Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 1705: Mid Deity

Chapter 1704: Joining Forces

“Due to their limited talent, it was extremely difficult for those three Overgods to reach Godking, so they wanted to search for a fortuitous encounter in Godking Duanmus dwelling so that they could break through. Hence, they secretly struck an agreement of non-aggression. Afterwards, the three Overgods would often work together to enter Godking Duanmus dwelling.

“However, Godking Duanmu was a Godking after all, and he was rumored to be one who had made it onto the Godkings Throne. Although he had failed to make it to the top one thousand, his strength was still extremely terrifying, belonging to the very apex of Godkings. Even after passing away, what he had cast down in his dwelling remained extremely powerful, making it difficult for even Overgods to venture inside. The three Overgods entered Godking Duanmus dwelling many times, but they still failed to reach the very core of the place. Instead, they became quite injured from the formations within the dwelling and even suffered injuries to the sources of their lives, leaving behind injuries that were almost impossible to recover from.

“Perhaps they understood that they would never be able to reach the centre of Godking Duanmus dwelling for the rest of their lives, but the three Overgods were unwilling to see everything they had strived towards in all those years go to waste. As a result, they all founded their own clans and passed down the information regarding Godking Duanmus jade to their most important juniors.”

Jian Chens interest was piqued when the ancestor spoke until there. He said, “Are the clans founded by the three Overgods the Mo clan, the Lu family, and the Ando clan?”

Mo Ling nodded, “Correct, its our Mo clan, the Lu family, and the Ando clan. The knowledge of Godking Duanmus jade was carefully guarded by the three clans, where only members of the upper echelon had the right to know.” Mo Ling stared at Jian Chen deeply. This was the first time their Mo clan had told an outsider about this important news.

However, Mo Ling had no choice. Jian Chen and Shen Jian were so powerful that the Mo clan needed to rope them in regardless of the price, or they definitely would not be able to fend off the combined attack of the Lu family and the Ando clan.

Without any doubt, the matter regarding Godking Duanmus jade was important, but to Mo Ling and the patriarch, the clan was very important as well. Clearly, they had chosen between the two and had opted to protect the clan.

Although they could reveal the information to the more powerful clans in the Dongan province and seek help from them, Mo Ling was also worried that these clans might not end up helping in the end and would instead turn against them once they learnt about Godking Duanmus jade.

However, revealing the matter to Jian Chen and Shen Jian was the safest method in Mo Lings eyes. This was because the talents of Jian Chen and Shen Jian were just far too impressive. They would definitely be deemed as prodigies if they joined any peak clan with what they possessed, so just what they could receive to nurture them would be worth much more than a Godkings dwelling.

“Then what about the ancestor who founded your three clans?” Jian Chen asked. This was the matter he truly cared about. Those Overgods were terrifying existences who could run amuck in the entire Dongan province without anyone to stop them. If they were still alive, he needed to be careful, and he would have to hold off his plans against the Lu family.

Mo Lings face sank, “The ancestor of our Mo clan and the other two clans suffered from incurable injuries at the very source of their lives from their injuries in the dwelling, so they became weaker and weaker. After the ancestors took us into the Godkings dwelling for one last time, they never appeared again. Theyve already fallen in the Godkings dwelling.”

Jian Chen immediately let out a breath of relief. As long as the Overgod ancestor of the Lu family was dead, he had nothing to worry about.

“Mo Ling, can Godking Duanmus dwelling only be opened when the three pieces of jade are assembled?” Shen Jian asked.

Mo Ling nodded, “Correct. As long as the three pieces of jade are combined, youll be able to enter Godking Duanmus dwelling. However, the dwelling is rather strange. There isnt any origin energy in there to be absorbed, so once you overwork yourself, the only way to recover would be through pills and a few heavenly resources. As a result, our three clans have always made sufficient preparations before we entered the dwelling.”

“Now that the Lu familys piece is in brother Jian Chens hand, we have a total of two pieces on our side if you include the piece from our clan. We just lack the piece of jade from the Ando clan,” the patriarch said rather excitedly.

Jian Chen and Shen Jian looked at one another. Now that the whereabouts of all the pieces of jade were known, the two of them became interested in working with the Mo clan. After all, it was a Godkings dwelling. It possessed treasures that could even interest Overgods, where they would even be willing to lay down their lives.

“Jian Chen, you have to enter Godking Duanmus dwelling, so quickly agree to work with the Mo clan, and then get the piece of jade from the Ando clan as soon as possible,” fairy Hao Yues voice suddenly rang out in Jian Chens head at this moment.

Jian Chen gritted his teeth and said, “Brother Mo Ling, well help you fend off the Lu family, Ando clan, or even the problems caused by the Atomos Sword sect. We want you to take us into Godking Duanmus dwelling in return.”

“Alright, no problem,” Mo Ling immediately agreed enthusiastically.

Their temporary teamwork was agreed upon just like this. Afterwards, Jian Chen also told them about the high grade divine crystals that had appeared in the Dark Cloud Mountains for the Lu family. However, there was nothing that Mo Ling could do about that. All he could do was stand to one side and watch on, as their clan did not possess the power to interfere.

After all, the current Mo clan was no longer the same as the past. Ever since their Overgod ancestors had died, the Mo clan, Lu family, and Ando clan had all gradually declined.

The patriarch left the hall with Mo Ling. When they left, Mo Ling put on the black, veiled hat again to cover up his appearance, leaving with an extremely low profile. No one else in the Mo clan knew that their God ancestor had already emerged from seclusion quietly and had a lengthy conversation with Jian Chen and Shen Jian.

Before they left, the patriarch left behind a hefty gift. It was a Space Ring with two million low grade divine crystals.

“It was exactly because I ran out of divine crystals that I wanted to find you. I never thought that the patriarch would gift us such a large pile. I think Ill be able to reach mid Deity in a month at most,” Shen Jian showed no politeness to Jian Chen. He directly took the two million divine crystals and continued his cultivation.

Jian Chen smiled and did not mind the divine crystals being taken away. As long as there were sufficient time and resources, he even wished for Shen Jain to reach late Deity before dealing with the Lu family ancestor. After all, the stronger he was, the more difficult it would be for the Lu family ancestor to escape.

In the morning of the next day, Mo Yan clearly sensed that her father seemed to have become a completely different person overnight. He smiled happily all day long. Not only did he looked at her with a much stranger gaze, but he constantly praised her, completely confusing Mo Yan as to what had happened.

The Atomos Sword sect resided in a mist-shrouded mountain range. Currently, the sect master and all their elders had gathered within a hall. This included the young master, Mo Shan, and Mo Yun.

However, both the young master and Mo Yuns right sleeves were empty, making it quite evident that they had lost an arm.

“Hmph, the Mo clan is just too arrogant. They actually severed the arm of elder Mo Shan. Theyve basically slapped us in the face…”

“We went with such great gifts to propose the marriage. It would be fine if the Mo clan just turned them down, yet they had to take the arm of elder Mo Shan as well. Even Yu Fan has been injured. Theyve gone too far…”

The elders of the sect all spoke righteously. Although none of them liked Yu Fan, they were close to Mo Shan and Mo Yun. Seeing how Mo Yun had been humiliated, they all became extremely furious.

The sect master sat on the throne there with a sunken face as well. Yu Fan was his only son. He had basically raised his son in the palms of his hands, spoiling him greatly. He could not even bear to scold or hit him normally. As his son had suffered greatly after visiting the Mo clan, he was furious as well. Killing intent surged from him as his eyes had almost become ablaze with rage.

“No matter what the reason is, the Mo clan actually dares to sever my sons arm. Well sever their hopes in response then,” the sect master said icily.

“Thats right, sect master. We have to make the Mo clan pay a price to show them that we, the Atomos Sword sect, cannot be trifled with,” an elder said with a clasped fist.

The sect master nodded slightly as icy-cold killing intent surged from his eyes. He said grimly, “Dont worry, this matter wont just end like this. When the Lu family and the Ando clan attack the Mo clan, Ill request the ancestor to personally step in and kill Xi Yu so that the Mo clan can writhe in pain as well. The Mo clan is almost done for anyway, so there is no need for us to fear them.”

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