Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 1551: Driven Back (Three)

the Zi Ying Sword came in contact with the whip, it was wrapped up by the whip, which was several thousand meters long. It was like an agile viper that coiled around the Zi Ying Sword.

Jian Chens eyes suddenly narrowed. He could not help but reexamine the whip. The whip was extraordinary. When his sword struck the whip, it felt like he had hit a dragon instead, producing sparks when they touched. The whip seemed to have been transformed from a dragon.

Shortly after that, Jian Chen violently shook his hand and the Zi Ying Sword immediately exploded with light and sword Qi. It broke free from the whips restraints in a single moment. Wielding the sword in his right hand, Jian Chen gently kicked off the whip with the tip of his toes and shot off toward Cheng Jingyun like a loose arrow.

Cheng Jingyuns whip danced furiously in the air. The whip immediately turned and, at the end of it, the figure of an azure dragon appeared, preventing Jian Chen from getting any closer. A shield that was three meters long and formed from the coiled whip appeared before Cheng Jingyun as well.

Jian Chen guarded himself with his special glow while he shot toward Cheng Jingyun as a streak of light. He used a single strike to disperse the dragon and moved through the air at an extreme speed. He approached Cheng Jingyuns shield like he was unstoppable.

The Zi Ying Sword glowed brighter. The tip of the sword landed on the center of the shield and immediately produced a great boom. The shield collapsed and Cheng Jingyun vomited blood. She was blown back, suffering a heavy blow.

Heavy killing intent appeared in Jian Chens eyes. He immediately pursued, having made up his mind to make Cheng Jingyun fall under his sword. He did not go easy on her at all just because she was of the opposite sex.

“We need to assist Cheng Jingyun. He may be strong, but killing him is only a matter of a few attacks if we work together,” a Returnance elder reasoned out. Many people immediately erupted with their full strength, temporarily breaking free from their bonds.

However, the streams of azure light expanded at that moment, erupting with an even greater force to keep the Returnance experts trapped. The Returnance experts were no longer able to break free in time to assist Cheng Jingyun.

At this moment, a great boom rang out. Ouyang Yangwen erupted with surging power and struck the azure streams of light with his full strength using his sword, immediately causing them to disintegrate. The azure streams of light were able to trap mid Returnance experts, where they could not quickly break free even with their full strength, but it was rather difficult to keep Ouyang Yangwen trapped. After all, Ouyang Yangwen was just too powerful. His battle prowess was on par to those who had just broken through to Reciprocity. He remained trapped out of his free will earlier in an attempt to exhaust the divine halls power.

After breaking free, Ouyang Yangwen charged toward Jian Chen without any hesitation at all. A blood-red world appeared behind him as a scarlet sun, as red as blood, sank below the western horizon. A crescent moon, also red like blood, slowly rose from the east, rising high up in the sky. It radiated a demonic light.

“First Transformation of the Blood Sun and Crescent Moon, Force of Sunfall!” Ouyang Yangwen cried out. The blood-red sun in the bloody world behind him seemed to fuse with his body. He used its power to produce a shocking sword Qi. The sword Qi was completely red, possessing the power of the blood-red sun. It shot toward Jian Chen with lightning-like speed and a demonic red glow.

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