Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 1747: The Three Stone Huts

Among the group who had come up from the Tian Yuan Continent, Shangguan Muer, the white tiger, and the Seven-colored Heaven-devouring Beast had strengthened up the fastest. They were also the strongest three among them. Xiong Zhong still remained at early Reciprocity.

Rui Jin, Hong Lian, and Hei Yu had all reached the Origin realm. They had progressed past Receival and reached Returnance. Although they did not cultivate as quickly as the white tiger and the Seven-colored Heaven-devouring Beast, they would still be regarded as geniuses with their level of talent in the Saints World.

The senses of Jian Chens soul did not linger in the Bright Moon Divine Hall for long. It receded from the space ring, and he looked around at the Overgods around him. Gradually, he became determined.

He had already secretly made up his mind to assist the Mo clan in gaining a stable footing and also move them into the provincial city after the matters with Godking Duanmu were settled. Once the Mo clan gained a stable status, he would let everyone out from the divine hall and allow them to remain in the Mo clan to cultivate.

He did not do this in the past because he was not strong enough, and he had also offended the Lu family. However, the situation was different now. He was confident about gaining a stable footing within the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian with his current strength.

After all, there were only so many Overgods in the divine kingdom. There were only around a dozen when the ancestors from the five provinces and the Overgods in the royal city were included. Moreover, most of them were only early Overgods.

“Please wait, everyone. This formation is extremely powerful, so allow me to study it,” master Chanlongs old voice rang out. He sat before the formation and mysterious inscriptions appeared from his disc with the eight trigrams.

The surrounding Overgods all sat down to rest. Master Chanlong was the person most skilled with formations amongst all of them, so the matter of destroying the formation had fallen to him. If it were not for master Chanlong, who had found the foundation of the formation and gotten them to directly attack its weak points, they probably would not have been able to enter Godking Duanmus dwelling even with over sixty Overgods gathered together.

Jian Chen stared at master Chanlong, who was studying the formation. Jian Chen also sat down quietly. Fairy Hao Yue had previously found the weak point of the formation, but this point was not fixed. It would constantly move about as the formation operated, so he had no idea where the weak point had moved to now.

In the current situation, it was clearly unsuitable for fairy Hao Yue appear. Once so many Overgods took interest in fairy Hao Yue, even he himself would not be able to protect her, so he obviously could not count on fairy Hao Yue to smash through the formations.

Many Gods had entered Godking Duanmus dwelling by now. The Overgods had already gathered on the path towards the very depths, so the Gods did not dare to approach them. Instead, they dispersed everywhere in search of their own fortune. In the end, quite a few Gods entered the dwellings of Godking Duanmus disciple and grand disciples in an attempt to comprehend the marks left in there.

After them, even many Deities entered.

“Brother Jian Chen, I heard that the people from the Mo clan and the Ando clan from the Dongan province had entered the dwelling beforehand. Are you also a part of our Divine Kingdom of Pingtian?”

As the Overgods rested, Ling Hougong instead made his way to Jian Chens side and asked politely.

A few of the Overgods immediately opened their eyes when they heard Ling Hougongs question; they all looked at Jian Chen.

“Im not from the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian, but now that you mention it, you can consider me as half a citizen,” Jian Che smiled. He had arrived in the territory of the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian as soon as he came to the Saints World, so it was reasonable to describe himself as half a citizen.

Ling Hougong chuckled, “I was just asking casually, and I didnt think that Id be right. Come, Jian Chen, let me introduce some people to you. You already knew Guhun Xue and Feng Bule. This is You Jin, the ancestor of the You family from the Dazhi province,” Ling Hougong extended his finger towards a gray-haired old man as he said that.

You Jin clasped his fist towards Jian Chen and smiled gently.

“This is Bing Lou, the ancestor of the Yubing clan of the Frigid Snow province,” Ling Hougong continued his introduction.

The hunchbacked old man with a dragon-headed staff nodded towards Jian Chen. He said in his old voice, “Brother Jian Chen, if you have the time in the future, you have to come to visit my Yubing clan.”

Jian Chen returned his greeting. He planned to gain a stable footing in the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian, so there was naturally no harm in knowing a few Overgods of the divine kingdom.

Afterwards, Ling Hougong introduced a few more Overgods to Jian Chen. They were the ones who had opened their eyes earlier. They all came from the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian.

Jian Chen had already met a few of these Overgods before. He understood that Ling Hougong was currently introducing them all to him because he wanted to rope him into the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian so that they would be able to work together against the Overgods of the other divine kingdoms.

This was because they did not want Godking Duanmus items to end up with people from other divine kingdoms. After all, Godking Duanmus dwelling was in their divine kingdom.

“Brother Jian Chen, I hope we can all work together when we fight for the treasure later so that we can fend off the outsiders together. Once we obtain the treasure, we can split it according to our contributions. I was wondering if you would be interested in joining us,” a voice that only the Overgods from the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian could hear rang in Jian Chens head.

Jian Chen knew that the person speaking was a middle-aged man called Yang Kai. He was an Overgod from the royal city as well as the strongest Overgod in the entire divine kingdom. He had reached late Overgod.

“How can I decline since its senior Yang Kai whos asking. Moreover, with so many Overgods present, we probably wont end up with anything if we fight by ourselves. Working together would be the best,” Jian Chen replied secretly as well and agreed with Yang Kai.

The Overgods of the divine kingdom all beamed. They had witnessed Jian Chens strength before. Killing early Overgods was no problem for him, and he could even threaten mid Overgods, making him more powerful than a lot of them. Their side would become stronger with his addition.

Time passed quickly. In the blink of an eye, a month had already passed since master Chanlong had begun studying the formation.

“Ive found the crucial point of the formation. Everyone, itll all be up to you next,” master Chanlongs voice finally rang out after a month of studying the formation.

Everyone stood up when they heard that. They all attacked the location master Chanlong had specified.

Jian Chen could tell with a single glance that the method master Chanlong used to break through formations was completely different from fairy Hao Yues. Fairy Hao Yue specified the weakest point of the formations, and this point would change as the formation constantly operated. However, the weakest point master Chanlong found was a crucial point of the formation. It seemed to be fixed and would not move around.

The formation collapsed very soon under the barrage of over sixty Overgods.

Godking Duanmu was powerful, but he only possessed great mastery over the Laws of Space and the Way of Sword. His accomplishments with formations were not particularly great, so even though the formation was at the level of Godkings, it was a relatively weaker version. Godking Duanmus formation naturally would not be able to pose a problem with master Chanlong and the over sixty Overgods present.

Afterwards, everyone broke through one formation after another. In just a years time, they arrived in the depths of the dwelling, where Godking Duanmu used to cultivate.

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