Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 180: Here is My Offer

Chapter 179: Caught in a Siege

There was a look of joy on the mans eye as he heard Jian Chens response. This phrase was something he had long since been expecting to hear. He had wanted Jian Chen to obediently follow them back to the Heiming clan, but this desire wasnt shown on his face, “Come with us back to the Heiming clan immediately, otherwise, when all of the experts arrive by nightfall, even the Heiming clan will be powerless to help you.”

A nearly undetectable glint of ridicule flashed through Jian Chens eyes as he replied, “Could it be that if I were to come back with you to the Heiming clan, then the Heming clan would definitely save me? Did you not just say that there were many influential powers after me. Could it be that the Heiming clan is able to withstand the assault of attacks from every direction?”

The man laughed confidently, “Of course, while I admit that the powers after you are indeed strong and can almost compete on the same level as our Heiming clan, but dont you forget that our Heiming clan is strong enough to be the local power of Phoenix City. Also, the Heiming clan has secretly joined with a few other clans, so if you agree to cooperate with us, then you will be safe from the other powers.”

“Oh, so it was like that?” Jian Chen nodded his head as if he had suddenly realized something.

“Come quickly with me then, the night is quickly approaching. Our men can only hold them off for a small moment, if we take too long, then the situation will become drastic.” Believing Jian Chen had already agreed to return to the Heiming clan, the man began to run off in a direction.

However before he could get too far, he immediately stopped and turned around to look at the non moving Jian Chen with furrowed eyebrows, “Why arent you moving.”

Jian Chen had some doubt on his face, “Where to?”

Hearing Jian Chen, the man felt fear in his heart as he realized this wouldnt go as smoothly as he thought. “Where else? Of course we are going back to the Heiming clan, or did you want to die somewhere else?”

“But, I never said I would go with you.” Jian Chen spoke with no emotion.

The faces of every Heiming clan member changed abruptly as the head of the group also had a dark expression on his face as he stared at Jian Chen coldly, “Wu Yun, are you playing with us?”

Jian Chen laughed, “Im not playing with you, did you hear me say that I would head back to the Heiming clan with you?”

The middle aged man let out a breath of air before taking in another deep breath as his glare turned malicious. Laughing angrily, he said, “Good. Very good. Wu Yun, youve refused to drink a cup in toast, so you will instead drink a cup in defeat, dont blame us for being impolite!”

With that, the middle aged man charged at Jian Chen.

Jian Chens eyes flashed coldly as he brought out his own personal Saint Weapon. Quickly a thin and slender silver sword appeared in his right hand. Against these Heiming clan members, Jian Chen could tell that the difference between their strengths was as clear as day. The middle aged man that had spoken out to him first was a Primary Great Saint Master, and the other men with him were only at the Peak Saint Master level. A display of strength like this was not a threat at all to Jian Chen.

Seeing the men charge at him, Jian Chens Light Wind Sword began to emit a hazy glow over its edges as a sign of the Sword Qi sharpening the sword. Then, with a single thrust, an extremely loud sound echoed through the streets that shook even the buildings.

“Haha, Heiming clansman, your movements are truly fast.” Suddenly, an extremely intense amount of Sword Qi rose up and shot toward the middle aged man.

With this sudden change, the mans face grew extremely serious as he felt the strong amount of Sword Qi emanating from the object flying at him. With a mental sigh to himself, his heart knew that the chance to capture Jian Chen had been lost. With a grunting sound, a strong amount of Saint Force filled his hands as a two handed sword appeared. He used it to swing down at the speeding Sword Qi flying toward him.

The moment Jian Chen saw that sword, his legs tapped against the ground as he retreated backward.


Just as Jian Chen retreated, a large amount of energy smashed into the ground below and kicked up a strong gale of dust and rubble. The sounds of devastation echoed in every direction as even the nearby shops had been hit by the shockwave.

The fortunate bystanders on the streets that werent hit immediately jumped away from the area with no hesitation. With how common wars were in the Tian Yuan Continent, this event was nothing new to anyone so the bystanders did not have any looks of fear or even shock.

After the shock wave had dissipated, the middle aged man from the Heiming clan stood in his original position with a serious expression.

At the same time, a group of people approached Jian Chens direction from behind him. Even the tops of nearby buildings had many people leaping toward the commotion to get at Jian Chen.

It took only a moment for the entire street to be filled with hundreds of people that formed an impenetrable crowd. Even the nearby rooftops were filled with people.

“Anyone unrelated to this matter should leave immediately.”

A voice suddenly called out, causing all bystanders to feel the need to leave the area. After that, the crowd formed an empty passageway for the bystanders to leave from quickly.

Seeing the surrounding people outnumber him by a hundred at the very least, Jian Chens face finally grew more serious than usual. Among this group, he could feel that many of them were rather strong, while the others were at the very least at the Great Saint Master level.

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