Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 1636: The Push for Territory (Five)

hongs question would hold a special type of significance.

In the negotiations between the two worlds, the representative would naturally speak out first.

Gradually, more and more gazes gathered on Tie Ta. As Shangguan Muer was not present, Tie Ta obviously became the most powerful person among them, so having him talk would be more suitable.

Tie Ta discovered everyones intentions and just closed his eyes, showing his intentions to everyone else. He understood extremely well that his talents lay in battle and not negotiations.

“Its a pity that Shangguan Muer isnt present. Houston, well let you take up the role as the representative for now. Does anyone have any objections?” The sea goddess asked everyone through a communication technique. She directly named the old man in coarse clothes, who still had some soil on his hands, as their representative.

Houstons strength was extraordinary, and he had experience in leadership. The Bloodsword sect had once shaken up the continent under his lead, so he was a resourceful person.

Everyone clearly had no objections to having Houston represent them for now. If it was scheming, there would be no one present who could defeat Houston. It was just that Houston had retired in the past thousand years and hid away his edge, keeping an extremely low profile. They all believed that he would pour his efforts towards this worlds interest if he represented them.

After all, the amount of land the World of Forsaken Saints required could only be settled through negotiations.

Houston nodded gently. At that moment, his dark and turbid eyes brightened. There seemed to be a flash of sharp light, and he said to Xiong Zhong, “If it werent for the crisis of the world, we would have gone to a battle to the death seeing how your world wants to take our land. It would be very difficult to say who would be the final victor. After all, your Spiritking is no longer invincible.”

Xiong Zhong and the elders and protectors frowned when they heard his words. They became slightly displeased, but they were unable to rebuke Houston for the time being as he was speaking the truth.

“The reason why we are all seated here today is due to the major contributions tens of thousands of your people have made to help avert the crisis of the world. Their sacrifice has earned our admiration, which is also why the four races of our world are willing to give some territory to your world. However, it wont be much, so please prepare yourselves,” said Houston.

“This is a map that weve prepared. Weve marked the land that we want on there, so please have a look. If you have no objections, we can reach an agreement as soon as possible,” Xiong Zhong said nonchalantly before taking out several plans he had prepared beforehand. He controlled these plans, floating them gently before the Origin realm experts of the four races.

When the Origin realm experts unfurled the plans, they all frowned aside from Tie Ta, Xiao Jin, Xiao Ling, and the four brothers. Xiong Zhong had actually requested for half of the territory that each race possessed.

“What a coincidence. We just happened to have prepared plans as well, which has the land that we are willing to gift your world marked on it. Please have a look as well,” said Houston before passing a plan to Xiong Zhong. They had prepared many versions of the plan, and each version was only created after reaching an agreement with all the Origin realm experts of the four races. The land divided on the plan was different in each version as well.

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