Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 182: No Fear

clap with a faint smile on his face, “Sire Wu Yun is indeed skillful. To think I would be able to see such a sight, how admirable. Truly admirable.”

Jian Chen returned the smile but did not reply to him. “Everyone, do you still wish to rob me of my things?”

As Jian Chen finished speaking, a middle aged man with a dark expression spoke, “Hmph, dont think that because you have some strength you can put everyone else beneath you. Wu Yun, although youve killed a few of my Youlan clan members, I will show you that without giving those monster cores, you will not leave this area alive.”

“Sire Wu Yun, even though our Mutian clan also had some deaths to you, they were the outstanding members of the clan and were favored by the clan leader. If you do not hand over compensation today, even we will have a hard time quelling this. Our clan leaders wrath is not an easy thing to accept.”

Hearing these two men talk, everyone else saw it as a stroke of good luck. No one felt the need to retreat despite Jian Chens strength surprising them. Although they still felt that they needed to keep up a deathly serious vigilance. After all, Class 5 Monster Cores were too alluring to any person. Right now, the only problem was that there were too many parties involved and there were only 2 Class 5 Monster Cores making it impossible to share. Despite everyone being aware of Jian Chens strength, no one was afraid of the consequences.

Jian Chens glare intensified in danger as he understood that another fight was unavoidable. With a cold laugh, he said, “So its like this. Then let me give you your compensation.” The Light Wind Sword exploded with a silver glow as the Sword Qi assimilated into the surrounding air of the men 10 meters away. Everyone immediately felt a sharp stinging sensation in their skin almost as if a multitude of sharp swords were pressing against their skin.

Jian Chens feet stamped across the ground as he glided with the speed of a demon. The 10 meters separating him and the men in front of him were gone in an instant as he arrived right in front of the Youlan clan group. Brandishing his Light Wind Sword, he used his Sword Qi to enshroud the group within his Sword Qi.

The Youlan clan were already a group of people Jian Chen disliked, so they would be the first people he would eliminate.

“Everyone be careful!” The leader of the Youlan clan cried out. In an instant a sword appeared in his hands. Even within the emptiness that was the Sword Qi, he waved his sword and delivered a downward stroke.


A loud sound filled the air as a slender looking sword suddenly appeared within the Sword Qi and clashed against the sword. Immediately an intense shockwave flew from the two Saint Weapons in a visible arc and smashed violently against the two sides of the street. Suddenly, the walls of stone began to shake before a layer of dust shook and flew into the air.

When the two Saint Weapons collided, Jian Chen immediately recalled his weapon and twirled around on the ground with an extremely fast speed. In a moment, he had dodged the second stroke of the man.

The entire Youlan clan had already prepared themselves to face off against the speedy Jian Chen. Standing in front of everyone else were hardened men with Saint Force emanating from their hands to form their Saint Weapons before slashing at Jian Chen with it.

Just then, a few milliseconds after the Saint Weapons were swung, a silver ray of light flashed before they could even react and stabbed into their throats.

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