Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 1738: The Entrance Appears

The Sword Comprehension Building was actually a stone hut with two floors. The stone walls were extremely smooth and were like a polished mirror. They were flawless. However, Jian Chen and Shen Jian could tell with a single glance that a sharp and brutal sword intent had slowly ground flat all the walls.

After the two of them entered the stone hut, they could not help but feel like they had entered a powerful sword. Soaring sword intent was present everywhere.

“This is at Sword Spirit. Its at Sword Spirit at the very least,” Jian Chens heart shivered when he sensed the sword intent that was present everywhere. He felt a suffocating pressure in the stone hut. It was the pressure that came from the Laws of the Sword.

He had already reached the great perfection of Sword Origin, so the only way he could feel pressured by the Laws of the Sword was from the realm beyond that, Sword Spirit.

Suddenly, Jian Chens eyes narrowed. There was an extremely sharp sword Qi on the face of one of the walls. He could not help but shudder when he saw the sword Qi. He seemed to feel the sword Qi shoot out directly towards him.

Jian Chen felt like he was a tiny boat within a surging ocean before the sword Qi, where he could be swallowed at any time.

He felt as weak as an ant before the sword Qi. Even though he had reached the great perfection of Sword Origin, he was still so weak.

Jian Chen stood as still as a mountain. His calm eyes exploded brightly at that moment as if two streaks of light had shot out from his eyes, directly colliding with the sword intent that radiated his way.

He was a swordsman himself, and he possessed an extremely great talent for the Way of the Sword. How could he be defeated by the sword intent?

Even when he knew he was not its opponent, Jian Chen would never just sit around idly. He counterattacked fearlessly.

Jian Chen seemed to hear a rumble in his sea of consciousness under his full-powered resistance. Vaguely, he seemed to feel like he had broken through some sort of shackles, emptying his entire mind and soul. He had entered a wondrous state.

Dazed, he seemed to see a hazy image. Within the image, a person in green robes stood within the hut with his back to Jian Chen. He radiated with a supreme presence, which possessed sword intent that was so powerful that it even shocked Jian Chen.

The man slowly raised the sword in his hand. Immediately, surging sword Qi emerged from the sword. He stabbed out casually.

The strike seemed to follow a trajectory of the ways of the world. It contained the wonders of the laws of the world. The single strike contained devastating power.

Jian Chen felt the entire world clear up the moment the person stabbed out. The strike had completely filled his mind and soul, becoming the only thing in the world in his eyes. It absorbed his entire mind. He could even clearly sense all the minute changes in the strike.

Jian Chen could not help but close his eyes in the stone hut. His mind had already sunk into the wonders of the strike uncontrollably, comprehending it closely. He was comprehending the sword.

Shen Jian had also closed his eyes, entering a state where he was no longer aware of himself. He went through the same thing as Jian Chen.

Fairy Hao Yue glanced at Jian Chen and Shen Jian. At the same time, she said to Mo Ling and Ando Fu through a communication technique, “You leave first. Dont disturb the two of them.”

Ando Fu and Mo Ling also glanced at the slash on the wall subconsciously. Unfortunately, they found nothing. Their eyes could not discern anything.

The sword Qi was clearly only for guiding people. It could not injure people, so only those who had also comprehended the Laws of the Sword could comprehend it. Mo Ling and Ando Fu did not walk the Way of the Sword, so the slash was obviously useless to them.

Ando Fu and Mo Ling left the place silently. They planned to search through the final stone room. As they had no idea how long Jian Chen and Shen Jian would take, the elders of the two clans all went to the dwellings of Godking Duanmus grand disciples to not waste their precious time in here. There were the marks for comprehending laws in there, and they just happened to be able to benefit from it as Deities.

“I hope you can break through in the Laws of the Sword. The path ahead will be even tougher, and the formations will be even more powerful. Even if I can find the weak points, you cant break through it with your current strength. Only by becoming stronger can you advance to where Duanmu cultivates,” fairy Hao Yue murmured to herself as she stared at Jian Chen and Shen Jian who had entered selfless states of comprehension.

She could only wait now. The formations leading towards Godking Duanmus residence were even tougher. If the formations were not destroyed, she would not be able to enter either. Whether they could make it to the depths would completely depend on Jian Chen and Shen Jian.

Suddenly, fairy Hao Yues eyes narrowed. She suddenly turned her head towards the entrance of the dwelling. The space there actually rippled slightly.

Fairy Hao Yue frowned and said grimly, “Looks like the people outside will enter very soon. Theres not much time left…”

Currently, a deafening boom had echoed outside Godking Duanmus dwelling. Several dozen Overgods stood in a group as they destroyed formations around the entrance.

Each formation was extremely powerful. They were enough to deal with or even kill Overgods, so the destruction of several dozen of these formations created an astounding disturbance. It actually made the space there distort.

Now, the number of Overgods that had gathered before the entrance had increased to over fifty while the divine kingdoms that took part had increased from the initial four to seven.

At the very front of them stood a sagely old man with grey hair. He held a formation disc that bore the eight trigrams as he stared at the exploding formations.

The Overgods gathered there all treated the old man politely. They all behaved very modestly.

This was because the old man was a famed formation master they had invited. Not only was he prestigious, but he was powerful as well, having reached late Overgod. He was known as master Chanlong.

It was also this master Chanlong who came up with the idea of casting down several powerful formations around the entrance of Godking Duanmus dwelling before exploding them. It formed a powerful attack that barraged the space there in an attempt to force out the entrance hidden.

“Just a little more. Do it again. This time, the entrance to the dwelling will definitely appear,” master Chanlong said leisurely while hovering in the air.

Under the personal lead of master Chanlong, the Overgods who had studied some formations before all began to cast down the formations.

A few days later, master Chanlong had finally finished casting down all the formations with the efforts of several dozen Overgods. This time, there were over a hundred formations, and every single one of them was at the level of Overgods.

Several thousand meters from there, the young man with a fan lay comfortably on a lounge. His eyes were closed as if he was sleeping. Two beauties bent over beside him, carefully massaging his shoulders and legs. They worked extremely diligently.

The two women were not weak. They were both Deities.

Let alone the Dongan province, Deities were even powerful existences in the entire Divine Kingdom of Pingtian, yet they could only afford to massage a young man who was only a God. Even Overgods could not enjoy something like this because even in clans with Overgods, Deities possessed extraordinary statuses. They could never be used like servants.

However, the two girls showed no unhappiness or reluctance at all. Instead, both of them were extremely joyful as if massaging the young man was something they enjoyed very much.

At this moment, the young man who seemed to be sleeping opened his eyes. He yawned lazily and glanced ahead sleepily. He said rather unhappily, “Why have they still not opened the dwelling up? Uncle Qin, how long have I been cultivating for?”

“Young master, youve already been cultivating for five years,” the burly man behind the young man replied.

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