Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 1674: Doubt

Chapter 1673: The Mo Clan

The flying vehicle slowly descended, stopping a hundred meters above Jian Chen and Shen Jian. Two guards in black clothes immediately leapt down. One of them glanced past the Space Rings on Jian Chen and Shen Jians finger and a sliver of greed flashed through his eyes. He murmured, “You two sure are lucky for our young lady to come across you.” With that, the guard grabbed Shen Jian by his clothes and lifted him from the ground. He handled Shen Jian extremely roughly.

The other guard directly went to remove Jian Chens Space Ring. However, as soon as he touched the Space Ring, the guard carrying Shen Jian pressed his hand onto the other guards shoulder. He said plainly, “Its not like you dont understand our young miss. Youll make her angry like this.”

The guard who tried to take Jian Chens Space Ring pulled back his hand reluctantly. He directly grabbed Jian Chen by the collar and lifted him, before returning to the vehicle with the other guard.

“How are their injuries? Are they heavy? Will they cause any future problems?”

As soon as Jian Chen and Shen Jian arrived on the vehicle, Mo Yan asked from one side in concern.

“Young miss, the two of them are quite injured, but they are still breathing. They shouldnt be dead,” one of the guards replied politely.

Xi Yu calmy observed Jian Chen and Shen Jian for a while. Her calm gaze seemed to be able to penetrate many things, allowing her to completely check through Jian Chen and Shen Jians wounds. Afterwards, she frowned, “Theyre even more heavily injured than I imagined. Even with the best medicine, theyll need quite some time to recover. Take them to the main cabin for now.”

“Yes, miss,” the two guards replied politely, before disappearing with Jian Chen and Shen Jian.

Jian Chen and Shen Jian lay in the cabin of the vehicle. No one paid any attention to them, nor did anyone mind their presence, almost as if they were transparent to the several dozen people on the vehicle. Aside from Mo Yan who had come to visit them out of curiosity and had fed them some medicine, no one else came.

After a day of flight, the vehicle finally stopped outside a huge estate. The estate was majestic and grand, with two words written fancily above the main entrance—Mo Clan. There were quite a few guards on patrol both inside and outside the clan, while the guards were either Saint Emperors or at the Origin realm.

The Mo clan was clearly quite a powerful clan to be able to have Origin realm experts as guards.

“Hahaha, my Yaner has finally returned. How have you benefited from training outside this time?” As a vigorous voice rang out, a handsome man in blue robes walked through the air. He directly arrived in the vehicle as he looked at Mo Yan and Xi Yu in adoration.

“Greetings to the patriarch!”

“Greetings to father!”

The guards and Xi Yu on the vehicle all bowed towards the man.

“Dad, I missed you so much,” Mo Yan directly threw herself at the middle-aged man and tightly embraced him.

The middle-aged man laughed aloud. He was still with love. With one hand on Mo Yan, he looked at Xi Yu and asked gently, “Yuer, hows Yaner been in the past few years outside?”

Mo Yans ear perked up, and she immediately turned her head. She looked at Xi Yu pitifully with a pleading gaze.

Xi Yu rubbed her temples painfully when she saw how Mo Yan acted. She glared back at her viciously, before saying, “Father, although the results from Mo Yans training this time are not ideal, she has still improved quite a lot. Its just that Mo Yan is too kind. She even saved two unknown people in the journey out this time.”

Mo Yan immediately raised her head towards the middle-aged man when she heard that. She said pitifully, “Father, the two of them were so miserable. They were lying on the ground, covered in blood. If I didnt save them, they would have been eaten by beasts. How could I just leave them to die?”

The middle-aged man rubbed Mo Yans head lovingly and smiled, “Since Yaner has saved them, lets have them settle down in the clan for now. But Yaner, you have to remember to not always save anyone who collapses your way. Do you understand?”

“I understand. I knew that father is the best,” Mo Yan immediately smiled happily.

Just like that, Jian Chen and Shen Jian were taken into the Mo clan. The two of them were arranged into rooms of lower quality. Servants of the Mo clan normally occupied these rooms.

Soon after Jian Chen had been taken to his room, he slowly opened his eyes. His gaze was filled with weakness and exhaustion.

Half a day earlier, he had already recovered his consciousness, except he was simply too weak. Basically, all the power of his soul had been drained, and he needed to recover as soon as possible, which was why he chose to fake unconsciousness, so he could recover during that time. He heard everything in the conversation between Mo Yan and the Mo clan patriarch before.

“The Mo clan,” Jian Chen looked around and murmured. He inspected the wounds on himself, before immediately circulating his Chaotic Force to recover and regenerate his powdered bones.

As he was unconscious before, Jian Chen was unable to push the regeneration of his Chaotic Body to its limits, so he was still extremely heavily injured. However, as soon as Jian Chen circulated his Chaotic Force, the regeneration of the Chaotic Body was demonstrated immediately. His pulverised organs and bones regrew at a visible rate.

However, as Jian Chen did not want to reveal the fact that he was a Radiant Saint Master in the Mo clan, he did not use Radiant Saint Force to heal this time.

A day later, all his bones had recovered, allowing him to regain his mobility. He directly sat up from his bed and continued to heal. At the same time, the power of his soul gradually recovered as well, except it was as slow as a snail compared to the regeneration of his body.

As for Shen Jian, he remained by Jian Chens side. He was still unconscious. The two of them shared a stone bed.

Jian Chen and Shen Jian were like a drop of water in the ocean. They did not raise any attention, and at the same time, no one came to check on them. It was like no one remembered them anymore in the Mo clan.

Jian Chen was more than happy about this situation because without any disturbances, he could recover in the shortest time possible. As long as he recovered, he could deal with any dangers he encountered in the clan.

“I used the twin swords when I lost my mind, so that ancestor of the Lu family must die. Although he wont know about the swords as a mere God, hes still a problem.” Jian Chen secretly recalled his battle against the ancestor of the Lu family as he healed. He made up his mind – he had to kill the ancestor of the Lu family.

“Lu Fei stole the clan treasure of the Lu family. Just what is the Lu familys treasure? Healing is of the utmost importance right now, so Ill check through Lu Feis Space Ring once I fully recover,” Jian Chen murmured to himself.

At this moment, a series of footsteps rang out from outside. Soon afterwards, the door to Jian Chens room was pushed open. Mo Yan stood outside in a luxurious white dress. She looked inside curiously with her large eyes.

“Oh, youre awake!” Mo Yan stared at Jian Chen on the bed in surprise. Jian Chen had not cleaned away the blood on him yet, so it had already dried up on him, making him seem all bloody. However, Mo Yan did not find it terrifying at all.

Jian Chen slowly opened his eyes and got off the bed. He clasped his fist towards Mo Yan and said, “I am Jian Chen. Thank you for saving me.”

Mo Yan stared at Jian Chen in shock. She pointed at him as she stuttered, “Y- y- you can actually stand! Sister Xi Yu said that you were very heavily injured, where even all your bones vanished. Even with high-quality medicine, its impossible for you to recover so easily. I- it has only been a day!”

“Thank you for your concern, young miss. Maybe because the medicine I used was of a rather high grade, so I was able to recover so quickly,” Jian Che smiled. Any person could check through his wounds and tell, so he could not hide it even if he tried. As a result, he directly attributed all his healing to medicine, without trying to hide much.

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