Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 1605: Breaking Free

Chapter 1604: The Spiritkings Identity

The Spiritking and Jian Chen shot off like meteors at the speed of lightning. They both vomited blood and paled, having both become severely injured. They flew off in the same direction.

Jian Chen had used a sword technique and erupted with the true speed of lightning, but since he was moving too fast, he had lost control. On the other hand, the Spiritking was struck by Jian Chen at an incomparable speed, sending him flying. The Spiritking had temporarily lost control of his body.


With a thunderous sound, Jian Chen and the Spiritking collided with the moon. The celestial body trembled as dust and sand were kicked up into space. Two huge, bottomless holes appeared, piercing the entire piece of rock.

At the same time, a terrifying shockwave spread out with them the holes at the center. The shockwave flooded the surroundings and reached most of the moon.

“Oh my god, sovereign Jian Chen and the Spiritking have gone to the moon to fight. I can see dust being kicked up from the moon…”

“Thats just unbelievable. Sovereign Jian Chen and the Spiritking are actually so fast that theyve crossed such a tremendous distance in such a short moment and arrived on the moon…”

“Throughout history, rarely anyone has set foot on the moon, because its just too far away from the Tian Yuan Continent. Most Saint Emperors would not even go there because they cant absorb the energy of the world in outer space. Once they run out of Saint Force, its extremely difficult to recover out there. Within the past million years, no one aside from fairy Hao Yue has gone to the moon…”

The various experts of the four races all sighed in surprise above the Tian Yuan Continent. They all looked at Jian Chen in admiration and yearned to become like him one day.

A distance that was basically impossible for Saint Emperors to traverse had been crossed in a single moment by sovereign Jian Chen. All of them eagerly dreamed for such strength.

The moon had lost all sense of peace by now. The entire place shook and cracked as mountains collapsed. It seemed like the world was ending. The disturbance caused by the impact was just shocking. Two extremely powerful sword intents permeated the moon, conflicting with one another unintentionally. The conflict caused space to distort and collapse.

Jian Chen and the Spiritking hovered in the air. They were both in horrible conditions and covered in blood. Although they were heavily injured, they showed no signs of weakness at all. Their eyes were cold and filled with great battle intent.

Jian Chens body was enveloped by a layer of milky-white light. He rapidly healed by using his Class 9 Radiant Saint Force origin energy and his Chaotic Body, so his injuries quickly disappeared. On the other hand, the Spiritking did not recover as quickly as Jian Chen. His eyes immediately narrowed as he watched Jian Chens wounds close up at a visible rate. He immediately consumed a recovery pill before aggressively charging at Jian Chen.

Jian Chen and the Spiritking engaged in an intense battle on the moon. Both of them used their full strength without hiding anything at all. They used various powerful sword techniques and secret techniques time and time again, colliding many times on the moon. Every single attack was devastating. Booms constantly rang out.

The moon was devastated. The moon, which normally glowed bright in the sky, had lost all its color. It had become dull as all the dust drifted around it, hiding its luster.

Whether it was the Sainthood experts, the puny Mortal realm fighters, or even the millions of ordinary people, they all raised their heads to look at the sky to see something that had never happened in the past.

Jian Chen and the Spiritkings battle had reached the climax. It was as intense as it had ever been. Strands of Sword Qi criss-crossed, destroying everything. Huge, bottomless cracks appeared on the ground, weaving between each other like webs. As they fought from one side of the moon to the other, countless holes were created, completely damaging the moon. As their huge, resplendent strands of sword Qi collided, the holey moon before their feet finally gave way, splitting in half.

“Look, the moons shattered. The moon has actually shattered. Oh my god, sovereign Jian Chen and the Spiritking have actually broken the moon…”

“Sovereign Jian Chen and the Spiritkings strength is actually so mind-boggling. This is just unbelievable…”

All the Sainthood experts and Origin realm experts became stunned when the moon split in half. Their faces were filled with utter disbelief.

When they saw the moon split, all of them felt extremely taken aback. At that moment, many of them felt like the world was ending. Even heavenly bodies could be destroyed during a battle. They struggled to imagine just how terrifying Jian Chens battle against the Spiritking was.

The moon was no smaller than the planet they inhabited, yet their battle split it in half. Did that not mean that they possessed the power to destroy the planet the Tian Yuan Continent lay on?

At that moment, all the Sainthood experts among the four races had never felt more admiration and reverence for Jian Chen. What they felt completely surpassed what they had felt for the sea goddess, the Winged Tiger God, Tie Ta, and so on.

Jian Chen and the Spiritking stood separate halves of the moon. They were in an even worse shape now. They were so heavily injured that they would send chills down the backs of people after just a single glance.

The Spiritkings body was covered with vicious slashes. There were four wounds traveling through his body. A huge chunk of his flesh was missing. There was a fist-sized hole on his resolute face, passing through to the back of his head. Fortunately, the hole had not reached his soul.

However, Jian Chens condition was even more severe than the Spiritking. His left arm was completely gone while his right arm had become a bloody mess. He only had two fingers left on his right hand, having lost the other three. The injuries on his body were the most severe. He had almost been cleaved in two near the waist, leaving a third of his flesh holding it all together. He had completely lost feeling in one of his legs. There were many piercing wounds on his chest as well, completely destroying his organs. He had even lost a third of his head, only leaving behind a single eye. He looked extremely ferocious.

If the fighters from the Tian Yuan Continent saw Jian Chens miserable appearance, they would definitely faint. His injuries were incredible. If it were not for his Chaotic Body, he would have collapsed long ago.

“I never thought that your strength would actually grow to such a level, to be able to force me to a point like this. Jian Chen, you really are worthy of being rumored as the youngest genius on the Jianghu. Even when youve come to a higher world, youre still as glorious as you were in the past. What confuses me is why you were so weak when I first met you.” The Spiritking stared at Jian Chen with mixed feelings.

“What I least expected was that the strongest Spiritking in all of the World of Forsaken Saints history was my opponent from my last life, Dugu Qiubai. Do I call you the Spiritking or Dugu Qiubai?” Jian Chen replied gruffly, but he was not calm at all inside.

The Spiritking gently sighed, “Dugu Qiubai is not my name, but a title that the people from the Jianghu bestowed to me. You better call me Shen Jian instead. Thats my real name. Jian Chen, in our past life, you killed my only disciple, so we engaged in a battle to the death and died together. In this world, our strengths are similar as well. If we continue like this, itll probably lead to the same outcome as before. Why dont we call it a draw today?”

Reminiscence filled Jian Chens eyes and his emotions became mixed. In his past life, he was from a completely different generation compared to Dugu Qiubai, and they would never have come in contact with one another except for a person called Liu Kaiyun. He was Dugu Qiubais only disciple and a wastrel. He had provoked Jian Chen and clashed with him, dying to Jian Chens hands. The battle between Jian Chen and Dugu Qiubai had all been caused by this person called Liu Kaiyun.

“We can call it a draw, but your World of Forsaken Saints will never be able to touch the Tian Yuan Continent from now on. I will only allow Origin realm experts to pass onto the Saints World,” said Jian Chen. The Tian Yuan Continent held great value to him and was also his bottom line. He would not cross it for anyone.

“We can discuss that in the future. Youre even more injured than me right now, so even with your rapid recovery rate, no one will benefit if we keep on fighting. We might end up dying together once again,” replied the Spiritking. He did not agree to Jian Chens proposal, clearly intending on taking up a territory in this world as well.

“Im very injured, but if we keep fighting, I might not necessarily die. If thats not enough, I have the ability to flee, and after a few more dozen years, I can refine the Profound Sword Qi. Killing you wont be a problem,” Jian Chen coldly responded.

“A Will that Splits the Heavens has three moves in total. Ive only grasped the first one right now. If I can use the second one as well, killing you would be piece of cake today as well. I think its best to call it a draw, and we can discuss everything else in the future,” said the Spiritking. He was confident and did not give in at all.

“Dugu Qiubai, may I ask you how long youve been cultivating?” Jian Chen stared at the Spiritking with piercing eyes. He was furious about how the Spiritking did not want to give up his intentions of gaining a piece of territory, tempting him to begin fighting again.

“Over eight hundred years,” said the Spiritking.

“Youve cultivated for over eight hundred years and this is all youve achieved. Ive cultivated for less than a century. If you think youll still be my opponent in the future, we can call it a draw today, but your world will not set another foot in mine from today on,” said Jian Chen.

The Spiritkings eyes narrowed. A sliver of uncontainable shock was present in the gaze he sent toward Jian Chen.

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