Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 1600: A Battle At Godhood (Two)

Chapter 1599: A Battle At Godhood (One)

With a great boom, the Zi Ying Sword and the dark metal sword collided, causing the entire world to violently shake. The World Mountains tottered as space shattered, causing the sun to lose its color. The entire sky went from red to black when the sword Qi from the two swords splayed out like scattered flowers. They left behind long, deep cracks in space.

Some of the residual sword Qi shot toward the many Origin realm experts at the top of the World Mountains, immediately filling their faces with fear. They dodged out of desperation. A few strands of sword Qi slashed through some protectors, cutting through their skin and drawing blood.

In the blink of an eye, many of the protectors were covered in blood. They were injured in many places. Even though the injuries were only skin deep, they were still unpleasant.

The Zi Ying Sword dimmed after the attack and returned. The dark metal sword, which belonged to the Spiritking, also dimmed. However, it did not return. It aggressively continued toward Jian Chen as a streak of dark light with surging sword Qi.

The two of them understood each others strength from the clash earlier. Jian Chen was clearly still slightly weaker than the Spiritking.

Jian Chen was stern. He glared at the sword shooting toward him and formed a new seal with his hand, an azure light suddenly appeared. With the clear resonance of a sword, the Qing Suo Sword flew from his back and collided with the dark, metal sword.

Only after taking on the Qing Suo Swords attack did the metal sword return. It had run out of power. However, the Qing Suo Sword dulled in color as well.

This did not mean that the twin swords were not the opponents of the Spiritkings sword. Their spirits were still weak. This coupled with the fact that the power of the sword depended on the cultivation level of their master, the two swords needed to work together to stop the Spiritkings weapon.

This only seemed like a clash between Jian Chen and the Spiritkings weapon, but in reality, the two of them were the ones clashing instead.

As the dark sword flew back, a figure appeared on the distant horizon. He seemed to have fused with the surrounding space, and with each step he took, he traversed an extremely great distance. He appeared in the outskirts of the World Mountains in just three steps and caught the dark sword, which was flying toward him.

“Fantastic, the Spiritkings arrived. Were saved now…”

With the arrival of the Spiritking, the other experts of the foreign world all let out a breath of relief. They all became excited. Not only had they avoided death due to the arrival of the Spiritking, they had even seen the hope of victory.

The Spiritkings strength was undisputed. He began to appear invincible in their hearts long ago, so all the Origin realm experts of the World of Forsaken Saints possessed almost blind faith for him. Even though they knew that Jian Chen was also extremely powerful, they did not believe he was the Spiritkings opponent.

Ouyang Yangwen and Xiong Zhong let out a breath of relief as well. The two of them felt like they were facing a death god when they were about to fight against Jian Chen. Ouyang Yangwens back had even become covered in cold sweat. He had almost died moments ago.

However, before Ouyang Yangwen could celebrate, he felt a coldness well up from the bottom of his heart. An extremely great sense of danger suddenly surged forth.

Jian Chen did not pay much attention to the Spiritking. He had already locked onto Ouyang Yangwens presence. The twin swords shot away from Jian Chen with a dense light, and everything else happened in a single moment. Jian Chens finger surged with a bright, white glow as Ouyang Yangwens eyes widened, and with just a spurt, Jian Chen easily drove his fingers through Ouyang Yangwens skull. Powerful sword Qi wiped out Ouyang Yangwens soul in a single moment and ended his life.

At the same time, the twin swords blocked the Spiritkings attack, but the Spiritking had personally sent out a strand of sword Qi, so the attack seemed to have exceeded the Origin realm and reached Godhood. It could not be compared to the attack from earlier.

With a boom, the twin swords were blown away, but the Spiritkings sword Qi did not weaken at all. It continued toward Jian Chen, cleaving through space with great might.

Jian Chen became stern. He suddenly roared out. He raised his right hand high above his head and a sword Qi that was several hundred meters long condensed in his hand. It shot toward the Spiritking.

“Sky-severing Strike!”

This was one of the first sword techniques that Jian Chen had learned from the sword spirits. It was only a part of the basics, but since it originated from the Immortals World, it easily exceeded the most powerful Saint Tier Battle Skills.

As the sword Qi flew out, a sword domain suddenly appeared, causing the space the strike shot through to become its own, separate space. The power of the attack increased within the space while its target was suppressed by the domain.

As Jian Chens strength increased and his comprehension deepened, the sword techniques he used would become incomparably more powerful.

At the same time, pleasant music suddenly appeared. A visible sound wave swept out as Shangguan Muer played her zither to fend off the Spiritkings sword Qi.

The only thing was that the Spiritkings attack had basically reached Godhood, so it was impossible for Shangguan Muer to even shake the attack with her strength at peak mid Reciprocity. When the sound wave contacted the sword Qi, it collapsed, as if it had been sent to its doom.

After all, once someone stepped into Godhood, both their level of cultivation and the battle prowess they could erupt with would completely surpass the Origin realm. It was equivalent to stepping into a whole new realm.


The two powerful strands of sword Qi collided mid-air and erupted with a devastating might. The World Mountains shook even more violently while the rest of the World of Forsaken Saints experienced a great earthquake. The ground cracked while the seas tossed and turned. Countless mountains in various parts of the world collapsed. The clash at the World Mountains influenced the entire world.

The other Origin realm experts at the top of the World Mountains desperately fled. They leaped off the peak and hid in a crack. The shockwaves of battle from Jian Chen and the Spiritking were just too powerful. If they were careless, they would become heavily injured.

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