Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 1587: The Seventh Layer of the Chaotic Body

Chapter 1586: Major Achievement of Sword Origin

Ouyang Yangwen made his way through the tunnel on foot. His pace was not hurried, but he would cross a very large distance with each step. As he advanced, his presence rapidly climbed while the sword in his hand erupted with powerful sword Qi. He caused the tunnel to gently tremble.

During those nine years, the tunnel had continued to consolidate. It was so tough that it could easily support Reciprocity experts. Even if Reciprocity experts began fighting in it, they find it difficult to collapse.

Ouyang Yangwens presence became more and more powerful, basically approaching his limit. This was the first time he had displayed his full power after reaching Reciprocity.

Several Origin realm experts from the World of Forsaken Saints were attacking the divine hall at the end of the tunnel. When they sensed the tremendous surging presence behind them, they immediately stopped and looked back to see Ouyang Yangwen approaching them. Their eyes narrowed while they bowed to Ouyang Yangwen with clasped hands.

“All of you leave. Leave this to me.” Ouyang Yangwen coldly commanded them away. His face was extremely sunken. With a swing of his sword, he immediately produced a streak of resplendent light that was three hundred meters long. It shot out and smashed into the divine hall heavily with a devastating might.

With a great boom, the light struck the divine hall. Powerful pulses of energy were created and wreaked havoc in the tunnel. They caused the entire tunnel to vibrate and let out a rumble.

However, the divine hall was so tough that even the Spiritking, who was as powerful as a Godhood expert, could only shake the divine hall when it was full of energy. Ouyang Yangwen had reached Reciprocity, but a huge chasm in strength still remained between him and the Spiritking. His disruptive attack did not even shake the divine hall even though it produced a deafening boom.

“Id like to see just how much longer you can last,” Ouyang Yangwen said coldly. He did not become downhearted due to his attack earlier. He stood in the tunnel all by himself as he launched a barrage of attacks. He struck out with his full power each time, as if he was venting all his hatred for the Tian Yuan Continent onto the divine hall before him.

In the room where all the Origin realm experts gathered within the supreme divine hall, a snow-white beast fur hovered in the air. Over the past few years, they attempted to comprehend the Way of Slaughter left behind by Mo Tianyun while standing guard. However, no one had managed to succeed yet.

No one was comprehending the Way of Slaughter at this moment. The supreme divine hall suddenly received an attack several times more powerful than before. The attack was not as impressive as the Spiritkings attack from before, but it made everyone in the room stern.

“Has the foreign world launched another large-scale invasion? They must have gathered all their Origin realm experts to launch such a powerful attack. If they keep attacking with such power, the time we have left will greatly shorten,” Guihai Yidao said with a heavy heart. Their origin energy was being consumed at a rate several times faster than before.

“The tunnel is only so large. It cant hold too many people and would not allow them to attack at the same time. Maybe someone from the foreign world has reached Reciprocity,” said Feng Xiaotian.

Everyone became silent and then became grim.

“After every three or four years, we all have to eat a Mortal Energy Fruit to recover origin energy. Now that the attacks have become more powerful, well consume the Mortal Energy Fruit at a greater rate as well. If this continues, we wont be able to last very long with our remaining fruit. We can only place all our hopes on Jian Chen now. Lets hope that Jian Chen will return before the front lines give way, or our world will probably face a mass extinction,” said Houston.

“How can Jian Chen raise his strength to the level where he no longer needs to fear the Spiritking in such a short amount of time?” Tian Jian questioned. He was extremely worried. He knew that Jian Chen was a great prodigy and that his cultivation rate was unprecedented, but the difference between the Origin realm and Godhood was just far too massive. Could he make it in such a short amount of time?

Jian Chen and Shangguan Muer dressed themselves and left the deep ditch created by the Yinyang Saint Rock. Shanguan Muer entered her earthen hut to refine the energy within her while Jian Chen sat down somewhere a hundred kilometers away. They began to refine the energy they had just absorbed.

Throughout the past few years, Jian Chen and Shangguan Muer had continuously absorbed the energy from the rock through a dual cultivation method and then refined the energy in their bodies. They patiently repeated this cycle because they knew that the Tian Yuan Continent would not last much longer, so they always devoted all their efforts to increasing their strengths. They never let down their guard.

A few days later, Jian Chen roused. He had completely refined the energy he had absorbed and transformed it into a portion of Chaotic Force. The chaotic neidan in his dantian was much larger than before.

Shangguan Muers speed at refining the energy had increased after reaching Returnance, but she was still nowhere near as fast as Jian Chen. She remained in seclusion.

“I wonder how much time has passed on the Tian Yuan Continent and what the situation is like now.” Jian Chen slowly opened his eyes and gazed at the hazy, gray sky in a daze. There was some worry on his face. However, he knew that he could not return yet since he probably would not be able to change anything with his current strength. Everyone would be better off if he devoted more time to cultivation and powering up as quickly as possible. He could only stop the foreign world once he was strong enough.

Jian Chen gently sighed and dismissed his thoughts. He continued his cultivation. He sent his consciousness into the twin swords while his mind sank into the comprehension of the Way of the Sword. Gradually, he entered a state of meditation.

As he began to meditate, a layer of white light gradually appeared in his surroundings, covering his entire body. He gave off an extremely sharp sword intent, which permeated an area several dozen kilometers wide. The air and all the invisible energy in the region would freeze before sharpening as well, turning into invisible sword Qi, as if they had been infected by the sword intent.

The region around him became filled with sword Qi, becoming a world of sword intent

Jian Chens comprehension of the Way of the Sword had reached the peak of partial achievement of Sword Origin. He was about to advance to major achievement. Every time he comprehended the Way of the Sword, he would give off a sword intent, which would envelope a region that was several dozen kilometers wide. In order to avoid disturbing Shangguan Muer, he chose to cultivate a hundred kilometers away.

However, the sword Qi around Jian Chen became several times more powerful all of a sudden while he white light around him exploded as well. It turned into a pillar that extended into the sky, shining with a resplendent light and illuminating the entire world.

A supreme sword Qi swept out in all directions with Jian Chen at the center. It ripped through space and destroyed the ground, riddling the surrounding several dozen kilometers with spatial cracks. The gray ground rapidly sank as well. The soil did not compress but instead disappeared, turning into nothing before the supreme sword Qi as if it had evaporated.

In just a few seconds, soil nine meters deep vanished from a radius of several dozen kilometers. The only part that remained was a circle three meters wide, where Jian Chen was sitting. Jian Chens body was enveloped by the pillar of bright light, completely obscuring his body.

However, the pillar of light rapidly changed. In the end, it formed a sword, which stood under the heavens. The illusory sword was so powerful that it devastated the surroundings.

At the same time, Jian Chens soul strengthened at an unbelievable rate. His comprehension of the Way of the Sword had finally reached major achievement and with it came benefits to his soul.

Jian Chen felt his soul rapidly swell, developing like a child to an adult. He could feel his soul strengthen with every passing moment, tearing through Returnance and heading to Reciprocity.

His soul did not stop there. After reaching Reciprocity, his soul continued to strengthen as if it would never stop. It broke through early Reciprocity and mid Reciprocity before stopping at late Reciprocity.

Jian Chen could clearly sense that his soul was far more powerful than before. He had never experienced anything like that. If he could just advance a little further, his soul would surpass the Origin realm and reach Godhood.

Jian Chens strength had not reached the Spiritkings level after nine years of cultivation, but there had still been a significant increase. He had reached the sixth layer of the Chaotic Body and his comprehension of the Way of the Sword had progressed from partial achievement to major achievement. Even his soul had reached late Reciprocity.

Jian Chen was able to fight late Returnance experts when he was at the fifth layer of the Chaotic Body and while his comprehension of the Way of the Sword was at partial achievement. Now, he could fight Reciprocity experts.

The white light around Jian Chen gradually faded and the huge sword condensed out of sword Qi vanished. Jian Chen reappeared.

Jian Chen opened his eyes and looked around at the ground that had sunk by nine meters. His face did not change at all. He took a step and instantly vanished, reappearing over ten kilometers away.

Jian Chen had crossed a hundred kilometers with a few steps. Before him, the alluring Shangguan Muer stood with her beautiful back straightened. She had waited for quite some time now.

Meanwhile, her strength had reached late Returnance as well.

“Youve broken through.” Shangguan Muer looked at Jian Chen warmly with her enchanting eyes. Her voice was filled with charm, enough to cause people to go numb.

Jian Chen nodded. “Its a small breakthrough, but Im still an extremely great distance away from being able to fight the Spiritking. However, my Chaotic Body has reached the peak of the sixth layer, so I should be able to reach the seventh layer by absorbing energy from the rock one more time. The first to sixth layers of the Chaotic Body are all just a part of minor achievement. Once I reach the seventh layer, Ill progress to partial achievement of the Chaotic Body, and if I do want to move on, Ill need to comprehend ways. They are the key to the sixth layer, so theres an unimaginably great difference between the sixth and seventh layer. I wonder what my strength will reach once I do break through and whether or not it will be enough to take on the Spiritking.”

Shangguan Muer smiled when. “If thats the case, lets get cultivating. Ive also reached late Returnance and am going to break through to Reciprocity soon.”

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