Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 1670: Corruption

Chapter 1669: A Battle Against a God

Shen Jian flew over from afar and said as he stared at Lu Feis corpse, “Experts really are as common as the clouds in the Saints World. Just this single person we came across accidentally was a late Deity. If he progressed a little more in his cultivation, he would have become a God. I need to find a safe place to break through as soon as possible.” Shen Jian became even more impatient to break through to Godhood after the battle with Lu Fei. However, there was nowhere to hide from sight on the barren plains, and they would encounter people from time to time. Clearly, this was not a good place to break through.

Jian Chen thought of the Anatta Tower. The Anatta Tower was damaged, but it was a good place to break through. However, Jian Chen did not dare to take it out after arriving in the Saints World as he feared that extremely powerful people would sense its presence.

“Lets leave here quickly. This Lu Fei seemed to be fleeing for his life earlier. With his wounds, someone must have been chasing him. We cant stay here for long,” Jian Chen said to Shen Jian. He played around with the Space Ring that he had taken from Lu Fei, before putting it away. Now was not the time to check through its contents.

However, just when Jian Chen said these words, an extremely powerful presence arrived from afar. It blanketed the surroundings and surged into the sky, kicking up gales and causing the clouds to churn. The presence contained both rage and icy-cold killing intent.

“Lets go!”

The expressions of Jian Chen and Shen Jian changed. Without any hesitation, they immediately flew off into the distance as fast as possible. The owner of the presence pressured them several times more than Lu Fei. He was an extremely powerful expert, having surpassed Deity. Without a single thought, Jian Chen and Shen Jian were certain that he was the person pursuing Lu Fei.

Lu Fei was already dead, but just in case, the two of them still chose to leave the area.

A few seconds after Jian Chen and Shen Jian left the scene, a blurry, grey figure shot over from afar. He moved so quickly that he was several times faster than Lu Fei. He radiated with a powerful presence, so great that the ground beneath him sank. His icy, heavy killing intent reduced all the withered grass on the plains to dust.

Very soon, the grey figure arrived before Lu Feis corpse. Only then did his appearance become visible. He was an old man who seemed to be past his seventies. He wore grey robes, while his grey hair drifted in the wind behind. He was hawk-nosed, and his deep eyes were sharp. They shone brightly, while his face was terrifyingly sunken.

The old man stared at Lu Feis corpse for a while. When he discovered that Lu Feis Space Ring had actually vanished, his gaze immediately became extremely terrifying. His killing intent rose rapidly until it peaked.

“Its impossible for you to steal the treasure of my Lu family,” the grey-robed old mans face was extremely sunken as he spoke icily. He immediately expanded his soul and found the traces left behind by Jian Chen and Shen Jian when they fled a while ago. He immediately shot off in pursuit as a grey blur.

The laws were powerful, and the space was tough in the Saints World. Let alone Origin realm experts, even Godhood experts with extremely great mastery over the Laws of Space would not be able to create a Space Gate. As a result, the old man could only fly despite his strength.

Jian Chen and Shen Jian also discovered the old mans pursuit. The two of them were not even as fast as Lu Fei, so it was impossible for them to escape from the old man who moved several times faster than Lu Fei. They directly stopped and hovered in the sky, waiting for the old mans arrival.

Very soon, the old man appeared before Jian Chen and Shen Jian. He directly stood in there way. His face was sunken, and he said coldly, “Did you kill Lu Fei?”

“We were only passing by earlier, and we came across Lu Fei accidentally. He wanted to devour the two of us. As he was injured, he failed to devour the two of us in the end and was killed instead. May I ask for your name, senior?” Jian Chen clasped his fist and said without any particular modesty or haughtiness.

“Jian Chen, this person is an early God. You have to be careful,” fairy Hao Yues voice rang out in Jian Chens head, causing Jian Chen to become even more stern.

Although early Gods were only a single cultivation level higher than late Deities, the difference between the cultivation levels was extraordinarily large.

Shen Jian also became extremely stern. He could tell that the old man probably would not let them go from how he behaved and reacted. They could not avoid battle.

“You came across him accidentally? Hahaha, what a perfectly-timed accident. Lu Fei is one of my Lu familys six great Godhood experts, as well as one of my elders. Its a pity that a mysterious organisation successfully bribed him, so he betrayed the family. He even obtained a powerful formation disc to trap me, and then he snuck into our forbidden grounds to take the treasure of my Lu family. Yet, when I broke free and pursued him here, he just happened to be slain by the two of you; the treasure he stole must have ended up in your hands. You describe this all as an accident. Do you really think that Im as easily tricked as a child?” The old man laughed aloud. His gaze towards Jian Chen and Shen Jian became even colder, and he roared out, “Speak, who sent you?”

“Senior, Lu Fei was indeed slain by us, but we have no connections to the organization behind him at all. Ive spoken the truth. Whether you believe it or not is up to you,” Jian Chen said emotionlessly. He knew that the old man had already mistaken their accidental encounter with Lu Fei and Lu Feis death. In the old mans eyes, killing Lu Fei was just an act of silencing someone.

“Hmph, and you still want to twist the truth? As one of my grandsons, no one understands Lu Feis strength better than me. How could he have been killed so easily by the two of you as a late Deity? Not to mention, one of you is still at Reciprocity. If Ive guessed correctly, you two must have been sent by the organisation behind Lu Fei to receive him, and theyve only sent people below Godhood to avoid raising attention, as well as to catch Lu Fei off-guard. You then used the trump card you obtained from the organisation supporting you to deal a sneak attack to Lu Fei, killing him. That way, you will succeed in both obtaining my familys treasure and silencing others. That way, you dont have to worry about me working out the organisation supporting you through any remaining traces. Am I right?” The old mans voice became even more frigid. Killing intent surged from him like a flood, becoming extremely dense. The more he analysed the situation, the more correct he felt his conjecture was. Although he had seen traces of the battle earlier, he refused to believe that Jian Chen and Shen Jian could kill Lu Fei with just their strength. Instead, he believed that it was due to a treasure they had obtained from the organisation supporting them.

“Speak, what is the organisations behind the two of you? I might spare your lives if you tell me, but if you dont, I can only take you back with me and torture you in all kinds of ways until you confess.” The old man approached Jian Chen and Shen Jian slowly as he radiated with an extremely powerful pressure, squashing down on Jian Chen and Shen Jian.

“Now that the situation has developed to a point like this, theres no point in talking anymore. Do it!” Jian Chen said to Shen Jian through a communication technique. He formed a seal with his hand, and he immediately shone with golden light. A massive, golden sword Qi condensed in a single moment, shooting towards the old man.

Jian Chen did not dare to hold back at all against a God. He used his full strength right from the start, using the Immortal Tier sword technique, the Daluo Sword.

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