Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 1578: Shock

Chapter 1577: Gamble

Changyuang Xu was slightly stunned. The young island master before him was actually claiming that he could emerge unscathed from his attack without fighting back and would admit his loss if he lost a single hair. Changyang Xu doubted his ears.

“Young island master, may I ask how long youve been cultivating? If youve been cultivating for a century or longer, it would not be surprising if I cant beat you,” Changyang Xu emotionlessly inquired. If the young island master had already cultivated for several hundred years, he would not be able to harm him. After all, Changyang Xu was only twenty years old.

“Xuers right. The young island master has admitted that hes older than Xuer, so hes definitely cultivated for far longer. If Xuer loses, its not surprising.” Changyang Xus mother walked over from afar. She smiled amicably. She had to reveal herself as Changyang Xus mother before so many people.

Shanggguan Aojian sniggered, “Younger brother, I may be older than you, but its only three or four years at most. If you think that is unfair, then Ill stand here without dodging at all. At the same time, I wont defend or block your attack, and you can use your entire strength, including any battle skills youve comprehended. If you can get through my skin, itll be my defeat. Hows that?”

Changyang Xu immediately stopped worrying when he learned about Shangguan Aojians age. However, what Shangguan Aojian said near the end caused his face to warp. He coldly said, “You really think too highly of yourself. Do you think your body is forged from steel? Even steel is no different than soil before me, but since youre so confident, Ill take you up on your offer. I do, however, feel like itll be more interesting if we make a wager.” Near the end, Changyang Xu mysteriously smiled.

“A gamble?” Shangguan Aojian murmured. He could not help but smile mysteriously as well. He said, “Sure. What are you going to wager?”

With a flip of his hand, Changyang Xu pulled out five wooden boxes. He said, “Ill wager five ten-thousand-year-old heavenly resources. If you win, theyll all belong to you, but if you lose, you need to leave behind all the cultivation methods and battle skills from Three Saint Island.”

When the people in the surroundings heard what Changyang Xu wanted to wager, they immediately began to laugh. Five ten-thousand-year-old heavenly resources were very valuable, but they were not unique. They could even be bought with purple coins during some larger auctions. However, the cultivation methods and battle skills of Three Saint Island were truly priceless. They were things that even Saint Emperors would drool over. Basically everyone expected Shangguan Aojian to never agree to what Changyang Xu had proposed. It was an unfair gamble.

“Hehe, you want to use five ten-thousand-year-old heavenly resources to trade for all of the cultivation methods and battle skills from Three Saint Island. That would be a bad idea, but Im going to agree to it.” Shangguan Aojian chuckled.

All the surrounding people became stunned when they heard how Shangguan Aojain would agree. Disbelief flooded their faces. At that moment, they had no idea what to say. They really were unsure whether the young island master was too confident or truly possessed the strength to back it up.

There were some people who even began to attempt to see through Shangguan Aojians strength. However, he possessed the Innate Chaotic Body and used a completely different cultivation system than the Tian Yuan Continent. Coupled with the fact that he was stronger than quite a few of the people present, even Saint Emperors were not able to see his exact strength among the people present.

At this moment, Shangguan Aojian slowly pulled out an extremely roughly-crafted box from his Space Ring. He said, “Younger brother, if you really do win, not only will I agree to your request, but Ill even give this to you. If you lose, I dont want your heavenly resources. I just want you to call me elder brother in front of everyone.” As he said that, Shangguan Aojian opened the wooden box. A fist-sized violet peach immediately appeared before everyone.

All the Sainthood experts stopped breathing when they saw the peach. Their eyes all widened as shock filled their faces. Many of their eyes began to burn with desire, revealing deeply hidden greed.

“Its a Violet Cloud Peach. Its actually a Violet Cloud Peach…”

“A Violet Cloud Peach can assist a Saint King in breaking through to Saint Emperor. The young island master has actually used a Violet Cloud Peach as his wager. Hes squandering it…”

“Aside from sovereign Jian Chen, theres no one else in the world who has Violet Cloud Peaches. This is a supreme treasure. Every single peach is priceless. Young island master, how can you wager something so valuable? Youre far too reckless…”

The appearance of the immortal peach immediately caused the surrounding crowd to explode like gunpowder. They were thrown into an uproar. There was rarely a person who could remain composed when looking at an immortal peach.

At the same time, a few people managed to calm down, and the gazes they sent Shangguan Aojian became stern. Not only did the young island master possess Violet Cloud Peaches, but he declared that he would gamble it and the two woman beside him did not stop him. This clearly indicated that the two of them did not mind that Shangguan Aojian could potentially lose the peach, or maybe they did not think he would lose at all.

“Xuers already lost,” thought Changyang Ba. There was no need for the fight. He already knew the outcome. He even believed that the young island master had already ingested an immortal peach.

However, Changyang Xu did not reach the same conclusion. His eyes reddened at the sight of the immortal peach in Shangguan Aojians hands. He knew that all immortal peaches came from his uncle. However, even as the young master of the changyang clan, having consumed countless heavenly resources across the years, he had never seen the legendary Violet Cloud Peach let alone owned one.

Even his grandfather did not have one.

“I must win this fight. I have to win no matter what the price is. I must obtain the Violet Cloud Peach.” Changyang Xu drooled inside. The Violet Cloud Peach was the only shortcut to Sainthood. If he obtained it, he would quickly become a powerful expert.

Changyang Xu immediately began to move. He wielded his Saint Weapon and aggressively charged toward Shangguan Aojian as a blur. His Saint Weapon was a sword that was two fingers wide. Wind-attributed Saint Force coiled around it as he stabbed at Shangguan Aojians chest as quickly as he could.

Shangguan Aojian smiled as if he was watching a jest. He stood there without dodging or using any protective energies either. He was a sitting duck.

When Changyang Xus sword struck Shangguan Aojian, his clothes turned to tatters, but there was not a single wound on his body. Changyang Xus full powered attack could not even make it through Shangguan Aojians skin.

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