Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 181: Few Against Many

r Cores to remain in your possession. You should sell them to us.” A Jialuo clan member said.

Soon after that, every other clan began to demand for Jian Chen to sell the cores, but no one mentioned a price.

Jian Chen knew all too well just how precious these Class 5 Monster Cores were. Since he had tens of thousands of purple coins in his Space Belt, he had no shortage of money. Thus, he had absolutely no desire to sell them.

Jian Chen cupped his hands together in an apologetic manner, “Gentlemen, I am truly sorry. This one wont be selling the monster cores. There are some important matters this one must attend to, so this one wont be accompanying everyone any longer.” With that, Jian Chen turned to leave with a casual and carefree face, but he had long since prepared himself to be ready to strike at any second.

“Hmph, youve refused to drink the toast, so drink the wine of punishment!”

Jian Chens course of action had angered many of the men there, and instantly, those of the Saint Master level immediately charged toward Jian Chen in an attempt to seize him.

The movements of these men were like the fuse to a fire. The very moment they charged at Jian Chen, people from each clan immediately followed suit. Some of the people charged at Jian Chen, while some were blocking the others trying to steal from Jian Chen.

At this moment, everyone knew in their hearts that if they wanted a Class 5 Monster Core, the best way to obtain one would be to steal it from Jian Chen. Every single Great Saint Master expert had already seen that Jian Chens strength was only at the Peak Saint Master level. To the clans, this type of strength could only be classified as “not bad”, so there was absolutely no need to worry about him.

Seeing the people come at him, Jian Chen faintly sneered, and a killing intent flashed in his eyes. Despite these clansmen having strong powers supporting them that shouldnt be provoked, if he were to let these men bully him without retaliating, then he wouldnt dare call himself Jian Chen. He was not a man who was afraid of getting involved in trouble.

His silver Light Wind Sword appeared instantly in his right hand as it flashed with a silver glow. In another instant, it flew lightning fast towards the people that charged at him.

Because of the swords extremely fast speed, those men that were only at the Saint Master level hadnt anticipated his sword coming at them with such blinding speed. They could barely catch a glimpse of the sword. By the time they were finally able to react, the Light Wind Sword had already ruthlessly pierced their throats. Not a single person was able to evade it.

After reaching the Peak Saint Master level, Jian Chens inner strength and essence had swiftly improved. Any Saint Master opponent, unless they had the wind Saint Force, would not be able to dodge his attacks.

In the blink of an eye, a few Saint Master experts had died to Jian Chens sword. With this sudden display of battle strength, those who had wanted to rob Jian Chen of his monster cores suddenly turned pale with fright before becoming even more vigilant. Carefully holding their Saint Weapons in front of them, they continued to slowly approach Jian Chen.

Even after killing those few men, Jian Chen continued to move forward with his course of action. His feet stepped across the ground with a speed of a demon as he disappeared from sight. The next time he reappeared, he was already 3 meters ahead of where he used to be, and was running toward the furthest person who wanted to steal from him.

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