Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 1611: A Bloody Battle Against the Evil Spirit (One)

Chapter 1610: The Power of Two Worlds

Jian Chens appearance filled the Sainthood experts with confidence after the several dozen Origin realm experts from the foreign world appeared. The people who had originally surrounded the foreign Origin realm experts all retreated behind Jian Chen as quickly as they could. They all understood that they would be of no help at all with their insignificant strength against Origin realm experts. Just the shockwaves of battle between Origin realm experts could injure them. At a time like this, they could only rely on the Origin realm experts on their side.

Many experts among the four races were eager for their human sovereign to engage in another great battle in outer space with the Spiritking because a battle at Godhood was just too fascinating for them, mere Sainthood experts. It would really benefit their future cultivation if they could witness such a great battle.

Unexpectedly, neither Jian Chen, the Spiritking, nor the Origin realm experts showed any hostility. From how it looked, none of them seemed to be planning to fight, which immediately filled everyone with doubt.

At this moment, the Spiritking took a step forward from the side of the World of Forsaken Saints. He appeared before Jian Chen like he had teleported and directly extended his hand. He said, “Give me the God-slaying Formation. The protectors and elders from my world have already comprehended it for some time now, so their understanding is far greater than the Origin realm experts of your world. I will let the protectors and elders take the lead in casting down the formation this time. Your Origin realm experts only need to contribute origin energy for support.

Jian Chen did not hesitate and passed the God-slaying Formation to the Spiritking. The formation was extremely precious, but personal gains would amount to nothing before a crisis of the world. If they could not make it through the crisis, the world would be reduced to nothing.

The Tian Yuan Continent and the World of Forsaken Saints had stopped fighting now and called a ceasefire. All of the Origin realm experts had to put aside their personal grievances and work together to comprehend the God-slaying Formation. All of them understood the severity of the matter.

There was an immediate uproar when the Sainthood experts learned about the ceasefire between the two worlds. Some people agreed with the decision while other people opposed it. Even though they did not directly express their thoughts, they displayed their resentment in their hearts through their gazes. Their family and friends had died to the hands of the foreign experts, so they obviously resented working together.

However, the people unhappy with the matter gradually accepted the reality of things when Jian Chen announced the crisis of the world and explained how severe it was.

The Origin realm experts of the two worlds appeared polite and peaceful on the surface as they comprehended the God-slaying Formation together, but they did not get along completely. Many of them still held grudges for one another. The elders and protectors on Ouyang Yangwens side, in particular, all felt some resentment for this world, especially since they had been close to the elder Jian Chen had killed on the Tian Yuan Continent in the past. They dared not to find Jian Chen to resolve their anger, so they shifted it onto the other Origin realm experts from the Tian Yuan Continent. Even though they could not do anything due to the Spiritkings strict orders, they would make things difficult or make fun of the people from the Tian Yuan Continent whenever they had the chance as they comprehended the formation.

“Were working with you because of the crisis, not because we fear you. If you want to keep acting like that, dont blame me for ignoring the temporary truce and being merciless.” Shangguan Muer walked over from afar. Her voice was very cold and bore icy killing intent. She was warning all the Origin realm experts from the foreign world. She did not take part in the comprehension of the God-slaying Formation since she was skilled with the zither, making her the bane of souls. She might be of more use by assisting on the side.

Shangguan Muer had fought against several dozen Origin realm experts all by herself, so the battle had cemented her prestige. All the elders and protectors from the other world shut up and fear flooded their eyes. The people who were making trouble all revealed different expressions and immediately stopped talking, behaving like mutes.

The Origin realm experts were immediately surprised by the sight of this. Their opinions of Shangguan Muer all changed.

At the same time, Saint Emperors constantly flew out from the tunnel connecting the two worlds. They all arrived on the Tian Yuan Continent with concealed presences, rapidly falling into place to create an extraordinarily powerful formations.

Soon afterward, the Sainthood experts from the Tian Yuan Continent also moved under Jian Chens orders. They all stood in great formations in the sky and had brought out the seven ancestral artifacts from the protector clans as well. They were about to face an impending crisis, so both the Tian Yuan Continent and the World of Forsaken Saints had brought out everything they had. Although the formations from the Sainthood experts would not be of much use, neither world had a choice now. They could not let any power slide through their fingers, no matter how weak it was.

The supreme divine hall from Mercenary City hovered high in the sky, also ready for battle at any moment. However, the supreme divine hall was primarily defensive and the crisis required active offense, not defense, to destroy its source. As a result, the divine hall was unable to be of much use in the upcoming battle.

Pure defense was unable to solve the problem and maintaining the divine hall also required an extremely tremendous amount of energy. They would much rather use that power to deal with the crisis.

In just half a day, the Sainthood experts of the two worlds completed all preparations. They created countless formations in the sky, and even the several dozen Origin realm experts had gained a limited understanding of the God-slaying Formation, forming a solid line of defenses.

Jian Chen and the Spiritking sat in the air as well. They were at the front lines, currently conditioning themselves to their peak state and preparing for battle.

Jian Chen held the golden silkmail woven from Primordial Godsilk. He seemed to be in thought as he looked at it. He knew the Primordial Godsilk existed for the crisis, but it had not reacted at all now that the source of the crisis had appeared.

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