Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 1590: The Brink of Destruction

Chapter 1589: The Eighth Layer of the Chaotic Body (Two)

“Then you must be careful. If you cant withstand the violent energy, dont force yourself. Although we still cant beat the Spiritking with our current strength, we should be able to keep him busy if we work together,” Shangguan Muer said. Her gentle voice was filled with concern and worry. She knew that Jian Chen would be embarking on a dangerous path to increase his strength. If something went wrong, he would suffer great injuries.

In the worst case scenario, he might even end up blowing up.

After all the energy within the Immortal Tier heavenly resources was not gentle but extremely violent. The energy within them was completely different than the energy within the Violet Cloud Peaches.

Jian Chen left the Yinyang Saint Rock and arrived several hundred kilometers away in a barren region. He let out the Anatta Tower and entering it to cultivate. Although he was very confident, he needed to take precautions just in case the Immortal Tier heavenly resources made him explode. Such an explosion would definitely affect the rock outside, but he was confident that the tower could withstand an explosion that was countless times more powerful. If he exploded, it would not be able to damage the structure at all, even if the tower was still damaged.

Shangguan Muer followed Jian Chen into the Anatta Tower. She felt slightly uneasy as she silently stood guard beside Jian Chen. She focused on watching over him.

Jian Chen raised a king ginseng that had been growing for countless years and shoved it into his mouth, wolfing it down. The king ginseng was extremely bitter, numbing his tongue in a single moment and making him lose his sense of taste. However, when the king ginseng reached his stomach, an extremely violent energy immediately exploded within him like gunpowder. It wildly wreaked havoc, and with a shockwave, Jian Chens organs were shaken up in a moment. They all ended up rupturing.

The king ginseng was extremely old. Coupled with the fact that it was of the Immortal Tier, the energy hidden within was tremendous. It was equivalent to a third or even fourth grade Violet Cloud Peach, but in the Immortals World, rarely anyone dared to devour a king ginseng the way Jian Chen just did.

A stream of blood flowed from the corner of Jian Chens lips. He had clearly been injured even though he had not exploded.

Jian Chen ignored the wounds. These wounds were insignificant to him. After circulating the Chaotic Force within him, his wounds rapidly healed while the violent energy was turned into Chaotic Force, becoming a part of the energy that would make his chaotic neidan grow.

Jian Chen took several days to refine the king ginseng. A few days later, Jian Chen silently felt that his chaotic neidan had grown larger and immediately rejoiced inside. Without any hesitation, he grabbed a second Immortal Tier heavenly resources and ate it in a single gulp, continuing to strengthen himself.

“My Chaotic Body is approaching the peak of the seventh layer. If this continues, Ill be able to reach the eighth layer successfully soon. At that time, the difference in strength between me and the Spiritking will become negligible or non-existent,” Jian Chen thought inside. He worked even harder to refine the energy from the heavenly resources.

As Jian Chen consumed the heavenly resources, his chaotic neidan swelled. A year later, his chaotic neidan had finally reached the peak of the seventh layer. However, it was also at this point in time that Jian Chen could feel that the effects from the heavenly resources were rapidly shrinking.

“My bodys developing a resistance to the heavenly resources after consuming too many of them, so theyre becoming less and less effective.” Jian Chen understood the disadvantage of consuming a large number of heavenly resources in a short amount of time. He actually began to feel envious of the white tiger. Due to the white tigers special bloodline, the white tiger possessed a natural advantage and would never develop a resistance, allowing him to consume heavenly resources without limit.

“But if regular people devoured the heavenly resources like me, theyd suffer even worse aftereffects even if they can survive the violet energy. They might even damage their foundations and limit their future accomplishments, but since I have the Chaotic Body, my foundation obviously wont be harmed,” Jian Chen thought. He had no intentions of stopping even though he was developing a resistance. Instead, he devoured more heavenly resources at a faster pace.

This time, he wanted to reach the eighth layer of the Chaotic Body in a single stroke. He would still attempt this even if it might cause huge problems to his future cultivation, because he urgently required strength right now.

After another year and countless heavenly resources, Jian Chens Chaotic Body finally advanced to the eighth layer.

After reaching partial achievement, progressing to each layer required the comprehension of ways for the Chaotic Body to advance. If his comprehension was insufficient, a tremendous force would obstruct Jian Chen, but his comprehension of the Way of the Sword had already reached the major accomplishment of Sword Origin, so he obviously encountered no difficulties and advanced to the eighth layer.

Jian Chen could finally stop chomping down the various heavenly resources after breaking through. The heavenly resources all possessed horrible tastes and he had munched on them for two whole years. It was basically a form of torture. If it were not for his desire to become stronger and his great willpower, he probably would have given up long ago.

Now, Jian Chen was tempted to vomit whenever he smelled a heavenly resource. It would be a very long time until he would be able to eat heavenly resources again.

“Ive finally broken through!” Jian Chen stood up and looked at his robes, which had been dyed red due to the shattering of his chaotic neidan. He decisively removed a set of new robes from his Space Ring and changed into them, and along with his new robes, his presence seemed to change suddenly.

Jian Chen could sense an extremely great energy in his body. The energy was enough to shake the world and make celestial bodies dim. He felt like he could tear through space just by extending a hand, as if space had become fragile.

“Jian Chen, youve reached the eighth layer successfully?” Shangguan Muers voice joyfully came from Jian Chens side. She knew that once Jian Chen reached the eighth layer, he would truly possess the power to fend off the Spiritking.

Jian Chen looked at Shangguan Muer. Over the past two years, he had not found cultivation boring because Shangguan Muer had always been by his side. She would play her zither from time to time, quietly cheering him on.

“Ive reached the eighth layer just as Ive wished, but Im suffering from some side effects from ingesting too many heavenly resources. Fortunately, these side effects shouldnt affect my Chaotic Body much. I just need some time to nullify them.” Jian Chen faintly smiled. He did not mind speaking about the side effects. These side effects would have been fatal to some people, yet he only needed to spend some time to completely remove them.

“Since youve broken through, lets hurry back. We have no clue how long weve stayed here, or what the situation is like on the Tian Yuan Continent,” said Shangguan Muer. She was rather eager, dearly concerned about Shangguan Aojianand Hao Wus safety.

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