Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 1625: The Power of All

Chapter 1624: Indestructible (Three)

Although the evil spirit possessed a consciousness, it was not a true living organism. Rather, it was an extremely unique existence. It was not bound by the laws of the world. It was impossible to kill it with normal methods.

The weakened evil spirit had completely lost its ability to flee. The Primordial Godsilk had firmly trapped it. Both Jian Chen and the Spiritking attempted many methods to try and kill the evil spirit, but it seemed like its core was just as it had been described, an indestructible existence. No matter what attacks Jian Chen and the Spiritking used, they only managed to disperse the evil spirits power and failed to harm its core.

“Master, its said that only the Primordial Godsilk can nullify the crisis of the world. You must use the power of the Primordial Godsilk to destroy it,” the voices of the sword spirits rang out in Jian Chens head, immediately filling Jian Chen with bitterness. He had considered using the Primordial Godsilk to kill the evil spirit long ago, but it had already been snapped into two segments, and the power within it was basically exhausted. The tiny amount remaining could only keep the evil spirit trapped. It was nowhere near enough to kill the evil spirit.

He had also tried channelling his Chaotic Force into the Primordial Godsilk, but the outcome achieved was insignificant. Even if he poured all his Chaotic Force into the Primordial Godsilk, it would not be nearly enough to reach the power required to wipe out the evil spirit. He estimated that it still would not be enough even if the Spiritking, the Origin realm experts, and the Sainthood experts from both worlds poured their powers together.

The Primordial Godsilks power was extremely unique. It was of exceedingly great quality, where Saint Force and origin energy completely paled in comparison. The requirement to refine other energies into the Primordial Godsilks power was obviously terrifying.

“Is the evil spirit really unkillable?” Jian Chen murmured with a very heavy heart.

The Spiritkings face also sank. He stared at the core of the evil spirit trapped in the Primordial Godsilk; he had also discovered that he was unable to do anything to the evil spirit.

“Since we cant kill it, it looks like we can only keep the evil spirit imprisoned for all eternity. Once we become even more powerful, we can come up with another method to kill it. Ill use the Primordial Godsilk as a seal and keep it trapped in the Anatta Tower. Nothing should go wrong like that,” Jian Chen thought. He really did not want to reveal the Anatta Tower at this moment since Audriana was watching. After all, the Anatta Tower was a famed treasure of the Anatta Grand Prime. Its power was beyond doubt. Even though it was damaged, he believed that there would still be countless experts who were willing to go as far as to fight to the death for the tower. Once Audriana leaked the fact that he possessed the Anatta Tower in the Saints World, there would be no more peace for him.

However, the power within the Primordial Godsilk was only being depleted, so the time the evil spirit could remain trapped was being reduced as well. He needed to find a way to imprison the evil spirit before the Primordial Godsilks power was completely exhausted.

Jian Chen had no confidence in imprisoning the evil spirit on the Tian Yuan Continent or the World of Forsaken Saints. He could only think of two places where he could keep the evil spirit trapped, the first being the supreme divine hall of Mercenary City, and the second being the Anatta Tower. The supreme divine hall of Mercenary City was in perfect shape, but in terms of quality, it was nowhere as great as the damaged Anatta Tower. Jian Chen would never trust the supreme divine hall to keep the evil spirit trapped, so the safest method could only be the Anatta Tower.

Jian Chen no longer worried about the Anatta Tower being exposed after making up his mind. He immediately took it out so he could keep the evil spirit trapped in there.

The Anatta Tower stood in Jian Chens hand as an inch-tall structure. Even though it had been shrunken, its surface riddled with sword Qi still had a presence. Each strand of sword Qi flickered with light and gave off shocking sword intent. However, the four strands of sword Qi at the very top of the tower were dull and lifeless, making them stand out among the other dazzling sword Qi.

The moment Jian Chen took out the Anatta Tower, the four brothers who a few Saint Emperors supported glanced over at the tower in his hand as if they had sensed something. Their dull eyes lit up at that moment. Without any exception, their eyes became fixated on the dull sword slashes, and they seemed to become lost.

A mysterious force seemed to be drawing them over. It also filled them with a sense of familiarity as well as unfamiliarity.

The damaged door to the first floor of the tower opened and a great force enveloped the evil spirits core, dragging it towards the tower.

The evil spirits core trembled violently, resisting with its full strength. It sensed an extremely terrifying omen, so it could not afford to be sucked into the Anatta Tower. Although the tower was damaged, it was still enough to send chills down its spine.

However, the evil spirit was just too weak right now. It could not resist the tower under Jian Chens control. Its core broke free from the Primordial Godsilk and inched towards the Anatta Tower.

“This is all because of you, my sources of sustenance! Come, my second power. Tremble and shake before it!” The evil spirit bellowed urgently with determination. After it bellowed, an extremely great spatial crack suddenly appeared in outer space. Within the crack was a blood-red world that shone a demonic red. An icy-cold presence similar to the evil spirits core leaked out.

Jian Chen and the Spiritkings face suddenly changed when they saw this. Disbelief flooded their eyes. They could obviously tell that all the evil spirits power was stored within the huge crack in space with their eyes. At the same time, the power was completely equivalent to what the evil spirit possessed in its peak condition.

“Impossible,” Jian Chen and the Spiritkings faces paled slightly. All the Origin realm experts and Sainthood experts of the two worlds felt despair.

The evil spirit in its peak condition was so powerful and was undefeatable. If it had not used a method similar to self-destruction to break out of the Primordial Godsilk earlier, Jian Chen and the Spiritking would never have been able to dominate the evil spirit.

Yet at this moment, just when they were about to suppress the evil spirit and achieve victory, they had never thought that the evil spirit would still be hiding such great power. This made Jian Chen and the Spiritking feel despair as well. Once the evil spirit returned to its peak strength, they would have nothing to fight against it. After all, the Primordial Godsilk had basically become useless and the Spiritking could no longer display his peak strength after paying the price from using the second move of A Will that Splits the Heavens.

“We cant let the power descend!” A sliver of determination and madness appeared in Jian Chens eyes. He ignored all consequences as he urged the Anatta Tower to suck away the evil spirit.

However, the evil spirit seemed to have formed a connection with the tremendous power hidden within the spatial crack when it appeared. No matter what Jian Chen did, he was unable to suck the evil spirit into the Anatta Tower. It was like he was not just sucking the evil spirits core but the tremendously evil power in the crack as well.

It was not that the Anatta Tower was not powerful enough, but Jian Chen was not strong enough. After all, the power hidden within the crack had completely exceeded his own strength.

“I absorbed the powers from that rock, except I was never able to completely fuse the powers of the rock. I was unable to control the two powers simultaneously with the strength of my consciousness as well, so I left the control of one of the powers to a fragment of my soul long ago. I hid it into a world I had carved out myself. All you have done is made me waste one of the powers I had absorbed from the rock. I planned on devouring you all so that my consciousness could become even more powerful then fuse the two powers afterwards, but I never thought that you would all be much harder to deal with than I had thought, forcing me to use my second power,” a mental pulse was emitted from the core of the evil spirit. It was filled with resentment.

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