Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 1662: The Sword Qis Appearance Throws World in Shock (One)

Chapter 1661: Refining the Profound Sword Qi

All of a sudden, Jian Chen felt like he no longer had much time left in this world after agreeing with the Spiritkings suggestion go to the Saints World together. His departure would be much sooner than expected.

As a result, Jian Chen valued every single day of the remaining time even more. He spent even more time by his parents and wives sides. Apart from them, he also visited his old friends frequently, such as Qin Xiao, Tianmu Ling, Qin Ji, Dugu Feng, and so on. Several decades had passed, so the status of his old friends had undergone drastic changes. Whenever they gathered together and spoke about matters of the past, they would all sigh as reminiscence flooded their eyes.

Five days later, Jian Chen heard some heartbreaking news. Kendalls wife, Shen Fang, passed away. During her funeral, Jian Chen appeared with his wives, Changyang Ba, and Bi Yuntian to send her off one last time. Initially, it was supposed to be a very ordinary funeral, but with Jian Chen and everyone elses appearance, her funeral became an extremely great matter, raising the attention of many across the world and apparently caused quite the uproar.

Many fighters in this world all sighed emotionally. Shen Fang was a mortal, yet her funeral could actually draw the personal attendance of sovereign Jian Chen. What a great honor was that? Some people even said that if they could enjoy something like that when they died, they would end their lives right now without any hesitation at all.

Shen Fangs departure had caused quite a few people to feel envious, as well as quite a lot of regret. They were envious about her friendship with sovereign Jian Chen and regretful over how she had such a great but short life.

Sans mourned for his mother as he personally buried her. He remained remarkably calm throughout the entire process. He did not cry or show any sadness, but his silence gave away the grief he hid inside.

Seven days later, Shen Fangs funeral came to an end. Jian Chen comforted Sans and was about to leave.

“Captain, I want to leave the Flame Mercenaries. Please accept my departure,” at this moment, Sans knelt down and pleaded Jian Chen.

Jian Chen paused before turning around and looking at Sans with mixed feelings. He sighed gently, “Sans, your father personally founded the Flame Mercenaries. They are the memories of your father, so how can you leave? Also, I intended for you to inherit the position of captain, except your current strength and prestige in the Flame Mercenaries would definitely lead to the dissatisfaction of many if I passed it on too soon, which is why I still havent done that. I planned to pass on the position at a suitable time once youve earned your own prestige. You would be the captain of the Flame Mercenaries at that time.”

Sans shook his head, “Captain, I dont want to inherit the position of captain. Although my father personally founded the Flame Mercenaries, you were the one who did all the development. It had nothing to do with my father. How can I inherit the position of captain? Please revoke it, captain.”

Jian Chen suddenly became stern after hearing Sans words. He said with a gruff voice, “Sans, do you know what kind of organisation the Flame Mercenaries has now become on the continent? The position of captain is enough to make countless people green with envy, yet you dont care about it at all. If your father knew about this, he would not be able to rest easy in the afterlife.”

Sans knelt on the ground and pushed his head deeply into the ground. He said sorrowfully, “Captain, Im sorry. Ive disappointed you and let you down. Ive let down all the years of support youve provided me across the years. You can only blame me for my lack of ambition and ability. The passing of my mother has made me let go of a lot of things in the world. Now, I no longer wish for any glory on the Tian Yuan Continent. I only want to manage this inn because its the only thing that my mother has left to me. It contains the memories of my mother. Captain, please accept my resignation from the Flame Mercenaries.”

“You…” Jian Chen looked at Sans, both furious and angered. He appeared exasperated about how Sans failed to live up to his expectations. However, there was also a profound sense of helplessness on his face. He could already see that Sans had made up his mind. Any more attempts at persuasion would not have much effect at all. He would end up forcing Sans instead.

Jian Chen sighed at the sky after a long while and said, “Whatever, whatever. Since youve already decided, I will respect your choice.” With that, Jian Chen became dejected. He left with a wave of his sleeve.

He had decided for Sans to become the next captain of the Flame Mercenaries long ago, but Sans choice had just disappointed him.

“Thank you, captain,” Sans replied politely.

“Sans, you have to remember that the Flame Mercenaries exists because of your father. If you think it through today and want to return to the Flame Mercenaries, that door will always be open to you,” Jian Chens vigorous voice rang out.

Sans stood up and looked at Jian Chen with eyes filled with tears. He thought, “Savior, youve helped my mother and I far too much in the past years. Ill never be able to repay your kindness, so how can I replace Bi Lian as the captain? Bi Lian is your sister after all. I can never do something like that, never…”

Several years later, Jian Chen finally made up his mind to make the final preparations for Saints World. After bidding farewell to everyone, he left Three Island all by himself and went to the tunnel connected to the World of Forsaken Saints.

The tunnel between the two worlds was no longer as empty as before. Instead, it had become hectic. There would be people of various races passing through the tunnel between the two worlds from time to time. There was an island in the water near the tunnel created by a Saint Emperor. Various merchants had set up stands there, holding huge auctions to auction off treasures obtained from the World of Forsaken Saints. It had already developed into quite a large city.

Jian Chen did not stay there for too long. He turned into a blur and directly entered the tunnel, heading towards the World of Forsaken Saints.

The tunnel had stabilised now, but it still reacted violently to Jian Chens entry with his current strength. It immediately began to shake tremendously as violet streams of energy gradually formed, wreaking havoc in the tunnel. Even Saint Emperors had to handle the streams of energy carefully.

There were still quite a lot of people in the tunnel right now, so the tremors and streams of energy immediately made a few people pale. They all cried out and charged towards the exit as quickly as they could.

Jian Chen concealed his presence and carefully moved through the tunnel. He knew that he was too powerful, basically having reached the limits that the tunnel could withstand. If he did not conceal his presence, he would end up making the entire tunnel collapse.

At the same time, he flicked a finger and shot out strands of sword Qi, dispersing the energy in the distance to protect the cultivators who fled from harm. The sword Qi had only reached peak Saint Emperor in strength at most, so he did not have to worry about it damaging the tunnel.

When Jian Chen emerged from the tunnel, he saw a familiar, blood-red world. In the blood-red world was a red sun and moon, as if they had been painted by blood. It caused the entire world to be filled with a malevolence feeling.

This was the second time Jian Chen had come to the World of Forsaken Saints. He was accompanied by Shangguan Muer during the first time and was hostile towards the world back then. He had come for battle, which resulted in a great battle between him and the Spiritking.

This was the second time, and this time, the World of Forsaken Saints had gone from enemies to friends with the Tian Yuan Continents world. Even though there would be conflicts between the people of the two worlds from time to time, it was mostly due to interests and did not take a toll on their overall relationship.

There were quite a few people gathered on the top of the World Mountains. They all stood afar from the tunnel and discussed the changes to the tunnel with lingering fear. Many of them behaved like they had just survived a great disaster. None of them discovered that a young man had walked out of the destabilised tunnel composedly soon after they exited. He was now hidden among the crowd.

The young man had erased his presence, preventing anyone from sensing his existence. Even when people glanced past him from time to time, they would not take note of him, missing him extremely easily.

There was a teleportation formation set up on the top of the World Mountains, two kilometers away from the tunnel. As the World Mountains were just too dangerous, even Receival experts needed to be careful when climbing the mountains as they could die from any carelessness. It made it even more impossible for cultivators who were at Sainthood or even below that. As a result, the teleportation formation especially existed to send people out of the mountains.

Not only did a few Sainthood experts use the teleportation to ascend and descend the mountains, but the protectors and elders also used it most of the time as well after its creation. They basically did not use their strength to climb the mountains anymore.

Jian Chen stood in the crowd. As his gaze landed on the teleportation formation, a gleam of light immediately flashed through his eyes, but he did not become too interested in the teleportation formation. With a single moment, he seemed to have become an arrow, charging beyond the top of the World Mountains with a flash. Quickly, he arrived at a hazardous zone where even Origin realm experts could die. He flew through the World Mountains without any fear at all.

Soon afterwards, Jian Chen stopped on a sword-shaped mountain a thousand kilometers away. Around him, the strong winds whistled loudly, forming invisible wind blades that swept past Jian Chen mercilessly. The wind was so powerful that even Jian Chen had not seen something like this before. Even Saint Emperors would struggle to endure it and would be torn to shreds without much time.

Thunder boomed above his head as lightning constantly fell. Bolts of thick lightning would rip through the blood-red sky with deafening sounds frequently. The lightning was even more powerful than the wind. Even Receival experts would become injured if they were careless. They could even die.

“The laws here are the most powerful. Ill refine the Profound Sword Qi here,” Jian Chen ignored the strong winds and sea of lightning, just sitting down like that. He began to cultivate.

The strong winds ripped through his clothes but failed to harm his body at all. The lightning in the sky would fall from time to time, striking Jian Chens head accurately, but not a single hair of his would be blown away.

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