Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 1682: Treasure of the Lu Family (Two)

rival him. I have to rope him in. If he becomes the seventh elder of the clan, we might become powerful enough to move into the provincial city. Of course, that is given that the Lu family and the Ando clan dont come to create trouble for us.”

Several million kilometers away from the Mo clan, in a certain mountain range, there was a dense cluster of structures. They were beautiful, creating a wonderful combination with the surrounding mountains and water, partially enshrouded by mist. There were even various birds flying in the sky and precious beasts moving along the ground. They would cry out from time to time. From afar, it seemed like an otherworldly place.

This was where the Ando clan resided. The Ando clan was the same as the Lu family, Mo clan, and Atomos Sword sect. They were one of the four that reigned supreme in the region. However, compared to the three other organisations, the Ando clan had extremely great specifications for where they stayed. They had purposefully made the clan seem like an otherworldly place.

Of course, the Ando clan had paid quite the price to have everything set up in such a manner.

At this moment, in one of the secret rooms within the clan, the ancestor of the Lu family sat with a ruddy old man. The two of them discussed a certain matter sternly.

The ruddy old man was the ancestor of the Ando clan, Ando Gu.

“What? The treasure of your Lu family has ended up in the hands of the Mo clan? Lu Tian, are you sure?” Ando Gu stared at the ancestor of the Lu family in shock. Disbelief filled his face.

The ancestor of the Lu familys face darkened. His eyes were filled with killing intent, and he said coldly, “Ando Gu, do you think Im joking? However, when Lu Tian fled from my Lu family, he was already heavily injured. When he met up with the people from the Mo clan, they took the treasure from him and killed him afterwards to silence him and prevent my family from learning about this matter.”

“What the Mo clan never expected was that I would manage to break out of the formation in time to catch up, allowing me to learn who was responsible for this. Their plan to obtain the treasure of my Lu family secretly failed as a result.”

With that, Ando Gu became stern as well. He said furiously, “I never thought that the Mo clan would be so wildly ambitious. Theyve gone too far.”

The ancestor of the Lu family looked at Ando Gu and said with a deep voice, “Since the Mo clan has already laid their hands on us, there must be someone in your Ando clan that has been bribed as well. Maybe one of your Godhood elders has already pledged themselves to the Mo clan, and theyre secretly eyeing the treasure of your Ando clan. Theyll make your clan suffer the same as us once they have the opportunity.”

Ando Gu slammed the table. He snorted coldly, “Looks like the Mo clan thinks theyre a big deal now just because they have a Xi Yu. They think that can take on both of us just with that.”

“No, the Mo clan doesnt just have Xi Yu. They also have another mysterious Godhood expert. It was he who took the treasure from Lu Fei initially, despite only being a Deity. I fought against him and failed to gain the upper hand, so I failed to retrieve our treasure,” the ancestor of the Lu family said nonchalantly.

Ando Gu was surprised, “What? The Mo clan actually has such a great expert, to the point where even you failed to gain the upper hand? Just where did the Mo clan recruit someone like that?”

“Ando Gu, the Mo clan is about to rise. We have to move quickly. Otherwise, even if we band together, we wont be their opponents once Xi Yu becomes a God if you include that mysterious expert,” said the ancestor of the Lu family.

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