Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 1666: The Saints World

that, the Bright Moon Divine Hall immediately shrank to the size of a fist, which Jian Chen then grabbed in his hand.

“Zi Ying, Qing Suo, Im going to the Saints World. Things can only be difficult for you for now,” Jian Chen said to the sword spirits. Then he placed his hand gently on the twin swords. With a flash of light, the swords vanished, having merged into Jian Chens palm. They remained in his dantian.

Jian Chen already had the ability to store the twin swords in his body for quite some time now, except leaving the swords in contact with the world allowed them to absorb the yin and yang energies in the world, which was beneficial to their recovery. However, he could no longer afford to keep them exposed now that he was going to the Saints World.

Jian Chen carried the Bright Moon Divine Hall in his left hand as he travelled alongside Shen Jian. They entered the tunnel together, leaving their original worlds.

The tunnel to the Saints World was not composed of chaos but balls of multi-colored hues. They formed long streaks of multi-colored streams, filling every corner of the tunnel.

At the same time, an extremely tremendous pressure crushed in from all directions. The pressure was so great that it could kill Saint Emperors. Only Origin realm experts could withstand it.

Jian Chen and Shen Jian endured the pressure easily, carefully making their way through the spatial tunnel. They looked around out of curiosity. When Jian Chen saw the multi-colored hues that filled the tunnel, he immediately saw his landscape changing, varying between light and dark. Through the hues, he seemed to see worlds flash by blurrily. Each world was different. Each world possessed its own systems and cultures. Sometimes, he could even see the battle between experts of various levels in the worlds. Some were powerful, while others were weak. They could be as weak as Sainthood experts, or even Mortal realm experts, but he would also see battles between Origin realm experts as well.

However, the images were extremely blurry and changed exceptionally quickly. Each image would appear and disappear in a split second, making it impossible to discern whether they were actually real or not.

“What you see is all true because were currently moving through space at an unbelievable speed. Every world we pass by projects a shadow,” fairy Hao Yues voice rang out in Jian Chens head.

Jian Chen was secretly shocked when he heard that. He had already seen the images of countless worlds. If each image represented an entire world, he truly had no idea just how many he had already passed.

“Although I already knew that there were extremely many lower worlds, now that Ive truly witnessed how many there are, its just indescribable. The Tian Yuan Continent I stayed on in the past is only one of the images among all of these,” Jian Chen thought.

Jian Chen and Shen Jian completely lost the notion of time as they moved through the tunnel. They had no idea just how long they had been travelling for. Along the way, they would come across chaotic spatial streams, but they would avoid it safely. Finally, they saw the exit of the tunnel.

There were barren plains, stretching as far as the eye could see. Apart from some huge birds that shot through the sky with lightning speed, there was not a single living thing to be seen.

But at this moment, the space in the sky suddenly distorted violently. A huge Space Gate suddenly appeared, and two figures fell out from it, hitting the land heavily and kicking up a cloud of dust.

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