Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 192: Meeting Another Strong Enemy

Chapter 191: No Survivors

“So it was like that.” Jian Chens expression grew dark as he listened to elder He Mu. According to what Elder He Mu said, since his body had been sprayed with the Thousand Meter Tracing Powder, as long as he was within a hundred miles of this Elder He Mu, it would be impossible for him to run away.

With this, Jian Chens eye gained a killing glow as he didnt spare any more time to talk. The Light Wind Sword appeared in his right hand as he suddenly flew toward the elder to stab him.

The elder had a grin on his face as he watched Jian Chens sudden movement. He had long anticipated this explosive start and immediately revealed a meter long scepter in his hand to block Jian Chens sword.

“Everyone forward! Be careful this time and dont let him get away again.”

Just as Jian Chen started to move, the other 20 Great Saint Masters simultaneously bolted into action as they jumped at Jian Chen with their Saint Weapons ready to strike.

The Light Wind Sword exploded with Sword Qi as it enhanced the sharpness of the blade and enshrouded it in a hazy glow of light that masked its position. Next, the Light Wind Sword disappeared in a flurry of shadows as a series of sword trials began to throw out Sword Qi everywhere.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!…

The sounds of metal clashing could be heard as the amount of Sword Qi from Jian Chens sword spread over the earth and kicked up a cloud of dust.

From the 20 Great Saint Masters that moved at him, 8 of them waved their Saint Weapons in an effort to slash through the cloud of dust. The other 12 carefully readied their weapons in case Jian Chen ran away again.

Just as the 8 Great Saint Weapons cut through the cloud of dust, suddenly, a silver glow of light came from within at an incredibly fast speed. It almost seemed as if it were flying. By itself, it flew around the 8 men before disappearing from sight leaving behind a small trace of blood on each their necks.

At the same time, the 8 Great Saint Masters suddenly grew stiff. The red line grew darker on their necks before all of a sudden a fountain of blood splurted out from their necks and they collapsed to the ground.

The silver glow of light disappeared back within the dust cloud as Jian Chen ignored those Great Saint Masters and ran straight for Elder He Mu.


The Light Wind Sword carried a strong amount of Sword Qi that whistled while moving through the air. The tip of the sword emitted a strange sound as it stabbed toward Elder He Mu.

Elder He Mu had already been expecting Jian Chens attack, and so at the most crucial moment, the elders face maintained an impassive expression as he flew backward and turned his body to the side to avoid damage. At the same time, the scepter came up to block the sword.


The scepter and the Light Wind Sword collided together with a loud crash. Following the collision, Jian Chen immediately slid the sword down the scepter and slashed horizontally at the elder.


The sharp tip of the Light Wind Sword swiped against He Mus throat. Although he was a Great Saint Master, under the might of Jian Chens strength, he too had been killed.

Suddenly, a large sword came from behind and slashed at Jian Chens back. Jian Chen staggered a few steps forward from the sudden blow as a half meter long wound appeared on his back. A wave of blood violently surged from the wound and quickly stained his clothes a bloody red.

Upon seeing the wound on Jian Chen, everyones eyes brightened as they charged toward Jian Chen. Immediately a few of them flew toward Jian Chen with their Saint Weapons ready to slash at him.

“So you all wish to die, then I will help accomplish that for you.” Jian Chens face grew fierce as he felt the wound on his back. Not only did this wound bring about a huge impact on his fighting strength, but there wasnt much of his Saint Force left. If he wanted to run, then he would have to reveal his final trump card.

Suddenly, a strong amount of Sword Qi started to flow from his Light Wind Sword as it left his hand and became a streak of silver light that smashed against the 3 Saint Weapons attacking him.

“Ding ding ding…”

Three sounds of metal hitting metal rang in the air as the Light Wind Sword sped through the air quickly and smashed against each of the Saint Weapons. Immediately, all 3 Saint Weapon owners were sent staggering backward with pale faces as they stared in shock at the floating Saint Weapon. Already, a small nick could be seen on their Saint Weapons.

Although it was a small wound, these 3 men all felt that this attack had been immense. Their own Saint Weapons had even been damaged. Since the Saint Weapons were linked to their owners, they would be able to feel an immense amount of damage from their weapons.


The Light Wind Sword shrieked as it traveled through the sky toward the men at the front with an inconceivable speed that couldnt be seen.

Under the control of Jian Chen, the Light Wind Sword dodged the Saint Weapons of the 20 men and struck at their throats.

Pch! Pch! Pch!…

In a single moment, there were 7 corpses with a single wound on their neck. At this, the remaining men all had a surprised look on their faces as they brandished their weapons in order to block Jian Chens sword.

“Bastard! What kind of attack is this, how can a sword fly by itself at such a fast speed?” Blocking another strike from the sword, a rapidly paling elder couldnt help but curse out loud as he clenched his Saint Weapon. Despite his attempts to block the sword, he had already received a few minute wounds.

After seeing the Light Wind Sword fly by itself in mid air, everyone had a shocked expression on their faces as they watched this inconceivable event.

Against Jian Chens Spirit Sword, the other Great Saint Masters didnt even have enough time to breathe before a few of them had quickly died. On the ground, there were already 20 victims who had died by a strike to the throat.

At this moment, the remaining Great Saint Masters were all frightened. Without any more care, they all began to quickly escape from Jian Chen at full speed. Among them was the wind Saint Force Great Saint Master who had enveloped himself in his cyan colored Saint Force and quickly traversed 100 meters away.


Jian Chen didnt plan on letting them go; the Light Wind Sword disappeared in a streak of light as it chased after the wind Saint Force Great Saint Master. In the end, even he too fell victim to a slash to the throat.

After killing him, the Light Wind Sword immediately turned around and chased after the remaining people.

The speed at which the Light Wind Sword was moving was incomparably fast; the remaining Great Saint Masters couldnt help but ultimately die by Jian Chens sword.

Of the 30 Great Saint Masters, not a single one remained.

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