Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 1591: Sending the Divine Hall Flying

Chapter 1590: The Brink of Destruction

Jian Chens face froze when Shangguan Muer mentioned the Tian Yuan Continent. He could not help but think of Bi Yuntian, Changyang Ba, You Yue, Huang Luan, and everyone else he was familiar with. He had no idea just how long he had stayed in the world created by the Yinyang Saint Rock. They had no idea what the situation on the Tian Yuan Continent was like, so he immediately began to worry as soon as he thought of the Tian Yuan Continent.

Shangguan Muer has deep ties to the Tian Yuan Continent, and Jian Chen was the same. Though, he had many more ties. Not only were his parents on the continent but many of his close brothers and friends were as well.

“Lets hurry back then.” Jian Chen was even more frantic than Shangguan Muer as soon as he thought of the Tian Yuan Continent. The two of them immediately left the Anatta Tower and returned to the Tian Yuan Continent with the sword spirits assistance.

Jian Chen did not pay any attention to the rock that was almost completely exhausted. It was basically just a thin shell now, forming a cage around the evil power. Although the evil power constantly absorbed the rock and would be able to break out in the future, it gave Jian Chen just enough time to deal with the foreign world.

Otherwise, the outcome would be unthinkable if the evil power began to rampage when the World of Forsaken Saints attacked.

The supreme divine hall blocking the tunnel on the Tian Yuan Continent constantly trembled. With each tremor, a deafening boom would ring out from beneath. The sound passed through everything, causing the water within a hundred kilometers to tremble and creating huge several-hundred-meter-tall waves that were just shocking.

Not only did the rumbling from beneath the divine hall affect the four raging rivers, but it even reached the very depths of the four shattered pieces of the continent, spreading across quite a large region. The thick clouds in the sky were forcefully dispersed by the sound waves as well.

The supreme divine hall experienced extremely intense attacks and had endured these attacks for several years already. The attacks had never stopped. Originally, the Sainthood experts of the four races would all be stationed in the divine hall for shifts of ten days, but now that the attacks withstood by the divine hall had become more intense, the energy of the divine hall was draining faster than ever before. All the Sainthood experts from the four races gathered in the divine hall, including many Heaven Saint Masters among them. The number of Heaven Saint Masters completely outnumbered the Sainthood experts by over ten to one.

Originally, Saint Rulers were the weakest class supplying energy to the divine hall, but now, countless Heaven Saint Masters had appeared in the divine hall. This was more than enough to indicate how close the Tian Yuan Continent was to the brink of destruction.


At this moment, another great rumble rang out from below the divine hall, reverberating around the surroundings. The divine hall shook even more violently, having almost been blown away by the powerful energy.

Countless Heaven Saint Masters all grunted within the divine hall. Their faces paled in a single moment as they trembled. Half of them outright fainted.

The Saint Rulers, Saint Kings, and Saint Emperors all revealed grave expressions within the divine hall. They gently trembled. With each attack the divine hall withstood, a large quantity of energy would be drained from their bodies. Over the past few years, their rate of recovery had been nowhere near their rate of consumption due to the violent attacks.

Almost all of them had reached their limits. There were even quite a few Saint Rulers who had collapsed. They were still alive, but there was not a single strand of energy left in them.

At that moment, despair filled the eyes of many. They no longer held any hope for this world. If it were not for the fact that a few Origin realm sovereigns continued to persevere and that they had to be there, many of them would have chosen to leave and not devote themselves to a pointless struggle.

The Origin realm experts of the four races all sat around the jade-white seat. Their faces were pale and all of them were grim.

“We cant last any longer. All the Mortal Energy Fruits have been consumed, so once our Origin energy is depleted, we wont be able to recover. We only have a few hours, at most, before we cave in. We no longer have any chance at turning the situation around…” Guihai Yidao said with a heavy heart. His pale face was filled with a sense of helplessness and exhaustion.

“The World of Forsaken Saints actually has two people who have reached Reciprocity. Theyre speeding up the depletion of the divine halls energy with five other Returnance experts. Otherwise, we could have lasted a little longer,” Feng Xiaotian gently sighed. In just two decades, the World of Forsaken Saints had gained two Reciprocity experts. No one had ever anticipated this.

It was also because of the two Reciprocity experts that the time they had was shortened.

“Theres only two ways to survive right now. The first would be to take this divine hall and the people in it away from this world to the Saints World. The second is to hide the divine hall deep in outer space. As the laws of the world are becoming more and more complete, allowing origin energy to slowly reappear, we will be able to grow to a point where were strong enough to fend off the World of Forsaken Saints as long as we have enough time,” Yang Lie also said with a heavy heart.

“But big brother still hasnt returned. If big brother suddenly returns after we leave, hell think that weve been killed by those baddies. I dont want to go, I want to wait for big brother to return.” Xiao Ling was the first one disagree with Yang Lies suggestion of retreating. She insisted on staying while sniffling.

“My great-grandson has been gone for two decades. We dont even know where he is or when hell return. Were really running out of time. Weve used up all of the Mortal Energy Fruits, so we can only remain for a few more hours at most. If we dont leave now, well probably all die here.” Yang Lie gently sighed. He was completely helpless. They were not the foreign worlds opponents when the foreign world did not have a Reciprocity expert, let alone now, when the foreign world suddenly gained two of them. How were they supposed to deal with a situation like this?

“We should retreat while we still have the power. The foreign world cant be stopped, so staying is pointless. We can fight our way back once were powerful enough,” Houston added.

“I do not disagree.” Tie Ta also voiced his opinion. Remaining would only result in death. Anything would be possible in the future as long as they survived.

“But what about big brother?” Xiao Ling sobbed. She was heart-broken.

The sea goddess sighed, “I understand Jian Chen. When he didnt hesitate to leave the continent, I could sense his overwhelming confidence. I believe that he has a method to deal with the foreign world since he was still confident when we had almost run out of choices. He will definitely return once he becomes powerful enough. Its just that we cant afford to wait any longer. Our best plan is to hide deep in outer space and wait for Jian Chens return. Then we can kill our way back.”

Many people discussed Jian Chen in the exterior region of the divine hall.

“Where is sovereign Jian Chen right now? We cant last any longer. Why hasnt he returned yet? Does he know that theres no more hope for this world? Has he left all by himself…”

“Its already so late, yet you still plan on relying on Jian Chen. The foreign world has gained two Reciprocity experts and coupled with the Spiritking, whos even more powerful, Jian Chen wont be able to change anything even if he was still here…”

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