Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 1645: Shen Fang

Chapter 1644: A Terrifying Uncle

The two brothers drank until the morning before finally parting ways.

The young master of the Changyang Clan and his mother were currently in a luxurious courtyard. They were both slightly worried.

At this moment, a female servant walked over quickly and said with a soft voice, “Madam, the patriarch has returned.”

Changyang Xus mother turned blank when she heard that. Then she immediately arrived before Changyang Xu. She said to him excitedly, “Xuer, since your father has returned, your uncle has probably returned to his residence as well. Quick, go find your uncle. Get him to properly train you. Your father and your uncle are brothers. He gave so many Violet Cloud Peaches to that young island master of Three Saint Island, yet he hasnt given you a single one for some reason. Were still family after all.”

“Yes, mother. I know what to do. Hmph, the young island master completely looks down on me just because he is stronger. He even wants me to call him elder brother. Does he think he is worthy? He just relied on the Violet Cloud Peaches at all. If I consume one, my increase in strength will definitely be greater than his with my talent. At that time, just watch me smash out the young island masters teeth. Lets see how he plans on acting arrogant before me in the future,” Changyang Xu said coldly. He felt extremely displeased towards his uncle. His uncle had given so many Violet Cloud Peaches to an outsider, yet he, the nephew, had not even received a single one.

“So much for your grandfather as well. He just had to put the Violet Cloud Peach he received from the young island master away safely, refusing to give it to you no matter what. If your grandfather gave you the Violet Cloud Peach earlier, how would the young island master still be able to dominate you? Fortunately, not a lot of people know about this. Otherwise, if the fact that the young master of the Changyang clan was not as great as the young island master of Three Saint Island made it out, we will all be ashamed. After all, our Changyang clan cannot be compared to Three Saint Island,” said Changyang Xus mother. She also felt much displeasure towards Changyang Bas actions, but she dared not show this displeasure. She could only hide it deep in her heart.

Jian Chen sat on his bed within his majestic residence. He was contemplating over the matter of territory between the two worlds.

“The land that the World of Forsaken Saints wants is indeed a little too much. If I follow through with what they want, itll just be too great of a loss for the four races of this world. And if I do hand over this land, the original inhabitants will have to be relocated. Relocating is not an easy matter,” Jian Chen thought to himself.

“Fourth young master, the young master wishes to see you!”

At this moment, a guards polite voice rang out from outside.

“Let Xuer in,” Jian Chen said calmly as he looked outside.

Changyang Xu walked in from outside and knelt before Jian Chen. He said politely, “Changyang Xu greets uncle!”

Jian Chen examined Changyang Xu and smiled amicably. He said, “Theres no need to be so polite. You can stand.” With that, Jian Chen raised his arm, and immediately, an invisible force lifted Changyang Xu up gently.

“Yes, uncle!” Changyang Xu was filled with politeness. Although he had said several times that he wanted to surpass his uncle in the future, he still could not help but become nervous in the face of his legendary uncle. After all, his uncle was just too famous. He was the greatest sovereign in the world, the strongest existence there ever was. Even the currently influential clan dwelled under his uncles brilliance.

Jian Chen smiled at Changyang Xu and said gently, “Xuer, it hasnt been easy for our Changyang clan to go from a nameless organisation to its current glory. As the young master of the clan, you have to be a model example. You cant become prideful, arrogant, let alone haughty. At the same time, you cant make trouble outside for no reason, or injure and bully other people on a whim. Do you understand?”

“Yes, uncle. I will commit your guidance to heart!” Changyang Xu replied politely. Before he had come, he had already thought of how he should ask his uncle for Violet Cloud Peaches. He had even made up his mind to cling onto his uncle until he gave him the Violet Cloud Peaches if he initially declined. However, when he truly faced his legendary uncle, he suddenly discovered that he had lost all courage to talk. Although his uncle treated him as family, he was utterly in fear before his uncle. He even trembled inside as if he was not facing his uncle but an indomitable god!

His father and his grandfather had told him the same words many times, but he never truly took it to heart. He would just turn a deaf ear to it. However, he felt like he had lost all will to resist towards his uncles words, firmly imprinting the words that were said to him many times deeply in his heart.

Changyang Xu sensed his change before his uncle. This made him feel fear and even tremble. His forehead had even become covered with cold sweat. At that moment, he finally understood just how terrifying his uncle was.

“Xuer, have you come to me for something today?” Jian Chen asked. He completely treated Changyang Xu as a junior of his, acting extremely amicable. This was because he thought of Shangguan Aojian when he saw Changyang Xu. The two of them were roughly the same age.

“N- no. Ive actually come this time to meet uncle. I wish uncle the best and to not overwork. I- Ill go now,” Changyang Xu stuttered a little, becoming rather unwilling to raise the matter of the Violet Cloud Peaches.

Jian Chen nodded and waved his hand, “Xuer, you can go.”

“Yes, uncle. Ill go now!” Changyang Xu left politely.

Jian Chen looked at Changyang Xus back and suddenly said, “Xuer!”

Changyang Xu seemed to leap in fright when he heard Jian Chen. He jerked before turning around, bowing towards Jian Chen, “Uncle?”

“Xuer, I understand your intentions. Youve already groomed yourself to possess the arrogance of a wastrel son. You have a haughty mindset. If you dont change it soon, youll cause a lot of trouble sooner or later. No one dares to offend the Changyang clan with its current strength, but thats because we dont purposefully provoke or abuse others. If you casually offend other people from today onwards, therell still be some people wholl run the risk of offending the Changyang clan to take your life. Do you understand?” Jian Chen said sternly.

Changyang Xu became rather pale and responded politely, “I understand!”

“Xuer, you must remember that our Changyang clan is not afraid of anything. No matter how powerful the enemies are, we will not fear them, but we cant go causing problems without any reason. Do you understand? If you want to become an expert, you must go on journeys. There are no experts on the Tian Yuan Continent who have been raised in the comfort of their own homes. Instead, theyve experienced countless storms of blood and made their way up by wading through blood. Your current strength basically completely originates from heavenly resources. It wont be of any benefit to you as time goes on. Itll even affect your foundation,” Jian Chen said sternly. He seemed like a senior lecturing a junior right now.

“Yes, uncle. I will definitely bear that in mind.” Changyang Xus forehead had already become covered in sweat, and he trembled even harder inside. He felt more and more terrified about his uncle. He had never thought that his uncle was so great. He clearly had not come home many times and had not even seen him many times, yet his uncle knew exactly what was happening with him.

Changyang Xu even gained the impression that there was nothing in the world that his uncle did not know about as if the entire world was in his uncles palm.

The thought made Changyang Xu feel even more respect for his uncle, and he feared him.

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