Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 170: The Sensation Caused by the Class 5 Magical Beast (One)

Chapter 169: Eliminating Danger

After that, Jian Chen and the manager of the Heavenly Phoenix Auction House, Yullian, went over a few things for the process of the auction house. After all that was done, Jian Chen left the Class 5 Magical Beasts with the auction house and left.

Once Jian Chen had left the secret room, all that remained was the appraiser Elder Huang and the manager Yullian.

Closing the door to the room, Elder Huang returned to where he was just sitting and sat down once again. Staring at the Space Belt in Yullians hands, he finally said to her, “Little Yullian, do you think the Class 5 Monster Cores could be in Wu Yuns hands?”

Yullian carefully caressed the Space Belt with the two Class 5 Magical Beasts with her jade like fingers. Despite there being blood within it, she did not feel unwell or even loathe it even with her feminine personality.

“Theres a good chance of that. Judging from these wounds, the magical beasts must have killed each other and had one person clean up at the end and extract the monster cores. So this person must not be all that strong and is vastly inferior to these two Class 5 Magical Beasts otherwise he would have easily killed these two magical beasts without having so many messy wounds.” Yullian murmured.

“Yet, we cannot rule out the fact that he did not extract the Class 5 Monster Cores. The one called Wu Yun indeed came across the corpses, but the probability that he doesnt have the monster cores is low. Only those at the Earth or Heaven Saint Master level would not care for a Class 5 Magical Beasts body, but the monster cores were clearly not removed by such an expert.”

Hearing this, Elder Huang nodded his head and said, “When you say it like that, then the two Class 5 Monster Cores are really on Wu Yuns body.”

“Yes, that is the most likely situation.” Yullian nodded her head slowly. “Forget it, whether or not the Class 5 Monster Cores are with Wu Yun are not of our concern. We just need to do what we are supposed to do as an auction house. Although a Class 5 Monster Core is very expensive, compared to our Heavenly Phoenix Auction Houses reputation, it is a negligible cost.”

“Alright, Elder Huang, lets forget about the Class 5 Monster Core and do what is expected of us with peace of mind. To our Heavenly Phoenix Auction House, this accidental discovery of the Class 5 Magical Beasts was an extremely rare occasion in the first place. Thats why we must properly utilize this hard-to-come-by opportunity and increase our Heavenly Phoenix Auction Houses renown even more.”

“Yes, I understand.” Elder Huang responded.

“Furthermore, we must keep this matter with Wu Yun being the owner of the Class 5 Magical Beast a secret. We must not allow any news of this to be leaked out; otherwise, it would not benefit our Heavenly Phoenix Auction House at all. It would also have a huge impact on the reputation of our Heavenly Phoenix Auction House. You can understand this much, right?” Yullian spoke gently, but the words she spoke contained a hint of iron to them, almost as if she was speaking like a commander.

“Yes, this elder understands.” Elder Huang answered immediately.


After leaving the Heavenly Phoenix Auction House, Jian Chen walked into the crowded streets down a certain road. In the end he had finally reached a small isolated alleyway. Seeing the rows of locked up homes that were uninhabited, Jian Chen hesitated for a moment before taking out his Light Wind Sword to cut down the chains and walking inside a room.

The inside of the room was pitch black so visibility was very poor. Yet Jian Chen could make out the simple layout of the furniture and a table that had a very visible layer of dust on top of it, indicating that no one had lived in this home for a very long time.

Jian Chen looked around himself before immediately taking out a few things from his Space Belt to clear away the disguise on his face. Swapping out his old clothes for a new set of clothes and then changing his hair style, he destroyed any last trace and walked out of the wooden house into the alley.

By the time Jian Chen had come into the line of sight of anyone else, he already had his original appearance. Even his attitude had made a change from his previous disguise. At this moment, even if Elder Huang or Yullian were to look at Jian Chen, they would not be able to find a connection between Jian Chen and Wu Yun because the differences between the two were far too many.

First buying a detailed map of Phoenix City, Jian Chen had decided to walk toward the bustling Heavenly Phoenix Auction House and stroll around.

While Class 5 Magical Beasts may be a common sight in the more major cities, in a city like Phoenix City, this was an undeniable precious treasure. Jian Chen knew that selling a Class 5 Magical Beast would not be as easy as it should be, so he had to familiarize himself with the environment. In the case that something unexpected happened, he would at least have an escape route and wouldnt be flustered.

For the entire afternoon, Jian Chen wandered around the area and traveled down every road and alleyway. It was only when it was night time that Jian Chen returned to the inn.

After eating a simple meal, Jian Chen sat down on his bed in a cross-legged position and closed his eyes.

But Jian Chen wasnt cultivating this time. Perhaps it was because he had gone up in strength far too fast, or maybe it was because he had used the monster cores to cultivate too much. With his strength being at the Peak Saint Master level, he was no longer able to use his strength as efficiently as he used to. With this, he wasnt able to utilize his fighting strength to his full potential or even as smoothly before. It wasnt an extremely serious problem, but then, Jian Chen knew that if he didnt resolve this problem soon, then it would definitely have a long lasting effect on him.

So in this moment, Jian Chen was not cultivating in fear of increasing his strength too fast. If he abused his cultivation speed, his control over his Saint Force would be too troublesome.

So, before any defects formed in his cultivation, it would be best to resolve any dangers before such a thing could happen.

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