Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 1684: The Source of Divine Crystals

tunned. He looked towards Shen Jian, and he appeared rather troubled.

With the gift accepted, the patriarch was in a fantastic mood. He conversed with Jian Chen and Shen Jian for a very long time before leaving with Xi Yu. Although the patriarch had never mentioned the fact that he wanted to rope in Jian Chen and Shen Jian, they all understood what was going on. They just chose not to talk about it.

From the patriarch, Jian Chen and Shen Jian also gained a better understanding of the surrounding region, in particular, the strength of the four organisations in the surrounding region. They learnt how many Godhood elders each organisation possessed and learnt all about a few of them. Even with regards to the Dongan province, the two of them gained a rough understanding. It was just not very detailed.

“Jian Chen, take the Flying Snow sword for now. Dont worry about owing people favors. The matter at hand is to increase our strength and deal with the ancestor of the Lu family afterward. We can use the Lu familys territory to return the kindness of the Mo clan,” said Shen Jian. Once they killed the ancestor of the Lu family, the Lu family would obviously no longer be able to hold their ground against the four other organisations. With Shen Jian and Jian Chens assistance, the Mo clan could take over the Lu familys territory all too easily.

Jian Chen hesitated for a while before accepting the Flying Snow sword in the end. He could not use the twin swords, so his strength was drastically affected. Now that he had the Flying Snow sword, his battle prowess would return to his peak once again.

“The Lu family also control a divine crystal mine. The Lu family mines quite a lot of divine crystals from it every year. Shen Jian, cultivate with the low grade divine crystals you have on you right now. Ill go out and get some more for you. Once you reach mid Deity, we can move against the Lu family immediately,” Jian Chen said to Shen Jian as a heavy killing intent bubbled in his voice.

Shen Jian stared at Jian Chen strangely. He smiled slightly, “Jian Chen, you plan on doing something with the Lu familys divine crystal mine?”

The corner of Jian Chens lips curled slightly, revealing a smile with hidden intentions. He said, “All the wealth of the Lu family belongs to us anyway once the ancestor of the Lu family dies. Im just collecting part of it early.”

“Then be careful. Dont forget about the hidden problem on you.”

“Dont worry. Unless a God personally comes, no one can force me to such a state. The ancestor of the Lu family should not have recovered so quickly from his wounds, and even if he has, hell become heavily injured if he manages to avoid death once I use my Profound Sword Qi. How will he still have the power to pursue me?” Jian Chen sighed gently after reaching this point, “Its just a pity that we almost killed the ancestor of the Lu family last time but failed.”

The Dark Cloud Mountains was within the Lu familys territory. As a thick layer of dark clouds often covered them, they had been named accordingly. Although the mountains seemed extremely ordinary from the outside, without anything special apart from its origin energy being two or three times denser, the Lu family would send a large number of workers to this location. Basically, a quarter of the Lu familys forces would be gathered here, and there would even be Godhood elders who patrolled the region. Clearly, they placed great importance on this place.

This was because there was a divine crystal mine in the depths of the mountains. Even though it was just a small mine for low grade divine crystals, it was still a massive piece of property to the Lu family, so the defences in the Dark Cloud Mountains were really tight.

There was a gaping chasm in the centre of the Dark Cloud Mountains, while the bottom of the chasm was flat. Various stone huts stood in there in an orderly pattern, with many bare-chested cultivators who only wore shorts moving around between them. It added some liveliness to the dark chasm.

These people were all miners that the Lu family had arranged to collect divine crystals. They were miners, but most of them were only at Sainthood, with Saint Emperors making up the majority of them. Even some early Origin realm miners would appear from time to time.

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