Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 1701: A Visit From a God

Chapter 1700: The Ancestor of the Mo Clan

Just a single attack had claimed the arm of a mid Deity. It had even achieved a landslide victory, where the opponent could not resist at all. The opponent had basically been steam-rolled. Could this really be achieved by someone who had only broken through to early Deity a few months ago?

Whether it was the patriarch of the Mo clan, Xi Yu, or even the five other elders, everyone aside from Jian Chen was stunned by this scene. The might of Shen Jians attack had left all of them deeply stunned.

“Impossible, this is impossible. That person called Shen Jian is clearly just an early Deity, and he has only broken through a few months ago. How can he possess such great strength? Mo Yun is a mid Deity, so he clearly possesses an absolute advantage over him, yet why has he been felled in a single attack? This is completely impossible.” Elder Mo Shan supported the pale and haggard Mo Yun. He was unable to calm himself. He would have never believed what had just happened earlier was real.

“How is this Shen Jian so powerful? He cut off Mo Yuns arm with a single stroke. Oh my god, how is he an early Deity? Even late Deities or even peak Deities cant achieve something like that,” the elders from the Mo clan all gained a renewed opinion of Shen Jian. Within their admiration, there was also deep fear.

The might of Shen Jians attack had struck fear deep into the hearts of everyone present.

“Who is he? Hes actually even stronger than a late Deity despite only just becoming a Deity. Looks like this Shen Jian is not simple,” Xi Yu also stared at Shen Jian before glancing at Jian Chen. Her heart immediately jumped when she saw that Jian Chens expression remained the same as before. Clearly, the strength Shen Jian displayed did not surprise him.

“Jian Chen clearly knows Shen Jians strength. Shen Jians so strong, yet he still refers to him as a brother. There are only two reasons why something like this would happen. Either they really are extremely close with one another, or Jian Chen is powerful as well. Maybe not as great as Shen Jian, but not much weaker. Otherwise, its impossible for him to shrug off the elders of the Atomos Sword sect. I also feel that Jian Chens confidence doesnt come from Shen Jian. It looks like even without Shen Jians assistance, he will be able to deal with the two elders.”

Mo Yan also stopped crying. She covered her mouth gently as she stared at elder Mo Yun who had lost an arm. She had become completely stunned. She had never thought that an elder from the Atomos Sword sect would lose an arm before everyones eyes just because of her matters.

He was an elder at Godhood after all. Mo Yan believed that as long as someone reached Godhood, they would become a mighty existence, where even the patriarch of the clan had to treat them politely. They would only be second to the ancestors in their respective sects or clans in terms of status.

“I- is he really the person I saved?” Mo Yan stared at Shen Jian with a strange light as excitement gradually rose up from the bottom of her heart.

“Mo Yun, Im standing right before you, so what do you plan on doing to teach me a lesson?” Shen Jian walked over towards Mo Yun. He did not move quickly, nor did he let any of his presence leak out, so he seemed just like an ordinary person.

However, his gradual approach pressured the two elders mentally. Mo Shan stepped backwards while supporting the injured Mo Yun. Now, the two of them no longer seemed confident or dignified. Instead, the expression on their faces had been replaced by a deep sense of fear and dread.

“Patriarch…” Mo Shan clasped his fist towards the patriarch of the Mo clan. At that moment, he had completely forgotten about the dignity he should have possessed as a Godhood expert. He seemed to be pleading for the patriarch to interfere. Although he did not state it openly, his intentions were delivered clearly.

This was because Mo Shan had a feeling that if he did not yield today and continued like before, it was extremely likely for Shen Jian to kill the two of them right there. This was because he could see no fear in Shen Jians eyes at all. The Atomos Sword sect meant nothing to him.

The patriarch of the Mo clan sighed gently. Now that the Mo clan was in an extremely risky position, he could not afford to become complete enemies with the Atomos Sword sect.

“Please stay your hand, brother Shen Jian. Although elder Mo Yun has gone overboard with his words, he has already received the punishment he deserves. I hope you can do this for me and spare them,” the patriarch clasped his fist towards Shen Jian and spoke extremely politely.

Seeing how the patriarch spoke for them, the two elders became relieved inside. When they looked at Shen Jian who stood nearby, they did not feel like they were looking at a person but a brutal sword.

Shen Jian did not agree immediately. He looked at Jian Chen and asked, “The person they offended is you. Do you want to spare them?”

At that moment, everyone turned their gazes towards Jian Chen. Before, no one truly attached any importance to Jian Chen aside from the patriarch and Mo Yan in the Mo clan. However, everyones opinion of Jian Chen changed now.

“This Jian Chen really makes people envious. He was actually able to make such a powerful friend. Sigh, why arent I as lucky as him?” A similar thought appeared in the heads of the five elders of the clan.

Shen Jian was already so powerful at early Deity; he was even more powerful than a late Deity. If his strength progressed to mid Deity or late Deity, would that mean he would be able to fight against Gods?

Jian Chen waved his hand and said to the two elders, “You can go. I wont pursue this matter today, but if theres a second time, I will not show any mercy.”

Jian Chen did not want the Mo clan to cause too much trouble for the Atomos Sword sect before he understood the relationship between the four organizations in the region. He did not fear the Atomos Sword sect, but he did not want the Mo clan to be dragged in because of him.

Jian Chen still had a good opinion of the Mo clan, with Mo Yan in particular. She had saved him and Shen Jian.

Mo Shan and Mo Yun said nothing. They picked up the severed arm and left the clan in gloomily while the other disciples from the Atomos Sword sect all carried away the injured young master and the three other disciples injured by Jian Chen behind the two elders.

They had come impressively and with dignity, yet they were all dejected and in horrible shapes when they left.

“Hahaha, brother Shen Jian, I never thought youd be a hidden expert. That attack earlier made me leap in fright. It made my heart jump,” the patriarch made his way to Shen Jian as he chuckled aloud. Very clearly, he was even more enthusiastic towards Shen Jian.

“Brother Shen Jian, I never thought that youd have such great mastery over the Laws of the Sword. It has really broadened our horizons. I also use the sword, so if you have any time to spare, please give me some guidance with regards to the sword,” the five other elders all walked over as well. They all spoke with Shen Jain enthusiastically.

At this moment, the patriarchs face changed slightly. He immediately clasped his fist towards Jian Chen and Shen Jian and said, “Brother Shen Jian, brother Jian Chen, I have matters to attend to, so please excuse me. Yuer, please receive the two esteemed guests properly in my place.”

“Yes, father,” Xi Yu replied obediently. Her opinion of Shen Jian and Jian Chen was vastly different from before as well.

Jian Chen and Shen Jian glanced towards the depths of the clans casually before looking away. They clasped their fist to see the patriarch off.

At this moment, the patriarch stood politely within an ancient hall in the depths of the Mo clan. He completely lacked the dignity of a patriarch.

Before him stood a burly, bare-chested, and bald-headed man. He only seemed to be in his early forties, and he even seemed slightly younger than the patriarch.

“Ancestor, youve emerged?” The patriarch stood before the bald man said politely.

The bald man stared at the patriarch and said, “A God has appeared in the clan, so how can I not emerge?”

The patriarchs face changed drastically when he heard that. He cried out, “What!? A God?”

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