though the strength displayed by the Tian Yuan Continent was quite impressive, it was nowhere near enough to deal with the World of Forsaken Saints.

Jian Chen was bathed in blood as he fought against the two mid Returnance experts in outer space. His wounds became even more severe, where even the origin energy of a Class 9 Radiant Saint Master and the Chaotic Body were not enough for him to catch up to the rate he was sustaining injuries. If it were not for the fact that he cultivated the tough Chaotic Body, he probably would have fallen long ago.

“Its uncle Xiu. I never thought that uncle Xiu had broken through!” Even though he was in outer space, the cloud of blood on the Tian Yuan Continent stood out just far too much. It caught Jian Chens attention as soon as it appeared, and he recognized what the red cloud was. It was condensed from Soul-devouring Force.

The Tian Yuan Continent had gained two Origin realm experts all of a sudden with Houstons appearance, but Jian Chen did not lighten up at all. Instead, he sighed inside. The World of Forsaken Saints was just too powerful. Their Receival experts outnumbered the Tian Yuan Continents by many to one. Even with Houstons appearance, he could only keep the Origin realm experts busy for a little longer. There was still no chance that they would achieve victory.

Even after expending all his power, Jian Chen was only able to keep the two mid Returnance experts before him busy. He used his sword techniques consecutively, putting everything he had to use.

Jian Chen could only use the fusion of the twin swords or the Anatta Grand Prime. The backlash from the fusion was far too powerful though. Even ignoring whether or not the Azulet swords would be destroyed, he would definitely pass away due to the backlash.

After all, the past master of the swords was a Grand Exalt. He stood at the apex of the Immortals World and had died because of the backlash. As a result, Jian Chen dared not to underestimate the force of the fusion.

At the same time, even if he paid his life to use the fusion of the swords to kill the two mid Returnance experts fighting him, or all the Origin realm experts present, there was still the Spiritking, who was even more terrifying, as well as Xiong Zhong and Ouyang Yangwen, two late Returnance experts.

As for the Anatta Tower, it was useless apart from being an extremely heavy piece of metal. He was unable to use the power hidden within the tower, and even if he just used the weight of the tower to block the tunnel, the foreign world would only need to send a few Origin realm experts to move the heavy tower.

Without its artifact spirit, the Anatta Tower was a dead object.

“Its just a pity that the artifact spirit didnt yield to me.” Jian Chen sighed and felt regretful.

Protector Shui sat on a bed of ice in her silver-white armor, which obscured her face. Only a pair of cold eyes were visible. Currently, she stared in the direction of the Death Nest and mumbled, “What an impressive formation. Its actually able to overcome the restrictions of the seal here, allowing the person who practices the cultivation method from the Demons World to reach the Origin realm. Mo Tianyun, were all your preparations that you made in the Death Nest just to help out this person? Just what are you scheming by putting so much effort into something like this?

“But that doesnt matter. As long as you dont lay your hands on her majesty, none of this has anything to do with me.”

A cloud of blood blanketed most of the sky above the Tian Yuan Continent. Houston sat in the cloud as he pointed at the ground. The huge skeleton behind him immediately stepped out of the cloud, appearing before everyone.

When a few of the experts from the Tian Yuan Continent saw the skeleton, they were all surprised. Disbelief filled their faces. They had entered the Death Nest and fought over the Saints Fruit, so they recognized the skeleton with a single glance. It was the same terrifying existence in the depths of the Death Nest. They would have been slaughtered back then if it were not for the mysterious expert who had interfered.

The skeleton soundlessly roared as it charged toward a Receival expert from the World of Forsaken Saints with a huge bone club.

At the same time, Houston attacked from the cloud of blood. The entire cloud churned and shrank, condensing until it was thirty thousand meters across. As the cloud shrank, the demonic red light glowed even brighter. At the same time, the pressure that the Receival experts felt grew stronger and stronger, as if the existence of the cloud was severely impacting them.

Suddenly, the entire cloud began to wildly churn. The huge face of a demon, which was three thousand meters wide, condensed from the cloud. It opened its terrifying mouth and sucked. Immediately, a tremendous presence appeared and several dozen Saint Emperors from the foreign world were sucked away. With chilling shrieks, all the Saint Emperors were corroded away and reduced to bloody puddles, which fused with the demon.

The demonic face seemed to have consumed some heavenly medicine after absorbing the puddles of blood. It rapidly became more consolidated as it became much stronger than before.

“This person is strange. Lets go together and kill him on the spot. We can take his cultivation method!”

The Receival experts were all stern. In the end, someone yelled and three people immediately charged into the sky together. They sent out their best attacks, striking the demonic face at the same time with their devastating weapons.

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