Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 175: Battle of Tigers and Dragons

Chapter 174: Fierce Battle

Thus, everyone in the auction hall had their eyes glued to the black cloth covered thing. While this was only one Class 5 Magical Beast body, it had still attracted the interest of many people. In their hearts they had thought that in their entire lives, this may be the only time they would be able to see a Class 5 Magical Beast.

After all, Class 5 Magical Beasts werent like Earth Saint Masters. In a few of the bustling cities, many of the bigger sects had a few Earth Saint Master experts. Class 5 Magical Beasts were also very different from humans, they would usually stick to their own areas instead of strolling out and about. Although, whenever they did come across any humans, those humans would surely die. So Class 5 Magical Beasts were beings that many weaker humans wouldnt want to be stuck with.

As the host slowly took the black cloth away, the hidden object underneath was finally revealed to the eagerly anticipating crowd.

Underneath was only the pitch black colored body of a cow-like magical beast. A few of the closer and more observant guests could clearly see the small black wings on the back of the magical beast.

This magical beast was just quietly lying on the stretcher, completely still. Its body was about 4-5m long, and it looked like a small hill.

“Dont tell me that this is the Class 5 Magical Beast….”

“Class 5 Magical Beasts actually look like this? It doesnt feel very different from some Class 1 or 2 Magical Beasts….”

“Today is the day that I finally got to see a Class 5 Magical Beast. My trip was not in vain after all. These 50 gold coins werent wasted….”

“It really is a Class 5 Magical Beasts carcass. It seems like a Magical Skywing Cow…”


After the Class 5 Magical Beast was revealed, the originally quiet auction house instantly buzzed to life. Everyones gazes gathered on the Class 5 Magical Beasts body lying on the stage. The sounds of intense discussion and gasps of amazement overlapped ceaselessly. Among the people present, quite a few had lived for dozens of years, yet had never seen a Class 5 Magical Beast before now. Even though it was only a carcass, they already felt extremely fulfilled.

“Cough, cough!”

Suddenly, the sound of coughing spread throughout the entire auction house. With this noise, the loud and chaotic auction house gradually calmed down.

The host standing on the stage smiled as he looked at the hundreds of thousands of people attending the auction and loudly declared, “Ladies and gentlemen, this magical beast carcass in front of me is the Class 5 Magical Beast Magical Skywing Cow. Although it has already lost its monster core, it is still an expensive treasure. Im sure that everyone sitting here knows that eating a Class 5 Magical Beasts meat for a long period of time will not only strengthen your body, but will also slightly improve your inner Saint Force. In addition, it is said that there is a chance that one can break through from the Great Saint Master level to the Earth Saint Master level.”

After hearing the hosts last sentence, the originally calm auction house once again burst into a clamor. Everyone was staring intently at the Class 5 Magical Beast on the stage, filled with feelings of desire and greed.

In the Tian Yuan Continent, such rumors did indeed state that consuming Class 5 Magical Beast meat over a long period of time would increase the chances of a Great Saint Master becoming an Earth Saint Master.

Although an Earth Saint Master didnt seem to be much in name, it was actually an eminent and unapproachable existence to the thousands upon thousands of Great Saint Masters on the Tian Yuan Continent.

The Earth Saint Master was only a single step away from the Great Saint Master, but this seemingly small gap blocked millions of people from progressing. There were many people on the Tian Yuan Continent who had lost their lives in attempt to break through and become an Earth Saint Master.

This was because the requirement to advance was to smash ones own Saint Weapon into dust, and then rely on the ability to absorb large amounts of energy to refine each piece of the broken Saint Weapon over from the beginning, and finally recombine it. Only after completing this step could one successfully become an Earth Saint Master.

However, Saint Weapons represented their owners. Once the Saint Weapon was damaged, the owner would also become injured through their link, and if a Saint Weapon was shattered, there would only be two results. The less severe result would be the user losing all of their Saint Force, and becoming a useless person that wasnt able to cultivate. The more severe result was directly sending their life to the underworld.

For these reasons, less than 1% of the people on Tian Yuan Continent could successfully become Earth Saint Masters. If one failed, those that hadnt degenerated to becoming useless had died.

This step alone blocked millions of Great Saint Masters, to the point where many of them that werent willing to take the risk would eternally be stuck at their current realm until they died.

This was why this Class 5 Magical Beast meat that could increase the chances of breaking through to Earth Saint Master by eating it made all of the people present beyond excited.

At that moment, the hosts voice resonated through the air once more, “Right now, the carcass of the Class 5 Magical Beast Magical Skywing Cow will be auctioned. The starting bid is 5000 purple coins. Every time a new bet is proposed, it must be at least 100 purple coins higher than the previous bid.”

“I bid 6000 purple coins…”

As soon as the host finished his declaration, a bid was immediately heard from one of the VIP rooms.

“6500 purple coins…” A voice from another VIP room declared.

“6600 purple coins…”

“6700 purple coins…”

“7000 purple coins….”

One after another, frighteningly high bids rang out from the VIP rooms in the auction house. Currently, none of the people sitting in the general area of the auction house could interject.

If one wanted to purchase the Class 5 Magical Beast, they not only had to have enough money, they also had to have a certain amount of strength. Otherwise, as soon as they left the auction house, the Class 5 Magical Beast would get stolen from them.

Thats why the people fighting over the Class 5 Magical Beast right now had to have reached a certain level of power, and were not at all concerned about it being stolen from them.

“8000 purple coins…”

The fight over the Class 5 Magical Beast was extremely intense. In just the blink of an eye, the price had already risen to the astronomical value of 8000 purple coins. Moreover, it was still rising, without showing any signs of stopping.

“8500 purple coins. This Class 5 Magical Beast carcass will be our Youlan clans. If anyone dares to fight us for it, theyll make the entire Youlan clan their enemy.” A deep voice echoed from one of the VIP rooms. Its tone was extremely arrogant, and it was evident that the person was determined to win.

“Youlan clan, as in Fire Cloud Citys Youlan clan?”

“Its actually the Youlan clan. Theyre Fire Cloud Citys number one clan and are extremely powerful. Even the Fire Cloud Citys lord is extremely courteous to the Youlan clan. I didnt think that theyd come to attend this event.”

Hearing the words “Youlan clan”, the auction house immediately buzzed with conversation. Although the Youlan clan was not a power from Phoenix City, their strength was great enough that they had quite a bit of influence in nearby areas as well.

“Haha, Youlan clans people, you cant say that. This place is an auction house. No matter what, it will go to the highest bidder. Our Harido clan will bid 10,000 purple coins. This Class 5 Magical Beast will be ours for sure.” A slightly aged voice rang out from the opposite VIP room in response to the Youlan clan member.

“Isnt the Harido clan a power from Loess City? Thats at least 1000 miles away from Phoenix City. Who wouldve thought theyd come here as well?”

“The Harido clan is extremely low-profile. Although they arent even ranked top 10 in Loess City, no other power dares to offend them. Even the largest clan in Loess City, the Bai clan, doesnt dare to look down on the Harido clan.”

“Yea, I remember a few years back, one of the rich, spoiled sons of the Bai clan offended the young princess of the Harido clan, and the boy was painfully beaten by the princess bodyguards. After that, the Bai clan didnt dare to even fart in the Harido clans presence.”

“Its said that the Harido clan is actually the strongest clan in Loess City. However, because theyre extremely low-key, they normally dont show themselves, to the point where some people have never even heard of them…”

After the Harido clan had spoken, the only sounds heard were of a few people discussing among themselves. For a while, nobody else bid. Even the previously determined Youlan clan had suddenly fallen mute in a period of hesitation.

“Loess City, Harido clan!” Jian Chens heart raced as he mentally took note of this clan. Based on the scene unfolding in front of him, he could already see that the Harido clan was quite skilled.

After a moment of silence, an extremely energetic, middle aged man finally said from within another box, “Haha, I didnt think that even the Harido clan would be so interested in this Class 5 Magical Beast. In that case, our Mutian clan wont enter this fight over this magical beast. I hope that the Harido clan will yield the next one to us.”

“Haha, of course. Our Harido clan only needs one of them. We wont participate in the battle over the next one.” The slightly aged voice from the Harido clan could be heard once more, this time with a hint of a smile in his tone.

“In that case, our Liuyun Jiange will also give the Harido clan some face, and give up on this Class 5 Magical Beast.”

“Our Yang Sect will also give up on it….”


After Harido clans declaration, powers that werent at all weak began to give up on the fight over the Class 5 Magical Beast one after another, giving the Harido clan some face.

“Hehe, Elder Harido gives thanks to everyone.” An elder from the Harido clan laughed gently.

After that, the body of the Magical Skywing Cow was given to the Harido clan for the successful bid of 10,000 purple coins.

“We shall now proceed to auction the second Class 5 Magical Beast. Bring it up!” The host cried out as another group of people carried another stretcher with cloth.

This time, the host didnt waste any time and immediately tore off the black cloth, “This magical beast is yet another Class 5 Magical Beast; the Quick Cloud Beast. At the same time this is also the last item we shall be auctioning off, and the rules for this item will remain the same. The starting price is at 5,000 purple coins, with each minimal bid being 100 purple coins more.

As soon as the host finished talking, a frightening amount of prices started to be called out from the audience. Perhaps it was because this was the last Class 5 Magical Beast, everyone started to battle it out even more intensely than before. Quickly, the original price of 5,000 had reached up to triple its amount.

“16,000 purple coins…”

“17,000 purple coins…”

“20,000 purple coins……”

In the time it took to boil a cup of tea, the price of the Quick Cloud Beast had reached a price of 20,000.

Hearing the endlessly increasing price of purple coins, the seated Jian Chen couldnt help but let out a smile. Although the first Class 5 Magical beast had sold for 10,000 purple coins; which was a bit on the low side, this second Class 5 Magical Beast had completely made up for the first loss.

“The Mutian clan bids 22,000 purple coins…”

“The Youlan clan bids 23,000 purple coins…”

“The Jialuo clan bids 24,000 purple coins…”

“The Flowing Cloud Sword Pavilion bids 25,000 purple coins…”

“The Yang Sect bids 26,000 purple coins…”

“The Black Cloud School bids 27,000 purple coins…”

The prices continued to increase as many sides continued to fight bitterly over this Class 5 Magical Beast with each increasing price of 1000 purple coins.

Quickly, the Class 5 Magical Beast had surpassed the 40,000 purple coin mark.

“The Youlan clan bids 45,000 purple coins.”

Immediately the Youlan clan offered the high price of 45,000 purple coins. Instantly, the entire auction house grew still only to have a few people gasp in surprise. 45,000 purple coins was already far past something any major clan could afford.

A class 5 Magical Beast was rarely seen, but those in the bigger cities would be able to see it more often. Even this price was far more than the usual selling price, after all, a Quick Cloud Beast was only a normal Class 5 Magical Beast and not one like the Silver Striped Golden Snake.

Before the auction house could resume its price war, another voice called out, “The Mutian clan bids 46,000 purple coins.”

The Mutian clan had one upped the pressure on the Youlan clan.

“Bang!” A sound came from the Mutian clans box. Then suddenly, another voice came out from the Youlan clan box.

There was a total of 5 middle aged men and an elder sitting in the Youlan clan VIP box. One of the middle aged men dressed in a white robe heavily slammed his fist on the wooden table in front of him, creating an indent in it.

“Mutian clan, you dare to make life difficult for us, the Youlan clan? Fine, well make you regret it.” The white robed middle aged man said through clenched teeth, a dark expression on his face.

The other people had unsightly expressions on their faces.

“If we continue fighting like this, Im afraid that the Class 5 Magical Beasts price will clamber up to a point that even we cannot reach.” The elder said with a downcast expression.

“What other choice do we have? This Class 5 Magical Beast has attracted quite a few people. Now, all the powers still fighting over it arent any weaker than our Youlan clan.” The white robed middle-aged man said in exasperation.

“The Flowing Cloud Sword Pavilion bids 47,000 purple coins…..”

At this moment, another voice declared a price. Seeing the price climb higher and higher, the expressions of the few people from the Youlan clan became more and more unsightly.

The middle aged mans eyes flashed fiercely, and he shouted, “Youlan clan bids 50,000 purple coins.”

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