Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 1636: The Push for Territory (Five)

Chapter 1635: The Push for Territory (Four)

“After a year of rest, weve recovered to our peak condition. Its time for us to complete the orders that the Spiritking left us.” As the only expert at Reciprocity among the elders and protectors, he sat on the throne as he gazed at the elders and protectors below sternly.

“Although theres Shangguan Muer on the Tian Yuan Continent who strikes fear in us all, I wonder if shell interfere with the discussions with the Tian Yuan Continent this time. However, be careful, everyone. The sacrifice of our many clansmen is directly responsible for averting the crisis of the world. At the same time, these are orders that the Spiritking personally passed down, so even if Shangguan Muer plans to interfere, we cannot back down at all, or get in the way of our worlds interest. Weve paid up enough for this world, so its time for us to get something back. Lets set off!” Xiong Zhong said with a heavy voice. He waved his hand and all the protectors and elders left the divine hall, heading directly for the Tian Yuan Continent.

There was an extremely ordinary village near the Cross Mountains on the Tian Yuan Continent. Some villagers lived there, surviving off subsistence farming. Although some of the younger people cultivated Saint Force, they were not very strong. They could only handle a few low class magical beasts.

An old man in coarse clothes currently swung a hoe in the fields. Dirt covered his hands as he bent over, carefully planting the seedlings of various vegetables. His old eyes were deep from witnessing the many matters in life.

“Houston, the people from the foreign world have come. Please come to Flame City immediately!”

At this moment, a voice rang out from very far away, booming in the old mans mind.

The old mans face remained the same. After planting the seedling in his hand, he brushed off the soil on his hands and disappeared in the next moment. Only the simple metal hoe remained in the ground.

Four old men sat on a huge rock, facing each other on a lone island in the vast ocean. They were discussing something.

“Eldest brother, my comprehension towards the Nirvanic Sword Formation has reached a new level. Aside from that, Ive completely grasped three of the sword techniques that suddenly appeared in my mind after breaking through. I cant use the other ones because my strength is insufficient. Although my cultivation has not increased at all, my battle prowess is on a whole new level compared to a year ago. I feel that even by myself no one is my opponent among early Receival if I use the sword techniques,” ASi said. He was unable to contain his excitement.

ADa nodded. In the past year, ASi was not the only one who had made plenty of progress. The three other brothers were the same, benefiting greatly.

“Its just a pity that Jian Chen is still in seclusion. I wonder when hell emerge. Looks like well have to postpone finding him to resolve our queries indefinitely,” ADa stared at the sky and sighed gently.

“ADa, AEr, ASan, and ASi, the people from the foreign world have arrived. Please come to Flame City immediately.”

At this moment, the same voice rang out in the minds of the four brothers, making their eyes narrow.

After a moment of silence, ASi looked at ADa. He said, “Eldest brother, do we go?”

“We live in this world. This world is our home, so how can we not go?” ADa said righteously before standing up on the rock. He left together with his brothers.

At the same time, the sea goddess in the sea realm and the war god on the Wasteland Continent received the message from the Tian Yuan Continent as well. At that moment, all the Origin realm experts in that world were mobilised simultaneously, and they all hurried towards the Tian Yuan Continent.

Just as Tie Ta was about to venture to the Tian Yuan Continent, he suddenly stopped. After a moment of hesitance, he changed his direction and traveled towards the elves.

The war gods arrival alert all of the elves. They all went up to welcome him politely. In the end, Tie Ta entered the forbidden grounds of the elves under the elven queens lead.

“Stay outside and wait for me,” Tie Ta said to the elven queen with his deep, soft voice.

“Yes, sir!” The elven queen replied politely and remained outside in an obedient manner.

Tie Ta stood quietly before the Elven Godtree in golden robes, which made him seem awe-inspiring. His eyes shone as he carefully observed the tree of life that had existed for a very long time.

At this moment, a strand of green life force condensed into an illusionary figure before the Elven Godtree. As her figure was just too blurry, her appearance was completely obscured; only the fact that she was female was evident.

“Audriana of the God clan greets the great war god!” The illusionary woman dropped her knees to the ground and buried her head deeply towards the ground. She greeted Tie Ta by kneeling and bowing. She was extremely courteous.

Tie Ta stood there as his golden robes ruffled gently in the breeze. He stared at the kneeling woman and asked, “Who are you?” Tie Ta already knew that the Elven Godtree was extraordinary, but his understanding towards it was not as great as Jian Chens or the Spiritkings. At the very least, he still did not know Audrianas true identity, or that she had descended as a mighty Godking just for him, the war god.

Audriana hid nothing, telling him everything about her identity and origins. She immediately dumbfounded Tie Ta.

“Youre actually a Godking? And the greatest Godking of the God clan? Are you sure youre not trying to trick me?” Tie Ta asked in disbelief. Just the Spiritking who barely possessed the battle prowess of a Deity had pressured the Tian Yuan Continent so much. Godkings would be insurmountable existences.

Tie Ta found it unrealistic that a powerful Godking would actually kneel towards him right now.

“I have told the complete truth. I will never lie to the great war god!” Audrianas forehead was basically stuck to the ground. Her respect came from the bottom of her heart and could not be faked.

Tie Ta sucked in a deep breath and asked, “Why didnt I see you when I came here in the past? You didnt even say a single word to me. And why did you call for me earlier?”

“The time was not ripe in the past, so I did not greet the war god. Please forgive me. Ive requested an audience with the war god this time because of the Spiritsages,” said Audriana.

“The Spiritsages?” Tie Ta asked doubtfully.

“The Spiritsages are the people from the World of Forsaken Saints. Although I dont know how theyve appeared here, they are the remnants of the Spirits World and a large clan and race in the Saints World. Although theyve declined now, they still possess quite the heritage. I learnt that the war god is going to the Tian Yuan Continent this time to negotiate with the Spiritsages about territory, which was why I wanted to see the war god and beg him to pull the Spiritsages to your side. It will be of great help to our God clan in the future,” said Audriana.

The busy city lords estate in Mercenary City was now empty. Only the elite of the elite stood guard outside. Although the estate had the fewest guards it had ever seen, the power gathered there was the greatest in all of history.

Using the city lords estate of Flame City as a temporary place for negotiations was the agreement Yang Lie, Guihai Yidao, Feng Xiaotian, Houston, the sea goddess, and so on came to. Not only did they want to ensure their safety during the negotiations this time, but they wanted to strike fear in the Origin realm experts from the foreign world during the process as well. There were only three places in the world that could fulfill the two conditions in the current world.

The first was the supreme divine hall of Mercenary City, the next was Three Saint Island, and the last place was Flame City.

The supreme divine hall of Mercenary City was a treasure with extremely great defensive capabilities. If they were to hold the negotiations there, the Origin realm experts from the World of Forsaken Saints would not be allowed to enter. As for Three Saint Island, Yang Lie and the others had no confidence in persuading Shangguan Muer, so they could only set Flame City as the location.

After all, the citys background was exceedingly shocking even though it only appeared to be an ordinary city in the eyes of the Origin realm experts. Jian Chen personally founded it, and Jian Chen was its city lord. The city lords estate was Jian Chens estate in name. Coupled with Jian Chens current strength, Flame City was no longer so ordinary. Even when the Origin realm experts of the foreign world entered there, they needed to be obedient and could not act recklessly.

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