Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 155: Killing a Great Saint Master (Two)

didnt know how or when Jian Chen had gotten behind him only that his Light Wind Sword had already stabbed straight through his throat, landing a killing blow.

The elders dazed eyes viewed the sword in his throat with a look of pure disbelief. He was utterly confused on how Jian Chen could sneak behind him without him noticing.

Yet, the questions the elder had would never be answered as his body slowly locked up and fell to the ground. Both of his eyes grew wide and clouded over as a sign of death.

Jian Chen pulled out his sword with a breath of air escaping from his lips. Fighting this Great Saint Master had cost him a large amount of his energy, and after this fight, he was starting to breathe heavily.

Absorbing his Light Wind Sword into his body once more, he looked at the elderly figure on the floor. With a small sigh, he muttered, “To have dozens of years of cultivation destroyed in a single day, ai, there was no need for that. If only you didnt have greed seduce your heart into attacking me, you wouldnt have ended up like that.” With that said, Jian Chen bent over to pick up the Space Belt on the elder and began to take out every item from within.

The amount of monster cores within the elders Space Belt didnt number more than the amount Jian Chen had; only having around 50 monster cores in total. However, the lowest ranked monster core was a Class 2 Monster Core, there was not a single Class 1 Monster Core in sight. Over half were Class 2 Monster Cores and 20 Class 3 Monster Cores. There was also a single Class 4 Monster Core. Aside from the monster cores, Jian Chen also counted around 70 purple coins worth of money.

After storing the monster cores and purple coins within his Space Belt, Jian Chen turned over the Space Belt within his hand once more before realizing there was a piece of white fur within it.

This piece of white fur was about the size of his palm. It was soft to touch and seemed extremely cozy to hold; there was also a warm sensation to it.

“This piece of fur…” Jian Chen stared at the fur in his hand with some shock. Immediately throwing the Space Belt to the ground, he dove into his own Space Ring from within his Space Belt and took out a red embroidered pouch.

This red pouch was the memento and family heirloom of the Bi Clan that was handed down to him from his mother Bi Yuntian.

Jian Chens fingers nimbly opened up the pouch to take out the piece of white fur from within. His hands began to shake as he unfolded the piece of fur, only to see that the one from within the red pouch was also the size of his palm.

As Jian Chen compared the two pieces of fur closely, his eyes widened more and more in shock. That was because these two pieces of fur were almost identical, even the texture of the fur was the same. From the looks of things, it was almost as if the two pieces of fur came from one single piece that was cut into multiple parts.

“This is…” Jian Chens eyes looked back to the elders resting body once more as his heart began to beat. The piece of fur from within the red pouch was the family heirloom of the Bi Clan. To this day, the heirloom must have been well over 100 years old, and although he didnt know what use this piece of fur was for, the antiquity and price for it was clearly self evident. To be treasured by the Bi Clan whose accumulated strength had been wiped out in a single night, it was simple to see that this piece of fur would surely have a high price. At this moment, to unexpectedly find an identical piece of fur from this Great Saint Master of an elder, Jian Chen couldnt help but wonder who this elder was.

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