Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 1774: Jian Chen Interferes

The full moon shone extremely brightly with strands of clear moonlight that enveloped fairy Hao Yue.

Fairy Hao Yue became filled with a sacred beauty under the pure and gentle moonlight. She seemed like a fairy that had come from the moon. That was how otherworldly she seemed. An unpredictable presence permeated her surroundings.

Suddenly, a heavy, icy-cold killing intent began to radiate from the picturesque scene. The moon above her head suddenly began to shine brighter as it emitted an extremely thick pillar of light towards the Overgods with lightning speed.

The Overgods who charged towards fairy Hao Yue did not treat fairy Hao Yues attack with any seriousness at all. After all, fairy Hao Yue was only a late God. She was unable to threaten them. Even if she used a powerful battle skill, it would only be able to make early Overgods become stern.

However, the Overgods were no longer able to remain composed as the pillar of light enveloped them. All their faces underwent overwhelming changes, and they were now filled with shock.

Indeed, they had no need to take the energy hidden within the pillar of light seriously, but there were extremely powerful laws in there as well.

At that moment, everyone immediately felt their bodies pause when the moonlight enveloped them. They had been frozen in the same posture as the moonlight enveloped them as if they had become stuck in a picture, unable to move at all.

“W- what is this ability?”

“I actually cant move! W- what is going on!?”

The over thirty Overgods were greatly shocked. They immediately circulated their origin energy as they tried to break free. At the same time, strands of power from laws condensed, attacking the constraints of the moonlight as chains of laws.

Fairy Hao Yue paled after using the ability, and a smear of weakness appeared on her face. However, she did not hesitate at all. She drifted over and arrived before a late Overgod with lightning speed, directly extending a finger towards his forehead.

Even though the late Overgod was trapped, he could still utilise the powerful origin energy within him. The origin energy burst out of his body and enveloped him as a barrier. At the same time, he controlled his power of laws to attack fairy Hao Yue.

However, regardless of what defensive measures he tried to take, they were useless before fairy Hao Yues finger. His power of laws dispersed while the origin energy around him collapsed. Fairy Hao Yues finger directly pierced through his forehead with a strand of Moonlight Force and wiped out his soul.

However, fairy Hao Yue became even paler after claiming the life of a late Overgod. She seemed to become even weaker than before, but she did not stop. Her gaze was cold as she extended a finger towards a second late Overgod.


Fairy Hao Yue easily killed a second late Overgod under everyones attention. Even though fairy Hao Yue was only a late God right now, she was able to kill late Overgods like ants. They were unable to put up any resistance before her at all.

It was just that the movement took a great toll on fairy Hao Yue. She seemed to become even weaker after killing two late Overgods, and her face had even become rather haggard.

With that, all the Overgods paled. All of them gazed towards fairy Hao Yue in fear, but they were all trapped and unable to move. They could only watch fairy Hao Yue make her way towards them like a god of death. They had been reduced to sitting ducks.

Gritting her teeth, fairy Hao Yue extended a third finger. Her target was Yang Kai from the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian.

Yang Kais eyes narrowed to the size of pinheads. As he watched fairy Hao Yues finger grow closer and closer, he became extremely worried. He was filled with a sense of dread that he had never experienced before. His body was trapped, and he was immobilized. Let alone fighting back, he was not even able to dodge.

“If you kill me, Jian Chens death is certain!” Yang Kai brought up Jian Chen in this desperate situation. Even Yang Kai knew that he was speaking groundlessly. It could even be described as an immature joke, as Jian Chen had been saved long ago and was not present. Moreover, even he feared Jian Chens two strands of Profound Sword Qi very much.

However, there was nothing else he could do aside from bringing up Jian Chen in a lie.

As expected, fairy Hao Yues finger came to a halt when she heard Yang Kais words.

It was at this time that Yang Kai bellowed out. Origin energy surged out from him, and he finally broke free from the restraints with the other Overgods. He directly threw a punch towards fairy Hao Yue.

At the same time, the other Overgods behind him launched full-powered attacks towards fairy Hao Yue.

They could tell from fairy Hao Yues face that she was extremely weak right now. They were certain that it was impossible for her to keep casting her powerful techniques.

“Sigh, my soul is too weak right now. I cant fully use my comprehension of the laws of the world, so I cant even last for long even with the techniques that take the least toll on me,” fairy Hao Yue sighed inside. She did not put up a fight against the Overgods. With a wave of her hand, she took away the Space Rings of the two late Overgods before directly flying towards the exit.

Over half of the Overgods pursued her from behind. They constantly sent strands of sword Qi towards her. The sword Qi struck the surrounding rock in the dwelling and emitted constant rumblings. They could tell that fairy Hao Yue was already a spent force. She no longer possessed the might that allowed her to slaughter the two late Overgods so easily before.

The remaining Overgods had all been stunned by how fairy Hao Yue had killed the two late Overgods. They did not dare to pursue.

Yang Kai happened to be one of them. He glanced past the corpses of the two late Overgods as cold sweat covered his forehead.

“So close. I avoided dying here by just this much,” thought Yang Kai. He stared in the direction which fairy Hao Yue had flown off with lingering fear, and he seemed rather dejected. He had clearly given up on Godking Duanmus Space Ring.

At this moment, Jian Chens face suddenly changed as he stood outside the dwelling. He suddenly looked over towards the dwelling.

The disturbances in the dwelling were just too great. Let alone Jian Chen, but even a few Gods sensed the great disturbances in the dwelling.

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