Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 155: Killing a Great Saint Master (Two)

Chapter 154: Killing A Great Saint Master (Part One)

Jian Chen sucked in a deep breath; although he had long since guessed that the chances of a Great Saint Master coming after him for the ten thousand purple coins were quite large, he didnt think itd be so soon. There was no fear within Jian Chens heart, although he couldnt say for sure that he could win against a Great Saint Master expert, he had confidence that he could at least fight against one to some degree.

At the same time, Jian Chen was also secretly rejoicing. He was rejoicing his foresight that had told him to first cultivate until he was a Saint Master. If he hadnt, then if he were to come across a Great Saint Master, he would have no choice but to try and escape.

Against this elderly Great Saint Master, Jian Chen had felt a huge amount of pressure. Quickly, he had calmed himself down and stared at the elder with a barely calm expression. “Dear elder, could it be that you were also enticed by the ten thousand purple coins for my capture?”

“The baby asks a question he already knows the answer to. This old one wont spare any talk with you. Come along with me quietly, or Ill do it myself. You must have realized by now that I am not like the previous 10 Saint Masters you just fought.” The elder casually looked at Jian Chen, but he did not see Jian Chen as an opponent.

Jian Chen let out a sneer as the Light Wind Sword reappeared within his right hand. As he grasped the hilt of the sword, the tip dragged against the ground as he spoke, “Waiting to be captured and delivered was never my style. Dear elder, this one thanks you for your smart idea.” Suddenly, Jian Chen disappeared into a blur with only the smallest of traces of his figure as he flew toward the elder. In a split second, the 20 meter gap between the two was quickly closed as the Light Wind Sword began to emit a strong amount of Sword Qi and stabbed at the elders throat.

The careless expression on the elders face was gone in an instant and was replaced by a serious one. His palm began to envelop with a strong amount of Saint Force before condensing into a foot long dagger. In the elders hands, it shone coldly as it greeted the Light Wind Swords approach.

The Light Wind Sword and the elders dagger collided against each other with a large sound. Immediately a large wave of Saint Force emerged in waves from the impact and spread out in a circle around them in a manner that was noticeable to the naked eye. As it rippled away from the two fighters, the surrounding grass was immediately flattened as the wave of Saint Force rippled over it. It had even kicked up a dust cloud from the ground and immediately caused visibility to be lowered.

A slight hum could be heard from Jian Chens throat as he was forced to fly back a few meters. For every step, a deep imprint could be seen in the dirt.

“The strength of a Great Saint Master is indeed very strong. I didnt think that even after making a break through to the Saint Master level, there would still be such a wide gap between the two.” Jian Chen muttered. With this current exchange with the elder, it was Jian Chen who had been at a disadvantage. After all, in a battle of strength with Saint Force, how could Jian Chen who was only at the Saint Master stage contend against the elder who was at the Great Saint Master.

Yet, Jian Chen was also secretly delighted. After making contact with the elder, he had realized just how wide that gap in strength was, and how close he was to the elders level, making him quite happy.

On the other side, the elders face grew even more serious as he looked at Jian Chen and spoke solemnly, “The baby here seems to be quite complicated. It seems that if this old one wants to capture you, then this old one better put in more effort.”

Jian Chens face carried a cold smile, “Even if you do everything you can, you wont be able to capture me.”

The elder laughed with a chilling smile, “The baby knows how to talk big, then allow this old one to observe and see just how strong you are.”

After he had finished speaking, the elders dagger exploded with Saint Force. Following that explosion of energy, the elder suddenly disappeared and then abruptly reappeared right in front of Jian Chen with his dagger ready to pierce through Jian Chens heart.

Because the elder was a Great Saint Master, Jian Chen didnt dare lower his concentration. The Saint Force within his body began to circulate and gather around the Light Wind Sword within his right hand. Forming a white haze of Sword Qi over the blade, Jian Chen swung his sword at the incoming dagger.

Suddenly, another explosion of energy could be seen as the shockwave was sent throughout the area. The dirt on the ground was sent flying into the air as the clash of Saint Force immediately pressed against the ground. Countless plants were uprooted and sent into the air.

In one strike, Jian Chen was once again sent flying back a few steps while the elder was once again unaffected and instead chased after the retreating Jian Chen with his dagger aimed at Jian Chens heart.

Jian Chens body shifted to the side, causing the dagger to harmlessly slice past his clothes. After, the Light Wind Swords Sword Qi enshrouded the elder within and in a split second, he had lashed out 10 times with each sword stroke aimed at various parts of the elders body.

The elder brought back his dagger and brandished it in front of him, defending himself against the various strikes.

“Ding ding ding ding…”

The sounds of the weapons clashing together could be heard as the Light Wind Sword and dagger continuously hit each other in a split second.

Suddenly, the elder retreated fiercely as the robe he was wearing was no longer in a completely intact state. On his chests there were a few scars that were leaking blood. From the other parts of his robes, a few strands and patches were already falling down to the ground. Even on top of his head, a few strands of his hair could be seen drifting in the wind after being cut.

Right in front of him, Jian Chen did not look to be in a better state. Although there wasnt any injuries on his body, his face was a morbidly pale shade.

Seeing how his clothes had been ripped apart in such a manner, the elder looked at Jian Chen with a calculating look, “You really cant see a favor when it comes, dont blame me when I dont show mercy then.”

Jian Chen only laughed, “Many Saint Masters have died by my sword, but never could I claim to have killed a Great Saint Master with my Light Wind Sword. Today, you shall be the first.”

“How arrogant!” The elder snarled as he sped toward Jian Chen without any further words to be said.

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