Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 1714: Jian Chen Steps In

and brightly.

Shen Jian spat out another mouthful of blood as he was blown away once again. All his organs had disintegrated, while his skin had been charred black. He was heavily injured. If it were not for his technique that weakened the two fireballs, he probably would have passed away from the attack even with his mid God comprehension of laws and his protective layer of light. Ultimately, he was only a mid Deity.

After all, this was a battle skill a God employed, and it was of quite a high grade. It was at the fourth grade of the Truth Tier at the very least, so its power was obviously terrifying.

“Hmm? Youre actually still not dead? However, youll die soon anyway. Shen Jian, no one can save you today,” Lu Tian said coldly. He radiated with heavy killing intent as the two last fireballs whistled off as well, flying towards Shen Jian mercilessly.

Mo Ling roared out from afar; he wanted to try to save Shen Jian, but his two opponents had him firmly trapped. He was unable to break free.

The elders in the Mo clan all panicked, but they were helpless against the attack as well. They would probably be burnt to a crisp before they could even approach the fireballs.

Shen Jian gritted his teeth as determination flooded his eyes. The first move of A Will that Splits the Heavens was not enough to stop Lu Tians battle skill, but that was not the only move he knew. He also knew the second move. However, it was just too powerful. Despite reaching mid Deity, he still had not mastered it. If the first moves power was equivalent to a star, then the second move was equivalent to an entire galaxy. He would have to pay an extremely heavy price to use the second move.

At this point, he had already run out of options in the face of Lu Tians battle skill. He could only use the second move, The Sword Extends and Galaxies Extinguish!

However, just when Shen Jian was prepared to use this move, the surrounding temperature plummeted. In the blink of an eye, it went from something akin to a land of lava to a cavern of ice. Snow filled the skies.

“Its the Flying Snow sword!” The patriarchs face lit up. He suddenly turned towards the seventh hall.

Just when the patriarch looked over, a flash of light quickly shot out at an unbelievable speed. It shot through the barrier of the Mo clan and headed towards the two fireballs with a seemingly unstoppable force.

“So quick!” The patriarch shivered inside. Even with his strength, he failed to catch a glimpse of the light clearly. He only managed to capture a blurry image of a sword within the light with his soul. It was the same sword that he had bought from Maple Leaf City, which he had then gifted to Jian Chen.


The Flying Snow sword directly stabbed through the two fireballs and the fireballs exploded in the sky brightly. Terrifying ripples of energy permeated the surroundings, where even early Deities would become heavily injured if they entered the region without any protective treasures.

The Flying Snow sword continued onwards without weakening at all. It was enveloped by Laws of the Sword that far exceeded the level of early God, directly ignoring the terror of the sea of flames and arriving before Lu Tian in a single moment.

Lu Tians face changed drastically, and he immediately shot backwards to dodge. However, even after using his full strength, he was still too late. The Flying Snow sword had swept past his shoulder and left behind a smear of blood.

Lu Tian felt a heart-wrenching pain from his left arm, and the entire limb fell out of the sky. It had been separated from his body.

Lu Tian was extremely shocked. He had not even seen his opponent. Just a single sword had come flying over, smashing through his battle skill and claiming his arm. Just what kind of power did its owner possess?

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