Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 1646: Rui Jin Emerges

Chapter 1645: Shen Fang

Changyang Xu had basically turned into a completely new person when he emerged from Jian Chens residence. It was not the first time he had seen his uncle, but it was the first time he had spoken to him from such a proximity. He had only seen his uncle from afar in the past, so he did not feel any mental pressure. However, he finally understood just how terrifying his uncle was when he saw him from such a close range. Even when his uncle purposefully concealed his presence, he was still filled with fear toward his uncle. He did not mention a single word about asking for Violet Cloud Peaches, despite planning to beforehand.

It was not because of his uncles strictness or brutality. Instead, Changyang Xu simply lacked the courage.

Jian Chens words echoed through Changyang Xus head after leaving the residence. He seemed rather absent-minded as he made his way through the clan without any intentions of going anywhere. When he raised his head again, he discovered that he had arrived home unknowingly.

“Xuer, have you obtained Violet Cloud Peaches from your uncle? Ive heard that hes not a stingy person. He has given away so many of them to an outsider before, so as his nephew, youll still be able to get a couple of those immortal peaches no matter what. Tell me, just how many did he give you?” Changyang Xus mother waited anxiously at home. As soon as Changyang Xu returned, she asked urgently.

Changyang Xu remained rather dazed. He sat down on a seat absent-minded and only shook his head gently. He said nothing.

“Xuer, your uncle didnt give you any Violet Cloud Peaches at all? T- this…” The eyes of Changyang Xus mother widened. Disbelief was plastered across her face before displeasure quickly replaced it.

“How can your uncle do that? He has given the young island master of Three Saint Island so many, yet he treats his own nephew like this. Hes your fathers brother after all. No, I have to go find your grandfather. Your uncle completely treats you as an outsider, no, even worse than an outsider,” Changyang Xus mother became furious and immediately went to find Changyang Ba to complain.

Changyang Xu immediately stopped her and said, “Mother, dont go looking for grandfather. You cant blame uncle. Uncles abilities are so great that theres nothing in the world that can hide from him. Hell know.” Changyang Xus face became filled with uncontainable fear when he mentioned his uncle.

Xie Yan stared at Changyang Xu strangely. She completely understood her son, but she had never expected him to seemingly change so much after seeing his uncle. He seemed to fear his uncle very much.

“Uncle is right. There are no experts who are raised from the comfort of their home. Mother, Ive made up my mind. Ill leave the clan tomorrow morning to go on a journey. I wont bring anyone with me this time…”

The next morning, Changyang Xu left the clan. He went out alone. Only he himself understood that his entire temperament seemed to have changed after listening to his uncles words.

Jian Chen slowly opened his eyes in his residence. His gaze seemed to be able to pierce through space and all the buildings, allowing him to see Changyang Xu, who had already left the clan. He nodded in satisfaction. After a moment of silence, Jian Chen left his residence and headed to the forbidden grounds, the place where Changyang Ba cultivated.

“Father, in this box is the Violet Cloud Peach and the Comprehension Tea Leaf that Ive prepared for Xuer. Once he returns from his journey, please give him this box if he has truly changed. Otherwise, please hold onto it forever. Although Xuers my brothers son, I cant support and raise a wastrel,” Jian Chen passed a box containing the two heavenly resources to Changyang Ba and said sternly.

Changyang Ba accepted the box and sighed gently, “We, the seniors, have an unshiftable blame for Xuer becoming like this. Xianger, dont worry. I know what to do.”

Jian Chen nodded. He conversed with his father some more before leaving.

On this day, Jian Chen left the Changyang clan and arrived at the centre of the city, the busiest location. There was quite a large inn there. The inn might not have been very famous on the continent, but in Lore City and the Gesun Kingdom, it possessed quite an extraordinary status.

This was because the Changyang clan had always protected this inn since establishment. The owner of the inn had close ties with the most authoritative figures of the Changyang clan as well, Changyang Ba and Bi Yuntian. Not only had she been invited to the Changyang clan as a guest, Changyang Ba and Bi Yuntian would even lower themselves to visit her at the start of every year with gifts.

It was also because of this connection with the Changyang clan that this inn became a place that could not be provoked within Lore City. Even the wastrel scions of hermit or ancient clans had to dismiss their haughtiness and act obediently here, unwilling to cause trouble. Whenever someone made trouble in the inn or began fighting, the guards of the Changyang clan would chase them out. As time went on, many people understood that offending the inn was the same as directly offending the Changyang clan.

Lore City developed rapidly, leading to the addition of many luxurious inns. This inn was not the largest, nor the most luxurious inn in Lore City, but it was the citys most popular inn because all the representatives of the various organisations who came to visit the Changyang clan would choose to stay in this inn.

On this day, the inn welcomed a young man who carried two swords on his back. As soon as the young man entered the inn, a waiter jogged over and apologised, “Sir, may I ask if you are dining or staying? If you plan on staying, I must apologise, as all our rooms are…” Suddenly, the waiters voice came to a halt. His eyes widened at Jian Chen as disbelief flooded his face.

“Y- y- y- youre sovereign Jian Chen…” The waiter cried out in shock. At that moment, he completely doubted his eyes. He had actually seen the legendary sovereign Jian Chen in person. He was not unfamiliar with Jian Chens appearance because he had seen his statue countless times. However, this was the first time he had actually seen him in person.

There were quite a few people dining on the first floor of the inn. Many people heard the waiters shocked cries, so the entire inn fell silent. Quite a few people became stunned.

But very soon, everyone returned to their senses. They all stood up and bowed towards Jian Chen. Their faces were filled with excitement, respect, and admiration.

“Fourth young master!”

At this moment, a familiar but old voice rang out. An old woman with a head full of grey hair made her way down the stairs with the support of two female servants. Joy filled her face.

“Madam!” Jian Chen ran over. His heart throbbed when he saw the old face. This old woman was Kendalls wife, Shen Fang.

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