Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 1635: The Push for Territory (Four)

Chapter 1634: The Push for Territory (Three)

“Lets go with what eldest brother said. Lets find a place to go into seclusion and recover. Ive also gained some foreign information in my head after breaking through and need some time to digest it.”

All the Origin realm experts from the World of Forsaken Saints gathered together. None of them had left. All the Origin realm experts from the world of the Tian Yuan Continent were cautious of them at all time, and they were no different. They were cautious about Shangguan Muer attacking them secretly at all times.

All of them had personally experienced Shangguan Muers immense power on the tip of the World Mountains. They were in their peak conditions back then and possessed two early Reciprocity experts by their sides, but they only managed to become locked in a stalemate against her. Now that Ouyang Yangwen was gone and a few of the elders and protectors were dead, their strength had decreased drastically. If Shangguan Muer attacked them at a time like this, they had no doubt that she would be able to heavily injure all of them with ease.

All of them felt like they were skating on thin ice by staying on the Tian Yuan Continent with the hidden threat of Shangguan Muer. They would be doomed if they were just slightly careless.

“Lets go as well. We cannot become separated during this time at all to prevent unforeseen accidents. Ill take care of the God-slaying Formation. As soon as Shangguan Muer comes for us, we can use it against her,” Xiong Zhong said to the elders and protectors behind him through a communication technique. He was stern.

The elders and protectors nodded sternly as well. Now that the Spiritking was gone, they felt a strong sense of danger. Although they knew that both Jian Chen and Shangguan Muer would never lay their hands on them with their contributions to averting the crisis, they could not help but remain wary.

The thought of attacking and killing a few Origin realm experts of the Tian Yuan Continent had crossed their minds as it would benefit them during the upcoming discussion. However, they dismissed it without any hesitation as soon as they thought of the idea. The Origin realm experts in this world would pose no threat towards them. If Shangguan Muer did not exist, they really might have considered doing something like that. The Spiritking could obviously handle Jian Chen.

However, Shangguan Muer existence prevented them from acting recklessly in this world. Some of them had even begun to believe that in the next few days, they would be extremely fortunate if Shangguan Muer did not decide to attack them.

The aftermath was dealt with in an orderly fashion, while the ruined continent gradually recovered its peace. The various organisations and experts on the Tian Yuan Continent all went quiet with the peace after the battle as well. They had participated in the battle against the foreign world, and then they had taken part in the battle against the crisis of the world. They had been heavily injured long ago. Even the ten protector clans that had existed for a million years on the Tian Yuan Continent gradually began to decline.

Along with the losses from battle, the balance of the Tian Yuan Continent changed as well. The ten protectors clans had all declined to a state that was never seen before. Aside from the Changyang clan, Pure Heart Pavilion, and Tyrant Blade School that remained influential, the seven other protector clans had almost died out completely. They had lost all their Saint Kings and Saint Emperors. A protector clan without any of them was not even as great as a few ancient clans. Some of the more powerful ancient clans even showed signs of replacing these weakened clans as protector clans.

The peaceful continent had basically returned to the age where Saint Ruler and Saint Kings hid from view. The crisis of the world had been averted, and the problems the Yinyang Saint Rock caused had been completely resolved. Without the effects of the rock, the laws of the world gradually approached completion, making cultivation even easier than the past. Even the origin energy that had disappeared for countless years began to appear again, making it much easier for cultivators to break through among Sainthood. It even gave Saint Emperors the hope of reaching the Origin realm.

As a result, many Sainthood experts chose to enter seclusion at this time. As they recovered their strength, they attempted to increase their absolute powers as well.

The only thing that remained the same was the weaker Mortal realm cultivators. For survival, or for cultivation resources and methods, they continued to throw themselves at magical beasts or other humans. They fought hard and devoted themselves just for a better tomorrow.

In the blink of an eye, three years passed by peacefully. Huge stone tablets were erected in many cities across the continent. A mysterious power protected every single tablet, making them so tough that even Saint Emperors were unable to destroy them. Various foreign names were carved on one side of the tablets, while the other side explained that the sacrifice the owners of the names had undergone to stop the crisis of the world. Their bravery inspired the admiration of many.

In those three years, rainbow clouds constantly blanketed the skies above the Tian Yuan Continent, Beast God Continent, and Wasteland Continent. Many people broke through during that time, either to Saint Ruler, Saint King, or Saint Emperor. However, there were still no people who stepped into the Origin realm.

Due to the sea goddess barrier, rainbow clouds did not appear in the depths of the sea, in the sea realm. However, there were still a lot of people who broke through. The world gradually recovered from the losses of the battles.

With the departure of the Ice Goddess Hall, the coldness of the arctic tundra rapidly dissipated, becoming a harmless world of ice and snow. A golden divine hall stood in the depths of that tundra. The divine hall seemed to be wholly made from gold and glistened in the sun. It was eye-catching in the snow-white world.

All the elders and protectors gathered in the divine hall under Xiong Zhongs lead. In the past year, apart from sending a protector to assist the Tian Yuan Continent in tidying up the aftermath, they all remained there recovering. They did not take a single step outside the divine hall, let alone roam the Tian Yuan Continent.

Shangguan Muer remained on their minds. She was like a sharp sword that hovered over their heads at all times. They had no idea when this sword would fall. Their fear for Shangguan Muer had driven them far away from the Tian Yuan Continent and to the tundra to recover their strength.

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